Summertime Season 3 Ending Explained – How does the summer end?

One Last Summer Fling

Episode 8 of Summertime Season 3 starts with Dario getting himself drinks and flying off the handle. He gets into a fight, vomits on the floor and even makes a drunken call to Ale. Ale doesn’t pick up, of course, give he’s shacked up with Lola and asleep.

Do Dario and Rita talk through their issues?

Dario is left to deal with his hangover in the morning, while Summer and Sofi catch up and leave him to it. There’s also the subject of Davide though, whom Dario speaks to about his strained relationship with Rita. However, it turns out she doesn’t actually know that he’s there with him., forcing the pair to face their problems head-on.

Dario takes Davide back to Rita, who apologizes to him for what happened with Stefano. She admits it was an accident and reveals that she’s still not over him. Rita misses what they had together but for Dario, that pain is just too much to bear right now. Give it a good 20 minutes Rita, Dario might change his mind!

What does Luca offer Summer?

Down by the docks, Summer catches up with Luca, who reflects on how it’ll be a shame to lose their place. He doesn’t want the party to end and suggests they continue with their duet. Summer though, is conflicted over whether to follow this or go and do her studies. She’s left with a big decision to make.

Summer speaks to Blue about what’s going on. Blue admits tentatively that she’s in love, but the girl she likes actually likes another guy so she’s going to wait for her feelings to pass.

What do Ale and Lola decide to do?

Ale heads back to the racetrack, where he expresses his concerns about Lola riding. This time though, he decides to head out racing as well. After this, Maurizio wants to announce the pair as his new racing duo.

Of course, Lola is shocked by this and eventually walks away. In doing so, Ale talks to his father and admits that he’s brought him an amazing racer. Ale decides to give up racing for good.

After their early season drama, Ale and Dario eventually head out for a ride together. Down by the docks, Ale and Dario lie together, where the former admits he’s going to leave.

Ale has decided he wants to travel, starting in Croatia and then branching out from there. He needs something new and different, something away from Italy.

The only thing left of his old life is the bike, which he decides to hand over to Dario. Dario is torn up, struggling to hold back tears as we’re left with the sense that this feels like a passing of the torch. Anyway, as Ale leaves, Lola agrees to go with him and the pair sail off into the sunset. Or, well, the blinding white light of a fade edit.

Does Dario get back together with Rita?

Following this meeting, Dario heads back to see Rita and decides he’s going to open a club of his own. He’s also going to give their relationship another go, admitting he’s not ready to give up everything quite so soon. As they kiss, it appears they’re in the clear too.

How does Summertime Season 3 end?

Meanwhile, Edo heads over to see Summer and decides they should go out for a walk together down at the beach with Sofi. He’s got his own house now that he’s patching up and is sticking around for a while while he indulges in renovations.

Elsewhere though, Sofi is going to go and see Jonas who’s in Australia. She’s leaving toward the end of summer, admitting that there are a few programs that she wants to check out.

Given Summer also wants to go traveling, Sofi suggests she come with her, patching up their issues for good. This fitting ending, with all of our characters given some finality, ends with Summer reflecting on her time with Ale, stripping off and heading in for a swim with her friends.

The Episode Review

So Summertime rounds out all of its drama with a pretty simple paint-by-numbers ending. It was perhaps obvious how all of these stories were going to play out, with lots of contrived drama over the season to keep things interesting and to pad out the run-time.

It’s good that Netflix have at least allowed this show to have a decent conclusion, although one can’t help but feel this was a completely unnecessary season. A lot of the drama here has been orchestrated from the start, with little in the way of surprising twists and turns.

The ending does give closure to all the characters we’ve followed over the course of the show though, so at least in that respect there’s some good work done to close this out, but Summertime has not been a show to remember.


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29 thoughts on “Summertime Season 3 Ending Explained – How does the summer end?”

  1. I only liked the series but I would have loved it if Summer ended up together with Ale. Rotten tomatoe ratings would have been greater than 76%.
    Lola and Ale’s relationship was deceptive, dishoness and loveless. Not romantic at all. Definitely Summer and Ale’s romance was loving and strong. They deserved to end up exploring the world together. Add additional season to provide a better ending for those 2 lovable and endearing characters.

  2. There should be a season 4 Aleand Summer should have sailed away together in the sunset. Lola.eas manipulative.Lola did.mot love Ale the way Summer did.
    Looking forward to season 4 where they come back more.mature and end up together.

  3. I really enjoyed this series. I too would have enjoyed a nice ending between Ale and Summer as there was a bit of unfinished business due to Lola’s manipulation of Summer. However, Summer did have an air of confusion about her and also distraction and a bit of carelessness with regards to her relationships. She got around a lot let’s face it. And perhaps the story is not complete, maybe she needs to grow up still and if Lola is wrong for Ale this might come to light and one day they can reignite their love story as grown ups. This is not far from what happens in young relationships, there isn’t always the right ending. Sometimes we make careless decisions and other more focussed people win out. Summer stepped aside but she was also naive and didn’t appreciate the effort Ale made for her. He asked if he should stay initially and she didn’t vocalise her wishes and then she let Lola influence her and didn’t move with him so was clearly confused anyways. Just because Lola was more forceful shouldn’t make too much difference. I too didn’t like seeing them end up together but I don’t think it’s unimaginable and a bad series because of it. Life isn’t fair sometimes. If it’s meant to be it will. Life is sad sometimes. Ale and summer were a shout out to innocent love without much foundation chemistry yes but also
    potentially a trauma bond they were both dreamers and almost rejects. The final scene ending I wasn’t too clear on as far as intention. They might have left something to the imagination. I think something was lost in translation. There must have been a clue in that final scene that didn’t translate well in to English. I really enjoyed it as it was an upbeat, romantic series with nice visuals and made it feel like reminded me of summertime love at a simpler time….Ale was so handsome it was worth every minute of it 😉 he reminded me of someone special to me which is a love story gone horribly wrong for me at the time this series was on and he watched this while we were together. I now wish I watched it with him too so in a strange way it’s given me some kind of closure maybe or more information <3 thank you

  4. I really like ale and summer there were a great couple that lola chick should have never gone with him they were not right for each other i would love a season 4 or more were they meet up again and learn that they still had felling for each other.
    i like when the were together i don’t like the ending that lola person go in the way if summer moved down there with him they could have found on how to give each other a chance and worked stuff out.

    thank u for let me say what i had to say so every one have a good night

  5. I will top the chorus off with the fact that this was a terrible ending. Lola was manipulative and Summer cared for Ale so much she stepped aside believing Lola’s claim that Ale needed her because they were more “alike.” Alike does not equal love. HATED THE ENDING.

  6. I was also very, very disappointed with the ending of Summertime. Too much time spent for an illogical ending.

  7. There should definitely be a series 4 this ending left a lot to be desired. Why on earth did Ali end up with Lola I can’t believe it. A very poor ending. The writers get a D.

  8. I did not like the ending. Lola was sneaking and intended for the accident to happen. Summer and Ali should road off together. Very disappointed.

  9. As expressed by others the ending was corrupt. I think the writers were afraid to address the issue of a lasting real love between two individuals of different backgrounds and races. It’s 2022 stop always making the winner of a situation a manipulative Caucasian. I think the only thing that stopped this happy ever after was the fact that Sumner was a person of color and Ali was not! So sad.

  10. I share the same views with everyone above
    Felt sad and longing for answers at the end of season 3

    But as they say no season 4
    So let’s all jus walk away disappointed and hope the writers hear our cries😂😭

  11. Why make this a love story but Summer and Ali love story was the best. Lola knew the love they had for each other yet she used her scheming selfish heart to get what she wanted. This cannot be the end I look forward to a good ending to this story. Please let’s get a 4th season so we all can have a great Summer time.

  12. Ending was extremely disappointing. The highlight love story was Summer & Ale but somehow he ends up with Lola. The Lola character was annoying, then telling Summer how much she loves Ale…and Summer giving him up. No resolution. Lola seemed to be in competition not love with Ale. Had a read the reviews first I wouldn’t have watched the series. Unless there is a season 4, don’t care about the books, the audience will remain disappointed!

  13. Like everyone else I was very disappointed in the ending!!! How could they allow Lola to be the manipulative snake she was since entering in Season 2 & end up sailing in the sunset w Ale after what she has said & done to interfere Summer & his relationship!!
    The Love & Chemistry between Ake & Summer is strong how could they never develop it!!! So Sad, hope they do a season 4 & correct this!!!!

  14. I was disappointed in the end of summertime. The story at the end of season 1 was never resolved properly between Ale and Summer. They were never given a chance to resolve the love between them. I had to go to read the synopsis to realize that Ale and Summer met in Season 3, that defeated the purpose of the season 3. There are unresolved issues that was not dealt with properly and after looking at the season, I actually didn’t think that Lola liked Ale enough. When things were not going her way she had an attitude to Ale as if he was the problem and not she, who was competitive. I am disappointed about season 3.

  15. I did not like the ending Ale and Summer will always be in live with each other. Lola manipulation should have come to light. Please have a season 4 to clear this up and have Summie and Ale together.

  16. Ale and Summer’s romance was the highlight reel for me.
    They had potential….why ruin it?
    When it fizzled, so did my interest!I

  17. So manipulating people in the end you get the man? Wow that shows a lot about love. Summer never got the chance at all. Hope that there is a Season 4 to realize that Ale made a mistake eventually on that boat with Lola. Summer is a very kind person not to be left alone.

  18. I fully agree Ale and Summer still loved each other, don’t get me wrong he does care for Lola but his feelings have always been stronger for Summer.

  19. Very disappointed with the ending. I felt sad, like no real closure. Ale and Summer both loved each other, but waited for the other person to say it. Lola manipulated both of them and caused the accident. Deep down Ale doesn’t love Lola, he feels guilty about the accident. I hope there’s another season so maybe on the boat trip Ale and Lola realize they aren’t in love and Lola confesses to Ale what she did.

  20. I sure hope theirs a season 4 ale and summertime are good together and I was hoping they got back together. It just didn’t end the way a good live story should.

  21. Heart broken that Summie and Ali did not end up together. There was a good connection there as they were getting older and smarter. The writers did not do justice to season 3. U wait so long between seasons and the who!e thing just took a dive. It really sucked!!

  22. I was unhappy with the ending. A lot of unanswered questions and too many honest conversations that should have taken pace between Lola and Ale and Summer and Ale and even Blue and Viviana, that didn’t happen. I don’t think Ale and Lola were well suited for each other and Ale should have ended up with Summer at the end.

  23. I agree with everyone. This ending gives Lola an ok to manipulating Ale & Summer. Lola has a lot of issues beyond insecurity. Ale is blind to Lola. They have the same interest and so he is in love with her and knows she’s immature and thinks that’s cute, but she is untrue and acts like a child and too competitive even with Ale. If there is no season 4, I’m pretty tired of these drama series being different and going against the grain. Ale and Summertime never had the chance. I wonder if the traveling thing is bc Summertime is still in college and maybe Ale wants to give her some space before settling down. She doesn’t want to follow him nor does she want him to give up his dreams for her. So, I’m hoping if there is a season 4 or 5, that they do end up together happily ever after bc true love conquers all.

  24. Not really satisfied with how season3 end…I agree Summie and Ale was supposed to end up in the end not Lola I supposed Lola was not honest with Ale not even tell him that she knows Summie is still in love with Ale and there is too much unsaid things in this hole series. People don’t said the things to there partners that they supposed to say that’s why I hope there will maybe a season4

  25. I did not like the ending. summer sacrifice her and Ali happiness for Lola. I totally agree that Summer should have been given the chance to tell Ali what Lola told her before she broke off their relationship. Lola was doing a lot of manipulation behind the scenes. The love Ali and Summer was intense and beautiful. That’s the type of love that you sail away together with while both explore their likes.

  26. It was a lot of missed honest conversation. Lola and Summer should have told Ali the truth about Lola’s conversation with Summer. Summer did too much to ensure Ali’s happiness without giving their love a chance. Lola was not good for Ali because she was too aggressive and competitive at all cost, even jeopardizing her and Ali’s life. I wanted to know if Lola caused the accident because Ali did not choose her. Overall I did not like the ending. Too much misunderstanding and lost conversation between Summer and Ali, summer should have given their love a chance and realized they both had human deficiency that they coul have worked out together with patience, instead she allowed Lola to talk her out of happiness. That is too unrealistic. Also there were a few unexplained instances with other characters.

  27. Definately not good in first place Lola should have not been there that’s not where her accident was and summer should have told Ali what Lola told her and when summer told Lola she still loved Ali Lola should have backed off ending summer should have left Ali and Lola went home was not good

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