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Ji-Pyeong begins episode 14 of Start-Up talking to Dal-Mi about the ransomware attack. She remains fixated on the problem and how pathetic she was in dealing with this.

Ji-Pyeong however reminds her she’s not pathetic at all but it doesn’t help that Do-San has returned to see her in this state, which has made her even more upset. As he watches her cry, Ji-Pyeong quickly grabs her and pulls Dal-Mi under the table to prevent people seeing her cry. He helps her out, smiling as she says thank you, and leaves her in the dark with Do-San’s jacket.

This catches us up to the end of the previous episode as Ji-Pyeong tells Do-San they need to talk. He tells Do-San not to see Dal-Mi right now and lies in order to dissuade him from seeing the girl, telling him – in no uncertain terms – that they’re a couple. When he leaves the elevator, Ji-Pyeong realizes what he’s done and phones Dal-Mi, quickly explaining what happened and apologizes.

Afterward, Dal-Mi ignores a call from Do-San and switches off her phone. Do-San meanwhile, tellingly takes the baseball that has “follow your dream” written on and throws it in the bin.

Unbeknownst to Dal-Mi though, the San boys are obviously all staying in Korea. First port of call, they need to do some advertising for their return. This sees them head in to do a shoot with Cheon-Ho.

Once there, Do-San notices a magazine with an article featuring Ji-Pyeong in the centre-cover with a big article. It turns out the San boys are a big deal, especially after quitting 2STO and the editor wants to interview them.

Ever the opportunist and with an upcoming business venture too, Cheon-Ho goes out of his way to ask for 1% of the company beforehand. That interview happens to take the place of Shin Hyeon and Shin Jeong, who are none too happy about being replaced.

Their replacements make quite the impression though, as In-Jae happens to be reading their article at Sand Box some time later.

Downstairs, Dal-Mi prepares the Tarzan company for launch. Only, it turns out Shin Jeong and Shin Hyeon have joined Morning Group and completely undermined In-Jae.

Furious, she heads up to confront her Father at Morning Group. It’s petty, pinching (what In-Jae calls) mediocre developers and promises that it’ll come back to bite them.

Back at Sandbox, In-Jae tasks Dal-Mi to recruit developers to help them in their project. Specifically, the San boys. Given their recent interviews about staying in Korea, it seems the obvious choice.

Dal-Mi however becomes conflicted given this means becoming entangled in all this messy drama again. In-Jae has spoken though and as she’s a major shareholder, she’s had her say on this.

It’s up to Dal-Mi what she does but to be honest, there isn’t much of a choice. Even Won-Deok agrees, telling Dal-Mi that if she was In-Jae she too would fire her for being a bad CEO.

Eventually Dal-Mi comes to the obvious decision and decides to act professionally. Driving up to the familiar setting of the San office, Dal-Mi joins numerous other investors as they prepare to make their bids.

Midway through this afternoon, Dal-Mi messages and eventually show up in their office ready to make her case. Handing out her business card for Tarzan. Yong-San reminds her that their situation has changed. Just before the pitch, Do-San interjects and mentions he’s already seen it and wants a quiet word with Dal-Mi.

The two Sans leave and reminisce on the great times they’ve had and how successful they are now. Back inside, Do-San meanwhile, brings up the moments from the past and how hurtful Dal-Mi’s words were toward him.

He admits that the person he loved wasn’t her and because of that, he doesn’t want to see her again. She apologizes to him for what happened and walks away, eventually driving back home.

Meanwhile, In-Jae has coffee with her Mother and tries to convince her to move away. However, the conversation soon turns to Dal-Mi nd her Grandmother, with the truth revealed about Won-Deok’s deteriorating eyesight prompting In-Jae’s face to drop.

Back at Sand Box, Yong-San shows up and greets Ji-Pyeong warmly. He asks to rent a new office as he’s looking to start a business with the other San boys. Ji-Pyeong congratulates him while Yong-San comments how nice he is now.

Ji-Pyeong claims he’s not, going on to use a car analogy to explain how he’s only overly critical surrounding things he’s serious about.

In the parking lot, Ji-Pyeong notices Dal-Mi banging her head repeatedly and heads up to check on her. He comments on the state of her hair, chuckling that it “looks like a bird nest.”

With Morning AI pinching their developers and the situation with Do-San fractured, Ji-Pyeong tells her he wants to get involved but not only is he quite petty, he’s also too personally involved so he’s going to keep quiet.

Back home, Do-San’s Father brings his son the baseball back after he threw it in the trash. Taking his Father’s advice, Do-San heads out for a bike ride to try and clear his mind.

Only, that hardly goes to plan given he falls off the path and lands head over heels on the ground. After finding a place to rest, he eventually falls asleep and awakens stiff and hanging off a bench.

Of all the people to find him, Dal-Mi shows up after his parents told her he’d be there. She came to return his jacket and to talk. He berates her for showing up so easily when for Do-San he fell constantly.

This seems to be a constant metaphor for these two, as Dal-Mi tells him it hasn’t been easy and she too had a difficult journey. The difference here is that Do-San sees himself as a victim and blames himself for everything that’s happened. Instead of taking ownership for his problems, of course.

Anyway, Dal-Mi eventually convinces him to talk. It turns out, courtesy of some flashbacks, that the name “Tarzan” was actually chosen because of Do-San’s story in the past.

When she asks about self-driving cars, he tells her he was forced into doing this by 2STO. Only, the truth is he was actually intrigued and fascinated by the idea after she presented it at Sand Box. While she sleeps, Do-San looks over Dal-Mi’s Tarzan presentation.

Meanwhile, Won-Deok’s eyesight continues to get worse, with her struggling to pick up her visor from the ground. In-Jae however, happens to be there to help. As she helps her Grandmother to the bench, In-Jae struggles to hold back tears and walks away. On the back of this, she speaks to Mr. Son and wants to dissolve her adoption.

Elsewhere, Chul-San finds out where Sa-Ha is working and finds an excuse to “walk past” just as she comes out. As they sit and talk to each other, she calls him out for his good English and eventually Chul-San asks if she wants to work with him.

At Sand Box, Yong-San heads in to speak to Sun-Hak about the number of investors they have in the pipeline. She’s concerned that a lot of them aren’t credible and encourages him to throw them all away and wait for the right ones to come along.

When he leaves, Yong-San walks past Ji-Pyeong and asks outright for the bad points relating to their company. As they talk, Yong-San comes out and apologizes to him for what happened with his brother.

In a nice touch, Ji-Pyeong too apologizes for being far too harsh and the pair share a nice moment. Eventually willing to hear the bad with the good, Ji-Pyeong talks about their business and gives them some pretty good advice.

When Yong-San mentions the potential team-up with Dal-Mi’s company, he admits he doesn’t like the idea and wants to stop him. Only, as an investor he believes they’ll be great partners.

It’s a completely selfless statement from Ji-Pyeong and one that shows that he’s willing to separate the business and personal sides of his personality. Can Do-San say the same?

As the episode closes out, Do-San and Dal-Mi prepare their business venture as the self-driving car test begins.

During the epilogue, we cut back in time to see Dal-Mi showing up at the door ready to find Do-San. They agree to let her in but go over the different percentages of success she has of getting up to the cabin in one piece.

As we see, Do-San carries Dal-Mi back on her back. However, he wants to acquire shares in the company if he’s getting involved.

The Episode Review

If we’re going the route of Dal-Mi and Do-San getting together at the end, Start-Up is doing a really lousy job of showing them as a credible and compatible couple.

Ji-Pyeong can separate the professional and personal part of his life despite his clear affection for Dal-Mi. By comparison, Do-San is so bitter and hurt over his break-up with Dal-Mi that he’s not even willing to listen to her proposal until she comes up and finds him sulking at the cabin.

And that’s exactly what he’s doing there. Sulking. The conversation between the pair is telling here – with Do-San moaning and complaining about how hard everything has been during the bike ride.

Dal-Mi by comparison sports a cut leg and limps up the hill, but she’s willing to knuckle down and work. Even if she is a poor CEO, as agreed by many people around them, she has that raw tenacity to try and make things a success.

It’s good to see the Yong-San situation resolved with Ji-Pyeong though and these segments were a nice inclusion, showing how far his character has grown.

Wanting constructive criticism from Ji-Pyeong is good too and seeing the San boys back together with Sa-Ha there too, is a nice blast from the past. The solitary scene with Won-Deok and In-Jae is nice but to be honest, it would have been better to see more of this – and with Ji-Pyeong getting more involved too and helping her.

Still, Start-Up isn’t quite as strong as it was during the first half but it’s still a very watchable drama. Unfortunately it does look like we’re gearing up for a Do-San/Dal-Mi romance by the end. Will this be to everyone’s taste? It remains to be seen.

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31 thoughts on “Start-Up – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review”

  1. I Started out really enjoying this k drama. But now I just really dislike it. The writer did a bad job. And because of the way everything played out I now feel like I really don’t like the actors that played dalmi and dosan. Which makes no sense to me. But it happened.

  2. I actually disagree with your review and most of the comments here.

    To me Dosan and Dalmi are more suited to be together. Jipyeong may have looked good on paper, but what works person to person is totally different. As a character, he is too harsh and practical to suit the emotional Dalmi. She needs someone like Dosan to cushion her falls with his courage, rather than try to fix things for her like Jipyeong.
    Both male leads are excellent characters. Very interesting to watch but Dosan has that hero quality throughout for me.
    The actor playing Jipyeong needs to improve his makeup. Looks like he’s got very dark pink lipstick in many scenes. I will compliment his acting but there’s no chemistry between him and Dalmi in my view. More platonic.
    There is chemistry between the lead couple. Infact start up is a feel good drama all the way through which gave me CLOY vibes!

  3. After episode 14, I just left disappointed with Dalmi and Dosan team again. What the heck! I am now giving the writer a flat 1/2 point instead of 3 when I started viewing this series.

  4. I’m still enjoying the drama – yes the triangle is dragging on (though I am Team DS), but the story is still good. I think JP will be okay too. You can see that he’s gotten less harsh, and I’m not convinced he’s really all that into DM, frankly he’s more into Grandma. As for DM, I don’t think I’d want to be in forever love with the (fake) writer of letters, a self-absorbed teenager penpal – would be embarrassing to contemplate. It would be healthier to move on. She probably sees JP as a bit of a creepy older guy or would have accepted his feelings already.

  5. I watched the EP again and the ignorance in the script writing is unbelieveable.
    When dosan left camp he was fine just leaving Dalmi there. He never said, bye, I’m going etc. They spend every minute of screen time generating sympathy for him from the cutaway from JP and Dalmi in the car and yet the guy is a total loser.
    So which is it? Caring guy or loser?
    The caring guy who bandages her knee when shes asleep?
    Or the uncaring guy that knows she has a cut knee and needs help, knows she didnt have a bike and walked the whole way and yet still left her there????? I mean it makes since on some level since this is the same moron that left her alone in a park drunk..
    Or the caring guy again who piggy backs her even though her cut wasnt piggy back worthy?
    I mean there is no logical sequence where any of the writing makes sense. When he left without telling her he just decided to ditch his bike and walk back??? He rode a bike in now he forgot about it and walks out?
    If she really was injured he could have had her ride on the back of the bike and get her treatment at a hospital since they werent worried about to many tropes?
    Or her riding on the back of a bike dosan is driving that might have been to risky since dosan cant ride a bike well enough on a paved trail to save his life…..Do any of you guys notice any of this stuff?

  6. Writer is totally offtrack now . She forgot the foundation she has developed for the story. She has made the story so fucked up and illogical that i can’t even feel the emotion of romance between dosan and salmi but i feel the emotion of JP completely. It seems like writer despirately wanted to show viewers that this is not the typical story that they predicted this is gonna be different but she forgot that she took all the essence of story. The thing i can’t understand that who the hell will wait for 3 years to ask a girl out when he confessed so easily while mixing noodles. This is so unlike him. Now what the writer is planning is to show the pain of separation of dosan and dalmi and then there reunion and story over.Its kind of combining one story after the other different story.

  7. The best end to this story that is lacking in many ways is to clone Dalmi. This way the writer can save face.
    I don’t get how, even if the writer had all these holes in her story, that the director, producer, and all the other intelligent people working on the drama didn’t notice the shortcomings? Did they all loose common sense?

  8. “At this point I think it does not even matter who chooses whom . Just watching to see how much lower the writer can go . One burning question I want to put out to her though is “Would she herself choose a Dosan over a Jipyeong ” with the way she she written Dosans idiotic character?? Needs serious help if she does. In real life any woman would have slapped Dosan when she discovered his lies and walked off at being played.”
    I’ve seen reasons for her to choose Do San instead of Han. Yes he was there for her! Yes he was her first love!
    What of her second?
    And remember Han also lied to her! He made a fool of her and he decided to impersonate Do San . Doesn’t he deserves what’s worse than a slap.

    Still for Do San
    Wow best K-drama ever💝😍

  9. Everyone here is on Han’s team? But don’t you think its unfair….Look at the poor Dosan I mean if I were Dal Min, I would pick Do San.
    Unfortunately I’m not her
    Do San you’re still the coolest

  10. episode 14 was badly written at least for me. 3 years had passed without even a significant development between mr han & dal mi? then suddenly by ep14 mr han became more active on pursuing dal mi? wtf! if the show want dal mi & do san at the end, at least convince us more on do san’s character. because up to now, i can still see him as the same as before. still immature on decision. with all the sweet special moments with dal mi & do san – first date, beach, end of road scene, uncle cabin, etc. , and mr han still 0 with this kind of events, this will be probably dal mi & do san. better yet, dal mi will choose none at the end.

  11. I stop watching since ep 13. This drama is more frustrating than entertaining, which doesn’t fill the purpose of watching TV series: to have fun. I’ll just see the recap! LOL

    Too bad tho. This drama has so many potentials. I enjoyed the scenes. They even gave hint about grandma’s eyesight since the early episode.

    I actually look forward how Nam Dosan character grows, how Dalmi falls in love more to the person she meets rather than the person whom she wrote the letter with. However, I guess something is wrong with the writing approach? How come I fell more to Han Jipyeong than Nam Dosan even though Han Jipyeong had less scenes? I didn’t see why Dalmi is more attracted to Nam Dosan. Even when Nam Dosan was angry at Injae’s stepfather (after which he and Dalmi kissed on the rooftop), it was Han Jipyeong who actually saved the situation because he told Dalmi to record all of their conversation with Morning Nature company.

    Yes, Nam Dosan had a backstory too, where he had been pressured by his parents’ expectation. But really, at least he have loving parents. It wasn’t comparable with Han Jipyeong who was an orphan.

    The writer wrote Han Jipyeong’s character too strong. I think she didn’t really know how to make Nam Dosan beat him, so she toned down Han Jipyeong’s character, made him a fool for not doing anything in 3 years to get Seo Dalmi.

  12. Han team for sure! Han Team for sure! The love starts from the letters, and should end wih letters as well… whats wrong come on…. no romance at all… the San team is fun but Dol San’s love towards Dalmi is floated, sometime up sometime down, not protection shown like what Mr Han has given… definitely Dalmi shd end with Mr Han.

  13. I accidentally watched episode 1 thinking it was a movie my brother randomly played and I definitely thought the boy who wrote the letters who was with the grandmother is the male lead (I even cried when the father died and thought it was a very sad movie), but when I saw the ending showing Nam Joo Hyuk, I realized it was the 1st episode of StartUp and asked myself “Why the heck is Joo Hyuk’s character the male lead in this one?” And continued watching because of my curiousity. And I didn’t like how the story progressed. Dalmi-Dosan seemed so forced.

    With how the writers just put JP’s character and the letters aside when they had a very strong start at episode 1, I hope JP just end up with In Jae to make the story worse. Hahahaha

  14. Episode 14 has saved the second half of this series. Maybe the best episode so far. I’ve seen it six times already. The real model, look, walk and movement of Dosan hits home here. What dramas are made of in HOLLYWOOD!

  15. Jipyeong is the furthest thing from selfless. First, he should have set the story straight with Dosan, not Dalmi. Second, he wasn’t truthful when he called Dalmi as he didn’t say that Dosan got the idea because JP told him they were dating. JP has repeatedly shown the ability to be a jerk from when he accused Halmoeni of stealing his money in episode 1 until episode 14.

    Also, the letters are done with. They raised Dalmi up in episode 1 when she was at a low point in her life but after that they just held her back. That was shown by the way she was unable to date anyone. When she met the real Dosan she transitioned from the letters to the real person and this transition was symbolized by her list his hands last the first time Dosan asked why he liked her but listing them first the second time.

  16. To me, this is really what happened—-as i borrow the lines of Sanji: “And, last but not the least, what happened to the story from where this drama started ?.HJP letters to Dalmi? This seems to be in amnesiac stage right now, with no reference to it by any character? So where did all that great love of Dalmi for the person who actually wrote the letters go? Appears to be Lost in the writer’s confusion..” The writer could have done better! Where is the Good Boy a.k.a. letters now?

  17. clearly, there has been no consistency from the beginning towards the end… it started out fine (i literally shed tears for the father, JI-pyeong, granny and dal-mi’s stories). Moreso, what happened to the story about the letters? There seemed to be a disconnect from the beginning to mid to end…. i thought the focus would be on Mr. Han and his letters; and Dalmi…It could have been better if we see the continuity. Even the 3 years? nothing happened between Han and Dalmi during their 3 years at Sandbox? Nothing was told about them? plus, it took 3 years for Han to muster his courage again, considering his brazen personality? i am actually for Han J-Pyeong and Dalmi, because the story started with them. the excitement just died down as the show progressed.

  18. Oh dear! What’s happening to this drama now? It was fine in the beginning but now it seems as though the writer does not know what to do with the characters anymore or even how to end it. We seem to be going in circles with this story. BTW, I’m.with team Han.

  19. Dosan’s story is not well written its like they just inserted him and forced Dalmi to end up with him just because his name was inserted in the letters. And it shows a lot how there forcing his character to be with her because he cries about her all the time even after 3 years… you would think in reality someone would change after 3 years!!! this show is unreal if he ends up with Delmi…

    On the other hand Ji-Pyeong had to wait for 3 years to get the courage to show his love to Dalmi jheeeez thats sooooo unreal!!!!! especially when he told her that he liked her after she found out that he was the men behind the letters….i am still baffled on the fact that the writer just ignored the letters and made it seem liked it was not important; Letters that she kept for 15 years!!!!!!!!!!!!… and now the worst think after all that build up for Ji-Pyeong’s character the writer just makes him look desperate and as good and as a bad guy vice versa… that to me is weak writing after building the character so well to just throw him under the bus in one episode in a cheesy cliche kind of way.

  20. I think showing good points in HJP character and showing flaws in NDS character is the flaw in the show. So we have accept the feelings of a girl eventhough the other person is good to her and support her. In nature eventhough the person is a bad person we still love the person. So no one has the right to judge who is correct or not.

  21. Same, same… my interest on this film has declined.
    KSH is a very good actor but his character is portrayed as naive in the romance department. But, I like Jipyeong’s ability to separate business from personal matters. ..thus making his character too selfless to the point of raising the question about the sincerity of his feelings for Dalmi. 🤔🥴

  22. The writer has been very consistent in portraying the characters. After 3 years, we can see growth and changes in these lead roles. Dosan has clearly toughen up, u didnt see him tear up that easily but ultimately he is the emotional soft guy that see Dalmi as his dream and was badly hurt by Dalmi in the parting episode. And he still hasn’t gotten over her so it is understandable that he doesnt want to continue seeing Dalmi which will make it harder for him to get over her. Clearly in this show, dalmi has the characteristics of the more stereotypical male, ambitious rational and see career more important than romance so she made the decisions she made. Dosan on the other hand has been clear that his happiness is to be with someone he loves and he values that more important than anything else. You can see that clearly he is not that happy despite his success. To him happiness is more important, he will be happier being less successful but being with his love. His character is more that of a stereotypical female. These traits of them continue to be featured consistently throughout the episode. Frankly I’m rather disappointed that Dalmi decided to look for Dosan not to come clean of her feelings but only to recruit him for her company that urgently and clearly needed the trios to continue. Once again her ambition is more important than the man that she seems to love, she has no strong interest making things right after all the hurt (originally done out of good intentions) when she had the chance. Its also bizarre to me that despite dosan helping her on ransomware she decided to end the call causing him more hurt and confusion. I think both dosan and jipyeong are very selfless. I think in this episode she proves herself to be the selfish lass that probably dont deserve any of the 2. So I am very disappointed with how the writer script this . Hope ep 15 will be better. Otherwise it will really be sad that the show has such fantastic progress and end anti climax.

  23. This has to be the most disappointing and frustrating drama of the year ..It just didn’t live upto the strong start and potential.I completely blame the writer for her shoddy writing. I dont understand what she was thinking.It appears she has completely lost the plot .
    To begin with Where is the start up in Start up ..What exactly did she want to start ??? Was it a workplace drama , was it a romance.?? This drama just nose dived from epi 6 .
    I usually like Nam Joo Hyuk in all his dramas..but his Dosan annoys the hell out of me..Dosan is a complete idiot. He is one immature, entitled , unprofessional whiny brat and his idiot friends are no better There is no growth even until epi 14..He starts of whining and continues whining . It’s mostly always all about him and his self created issues.
    Next Dalmi.Who on earth will employ her as a Ceo in real time and especially in AI domain ??? Rest are engineers so they would have put a good amount of studies to get there but she becomes a Ceo googling AI language and reading some material at times. Like Really??? She comes across as a silly, incompetent twit and almost the entire length of drama was more about her wanting to prove a point to Won In jae rather than do any kind of work. There is no substance to her at all.
    Han Jipyeong .What a wonderful wonderful second lead and so ably acted by Kim Seon Ho. But what does the writer do to him Render him as an insignificant third wheel in this useless triangle. All that wonderful build up to his character at epi 1 and it just peters off to no where until now. What is the point in showing us episode after episode how smart, savvy, selfless , with a strong moral compass ( unlike Dosan) if he is to end up as an after thought.

    The romance between the lead pair was meh at most so their break up didnt generate any great feels .Now at epi 14 except for time change and new haircuts and clothes sadly the characters are still the same in terms of personal growth as they were 3 years back. It felt as if we are watching Epi 2 all over again

    And last but not the least whatever happened to the entire back story from where this drama started . HJP letters to Dalmi. This entire bit seems to be in amnesiac stage right now with no reference to it by any character? So where did all that great love of Dalmi for the person who actually wrote the letters go. Appears to be Lost in the writers confusion

    At this point I think it does not even matter who chooses whom . Just watching to see how much lower the writer can go . One burning question I want to put out to her though is “Would she herself choose a Dosan over a Jipyeong ” with the way she she written Dosans idiotic character?? Needs serious help if she does. In real life any woman would have slapped Dosan when she discovered his lies and walked off at being played.

  24. This episode continues the writers poor efforts and blatant massaging the script.
    We have JP and Dalmi talking in the car and there is a chance the conversation will be fruitful when…..the writer cuts away to dumsan planning his driving instructions….Yes. Really.
    Then he goes on a bike ride for the sole purpose of voice overs from letters that arent even his, romantic fluff and generating sympathy for him by the writers. He arrives at the cabin falls asleep and guess what?
    Dalmi walks up in the middle of the night. 1000x concentrated trope overload puke.
    Then follows more shallow trope BS. She falls asleep in a sitting position that is not knocked off balance by hair brushing or bandaging a knee cut and of course he sits beside her and does the heard forced on shoulder thing. Death by trope.
    Next moring he goes off alone first and she runs to catch up asks him to see her presentation realizes its not in her bag and starts to run back to look for it. more blablabla and the scene ends with dosan giving her a piggy back for miles and miles.
    The whole scene at the cabin is now used in hospitals as visual syrup of ipecac.

    There are more scenes where grandma, using her blind persons cane, is out on a walk with her daughter in law. She leaves and grandma drops her visor and bends down feeling for it. Apparently, dispite being the basis for dosans grand gestures, and scoring points with dalmi and generating sympathy for JP to help dosan after the creep punched him in the face for dosans own stupidity, grandma hasnt used NoonGil for more than 3 years. In stead of pulling out her phone and using voice commands to find her hat and a chair you never see her use any noongil in any scene since before dosan left.
    So much for all the hype about it. Now its written out of the script and the writer expects no one to even notice or realize how the writer has manipulated the viewers.
    This is another rung lower on the quality writing scale again.

  25. Really loved the first episode but stoped watching it when I found out tat naam joo hyuk is the lead and he gets to romance suzy.But I will b watching only if the drama ends up with suzy and the second male lead Kim…

  26. I really hate how Jipyeong is being treated also. It’s as though the show was made for dodo-head Bosan only. Why begin a show with all this back ground and deep feelings and connection with Jipyeong and then force the audience to accept dodohead dosan as the lead. He does not belong as the lead character. He is a thief, spoilt, brat. Its as if the writers gave dosan a bly. Btw, i’m not enjoying the show anymore. It has for me, turned out to be a very heart wrenching show. All my support to Kim Seon ho………love form the Caribbean.

  27. Im just watching it to w8 for the end hoe d writer will justify dosan and dalmi? There is no logic why jipyeong ends wth no one wth all his good deeds.

  28. I thought it was a really good episode. It was quite heavy in the emotional department, and less humour but the characters have come so far. I really praise the writers of this show – they capture so much of humanity, live and love than most shows.

    It’s sometimes hard to watch, because two men love dal-mi and one side is always going to be disappointed. That’s a risky move for a tv show – because it essentially divides your audience into two camps.

    We have NDS who is not the man she expected…but could be the man she wants…
    JYP is the person who encouraged her through letters and advice – but is the magic there?

    I guess our opinions/feelings of the show all depends in we are in the camp / supporting JPY or NDS… I’m in the Nam Do San fan club…

    I think they show the NDS and Dal-Mi relationship very well – both love each other/have feelings for each other, but won’t admit it.

    I am so desperate for them to say to each other “I love you, I need you” but I guess that’ll be shown in the last 10 minutes of episode 16?!?! It was a nice touch for NDS to buy shares in her company (costs him money) rather than have her give them to him, which shows that he wants to support her and put his money into her company – it’s a way of saying “I love you and want to support you”.

    I really like the way the writers often break scenes up, showing more of a conversation at the end or start of an episode – that fills in the blanks and I don’t see that concept being used often in western/UK dramas. I’m really getting into K-dramas since my mate put me on his netflix account (Thanks Vince!) – Healer, You’re All Surrounded, My Holo Love and now StartUp!

    Makes me want to pick up my pen again and finish some tv/film scripts I’m working on 🙂

    Hope this show has inspired you and you have enjoyed watching it.

  29. Really hate how they potray ha pyeong character… Really sad if dai end up with dosan which willing to help her but in return must give up Share in the company… Dalmi totally forgetten bout letter who give her courage before this and also the person who always thinl about her happiness.

  30. Really dissappointed with what have they done to Jipyeong. He is really selfless. He is truthful when he called Dalmi and said that maybe Dosan have different idea about their relationship, he also said to Dalmi to clear the misunderstanding with Dosan. But Dalmi refuse saying Dosan will back to US soon.

    And after all Yongsan done to him, berate him and angry with him. (Plus Dosan punch him) Jipyeong still say Dalmi is the best partner for Samsan Boys, even when he did’t want to see Dosan and Dalmi together.

    This drama is really strong in the beginning, all characters are likeable. Now I did not expect anything. It really went downhill since episode 11.

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