Start-Up – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap & Review


“With Those Hands Alone, You Beat Our Memories”

Episode 15 of Start-Up begins with Do San and Dal Mi beginning their self-driving test while In-Jae and the others watch on nervously. Well, Morning Group also happen to be there too and both teams are fighting for the permit system. Only, Chul-San and Yong-San are both confident their system will work given how they redesigned it and built on what was already implemented.

It works an absolute treat too, even going beyond the test parameters to stop when a cat pops out in the middle of the road. It’s a rousing success and the team all celebrate when Dal-Mi and Do-San get back to the main centre again. As they all chant Dal-Mi’s name, pictures are taken and the temporary permit is granted for CheongMyeong Group.

Hot off their success, In-Jae and Dal-Mi discuss the future, with the former pushing Dal-Mi to try and strive higher. She’s confident in their technology but Dal-Mi knows what a reckless decision bidding on this Smart Project will be, especially given she almost lost her entire team last time she tried something like this.

Meanwhile, Sa-Ha does her best to take her mind off Chul-San whom she starts to take a liking to.

Cheon-Ho (“MONEY!”) shows up at the office with a video of their time on the track circuit together. However, he also shows them a fortune telling app and encourages them all to try it given it’s extremely accurate.

After Do-San’s question, Sa-Ha takes Chul-San aside and asks him to stop vlogging. The reason? He doesn’t want anyone to know they’re dating. Believing it’s another prank, Sa-Ha suddenly leans forward and kisses him, going on to tell Chul-San to stay quiet about this.

Dal-Mi meets Ji-Pyeong in the main atrium and asks him whether they should bid on the project. He too echoes her sentiments and tells her it’s a complete waste of time. Their conversation inevitably turns to that of Won-Deok and specifically the way she fattens him up with food.

As they laugh at the elevator, things take a turn for the awkward when Do-San happens to be in there. He’s silent and sulking as Ji-Pyeong mentions Won-Deok’s cooking. As fate would have it, the elevator breaks down and leaves all three of them inside together.

There, he and Do-San butt heads again over the project. Ji-Pyeong sees it as a complete waste of time and calls Do-San out for his recklessness while Do-San believes it’s a good idea…even though he’s fully aware of the fact they probably won’t win.

However, because they’re “sailing off without a map”, then it’ll make them feel alive. Using that same analogy, let’s remember that a ship sailing off without a map gets lost at sea and will probably sink.

Anyway Dal-Mi and Do-San talk when the elevator doors open, with the former telling him she’s far less reckless now than she was before. Dal-Mi deliberates over whether to go ahead with the bidding and even uses the fortune telling app which continues to tell her she needs to be careful.

The next day, Ji-Pyeong catches up with Do-San and asks for his letters back. In exchange though, Do-San asks for the money tree back which she gave him. Eventually they agree to their swap but things are frosty between them.

At Minha Real Estate Office, A-Hyun signs the paperwork for a commercial lease. At the same time, Doo-Jung and In-Jae both receive their documents regarding the dissolved adoption. Back with Won-Deok, she decides against using the Noongil app to read the documents in her hands, listening as A-Hyun feeds back to her Mother that she’s got them a corndog shop together.

Speaking of letters, Do-San heads back and reads a letter about the music box – the one addressed to Ji-Pyeong and not him. Reading the letter, he instead changes his mind and decides not to swap back and to keep them for himself. Those letters – bear in mind – don’t belong to him. When Ji-Pyeong finds out, he races up to Do-San’s house.

Ji-Pyeong hands over the money tree and puts Do-San on the spot in front of his parents. Do-San is incredibly rude of course but Ji-Pyeong plays him at his own game and begins firing back insults of his own. Soon those insults turn to drinking as the two sit together.

Ji-Pyeong continues to ask for the letter back throughout the evening. Eventually, he goes on to admit he used Do-San’s name because he envied his perfect life. As the truth comes spilling out, Do-San fires back and tells him he’s envious of Ji-Pyeong too. The reason why is because Dal-Mi told him the letters made him her first love. He refuses to give up and claims that he’ll love her forever even if it’s not reciprocated.

In the morning, a very hungover Ji-Pyeong awakens to find himself in Do-San’s room in checkered pajamas. He remembers fragments of what happened the night before and as he heads out,  he overhears Do-San talking to his Mum about cooking soup for his hangover.

Now it’s Ji-Pyeong’s turn to feel bitter. He’s decided to take the money tree and the letter, telling Do-San that because Dal-Mi likes big hands then he’s going to give up the pursuit. He tells Do-San to work on his self esteem and if he does then his hands will conquer their memories together. Haha, wait what?!

Do-San races up and finds Dal-Mi, telling her that they’re going to bid on the Project. He even admits that Ji-Pyeong is her first love and asks what the reason is that she likes him. Dal-Mi simply tells him there is no reason and she just likes him.

Anyway, after the two kiss they head back to the office. As they do, Morning Group decide to work against Dal-Mi on the back of what happened. Doo-Jung tells his son to contact reporters and come down hard on Dal-Mi and their company.

Ji-Pyeong continues to avoid Dal-Mi, calling himself a loser but falling straight into Dal-Mi’s arms when she opens the door. He again calls himself a loser to his face and knows what she’s going to say. She apologizes before admitting to him that she’s going to bid on the Project with Do-San

Doo-Jung and Sang-Su speak to Hyungju reporters about Dal-Mi’s start-up group and their ransomware attack that’s been kept very quiet. Given they’re about to bid, this puts them in a tricky position. That materializes itself in the form of the reporter himself showing up at their office and scribbling down details of what happened. With a headline already written, the group have no idea what trouble they’re getting themselves into. Again.

The epilogue cuts us back in time with Dal-Mi and Do-San back at Sand Box. It turns out Dal-Mi-s dream was to take the upper-floor elevator. It also turns out Do-San volunteered to do the self-driving project with him as he wanted to be her trophy and dream. Dal-Mi was the one who decided to bid on the project after going over all the variables…except for the one with the reporter of course.

The Episode Review

Start-Up could be on course to be one of the most disappointing Korean dramas of the year. The opening few episodes were beautiful, almost picturesque in the way they told this story and I teared up a lot when Dal-Mi’s father died. The whole idea of a first love not being the right love for Dal-Mi is absolutely fine if the execution is there to back it up but this is where the drama comes unstuck.

Given these episodes have been rewritten several times, it’s obvious that the writing has taken a serious battering in the process. The idea that Ji-Pyeong just “gives up” and calls himself a loser is completely out of character to the guy we first met who went through such a hard time in the past and made a name for himself through hard work, blood, sweat and years.

All of this has been ignored in favour of Do-San for the sole reason that he has big hands. This feels incredibly stupid and completely out of character whereas a more logical explanation would have been better. While I understand Ji-Pyeong and Dal-Mi may not be compatible and she and Do-San suit each other more for other reasons, it still feels like a sloppily written segment.

Even worse, Do-San just comes across as bitter, twisted and envious. I know that’s not supposed to be the intention here but Do-San deciding to keep the letters for himself because he’s petty is incredibly insensitive and really unfair. That’s before mentioning him striking Ji-Pyeong several times and refusing Dal-Mi’s business proposal because he’s holding a grudge.

Those letters are not his to keep and Ji-Pyeong originally gave him those to get to know Dal-Mi. If it wasn’t for him then Do-San would never have met her in the first place. While he did eventually give them back, Do-San’s character just has not grown across this season beyond being more bold and resentful in his pursuit of Dal-Mi.

And that’s before mentioning the lack of character growth here for everyone else involved. This is perhaps the most frustrating and annoying part of this drama. Dal-Mi and Do-San’s sheer recklessness and inability to think things through logically is the reason they’ve ended up in such hot water all this time – and that doesn’t look like changing.

Throwing themselves into the Sand Box group without being fully prepared, needing to be steered by Ji-Pyeong with the speech, the Morning Group incident (which is coming back to bite them now), the ransomware attack and now this project bidding. Dal-Mi just throws herself into these situations and hopes for the best and every single time Ji-Pyeong or someone close by has been there to throw a lifeline.

This is only made worse by her nonchalant attitude toward the letters. It’s obvious that they helped her through such tough times and the fact she didn’t interject when Ji-Pyeong called himself a loser is certainly telling.

I still think it would have made more sense to have Ji-Pyeong and Dal-Mi together for those 3 years during the time jump that Do-San wasn’t in the picture. They could easily have written a montage of sorts to show their relationship turn from idealistic to incompatible and cold. It may not have been as smooth for the final episodes but it would certainly be better than what we’ve got here.

Still, our “happily ever after” finale is on the way with a potential wedding between Do-San and Dal-Mi while Ji-Pyeong presumably sails off without a map. After all, not having a map definitely gets you where you need to go.

So how about you guys? How did you find this penultimate episode? Do let us know in the comments below as we love reading your thoughts!

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47 thoughts on “Start-Up – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap & Review”

  1. I think StartUp got popular because the first male lead failed in everything, everyone got curious. I cannot recommend StartUp coz this is the only kdrama that the first male lead got many hates in his role. But if you are fans of Suzy and NJH the story doesn’t matter. The story should be all happy at the end, not only the first male/female lead. Director Han is an orphan and lonely in the beginning, he should at least meet one of his relative or he is not really an orphan to make him happy at the end not specific a love life too llike Dosan and Dalmi, because he played a big role too in StarUp , because if i am not mistaken StartUp is not a pure love story.

  2. I don’t understand the hate towards Do Sam. The guy was in love with Dal Mi since the first time he saw her. He tried to help her since the first and second episodes. HJP and Dal Mi’s grandma were the first ones to begin with a lot of lies to Dal Mi. HJP wasn’t interested in Dal Mi since the beginning, he was just trying to be nice with her because of the debt with her grandma. Then he decides to like her. I will only criticize writers because a lot of decisions about business and startups don’t make any sense. I was waiting for them to show wise ideas about starting a business and not just crazy decisions that lead to miracles in business. Sorry for my English as I’m not a native speaker.

  3. So many HJP fans, but for me honestly he was fine in the beginning but I couldn’t stand him in the end. I mean did he really like Dalmi in the first place? Your main rival leaves for 3 years and you do absolutely nothing to try to get with the girl you like? For not doing anything, he deserved what he got…nothing.

    Ok too harsh. But I still don’t think he liked her until Dosan came into the picture. I felt he thought of Dalmi as “his” because of the memories he had with her. Now here comes Dosan trying to “take away” Dalmi from him. Remember HJP said he was jealous of Dosan from the start so his liking Dalmi probably stemmed from his jealousy of Dosan getting something HJP felt was “his” all along.

    Well, that’s my 2 cent take on it.

  4. An amazing actor cast for second lead to play an adorable interesting character, a mediocre actor playing the main lead with an annoying selfish unlikable character, recipe for disaster period!

  5. Nightcat couldn’t agree more with every word that you have written! The review hasn’t picked up any of the positives and seems intent on focusing on the negatives. The reason start up is a successful drama is because all characters are well written. But undoubtedly there’s only one Dosan who is head and shoulders above the second lead, who always gave more importance to his pride over being kind and selfless like Dosan.

  6. I live in uk and watched start up i have to say mr hans character had me intrigued from the beginning i was rooting for him He was a good boy and loveable i kept waiting for dosan to show any signs of being a lead but sadly he was a disappointment a big disappointment not only that suzy loved her at first but again very dissatisfied with her character as main leads i found myself waiting for mr hans scenes he was lead to me the writer messed up bad this could have been so good even if u wanted dosan as lead you could have done it better. The writer just ended up doing a predictable and weak story line where the more they tried to make dosan shine the more pathetic he seemed and no matter how much they tried to push mr han back the more he outshone them all and making him ask dosan for a favour at the end thats just disgusting disgusting why should he have to stay in contact with such ungrateful people and especially as he loved suzy having to watch them as a couple always it’s horrible what the writers did to mr han his acting proved hes better than dosan and if thats your intention to play an idiot you played it well mr nam

  7. Was ok with the drama until epi 14, although still dislike DS who is annoying and shown the least growth among all the characters but was totally turned off when DS and DM decide on the bid based on some random method instead of measuring the opportunity, cost and risk.

    Dude this drama name is “Start-Up”, no one with sound mind will invest in a company who made decision based on random method lol.

  8. To all those people who are saying DoSan has “come into his own and owning being himself and has self esteem now”, I say he literally asked Dal Mi why she likes him AGAIN. He may have gotten secure about his abilities but he’s still very much insecure when it comes to Dal Mi. I mean of course he has more confidence now. 2STO bought a whole bloody company to get him as a developer. I don’t hate Do San but he’s not perfect. DoDal is okay as a couple. But the writer’s treatment of HJP’s arc is lazy, uninspired and downright disrespectful.

  9. As someone who likes all the characters, I disagree with the review, and have enjoyed this drama throughout and would highly recommend. To those of you disappointed in the triangle, read my perspective below.

    Yes we are initially set up to feel sorry for the prickly orphan HJP, and older, richer, arrogant and successful but still lonely HJP. He’s great and the actor’s scenes with Grandma were touching and with the Samson boys were hilarious.

    DM is shown as strong willed and capable, and a Daddy’s girl. She is NOT forgiving towards her mother or sister, and on some level she probably resents “DS” for stopping writing and abandoning her too. So it makes sense that finding out JP actually wrote the letters wouldn’t win him any loyalty/good will. Remember she met DS when desperate, won’t be as forgiving later.

    DS is shown as very kind (decides to go to that networking event just to help a stranger, despite no deal with HJP, Living Buddha etc.) He grows to be more confident, and importantly is always devoted to DM. The actor did a phenomenal job playing DS, I’ve only seen him play savvy characters in other dramas and he nailed this awkward character.

    Most importantly, DS is sweet, supportive, and an underdog LIKE HER BELOVED FATHER (huge bonus points with a daddy’s girl). DS not writing the letters would end up making him more appealing – because he wasn’t the one who had abandoned her after all (just like Dad would have never abandoned her). DS’s reliable support of DM (the hand) is what made her “heart flutter” and ultimately won DM over. She never trusted JP.

  10. this is like got finale season dissapointment level. started with good memories, then what? im still not into do san’s character. if they want do san at the end, at least make him really convincing. he’s still immature. using company resources for a practice, experience? you don’t do that as pro. you always think the benefits for the company first. it was very selfish. the writer failed on this. they’re not on hackathon anymore. and dal mi’s answer to do san why she likes him?no reason needed. he just like him. seriously? jesus! in the first place, it was han’s memory that gave do san a headstart to dal mi. the foundation of dal mi’s feeling to do san it’s because of han’s memory. this was really dissapointing and badly written. I can accept do san & dal mi at the end, but pls fix your do san character. he’s actually annoying.

  11. Sorry for the writer she ends up her story to the trash. She must know how to make a beautiful ending. Mr Han and Dalmi has chemistry.

  12. Its so disappointing to see our baby han ji pyeong sad. Nooo this can’t happen. From the beginning I cried multiple of times after seeing how saddened je pyeong was after expressing his feelings for dalmi to halmonei. Why are they doing this to jepyeong. More saddening was when je pyeong said that the letters and the plant was just enough for him😪😪my support for je pyeong won’t ever end. Je pyeong struggled till the end and this is not what I expected. Aghhhhh I feel soo badd

  13. This Kdrama series created such a hype about the love triangle storyline
    which divided viewers perspective .I am leaning towards the second lead male character (Ji pyeong) that why I am kinda frustrated about the last few episodes . This series started so strong then it just crumbled into pieces last few episodes because the writer failed to execute the love triangle story line after the time jump.

    The writer of this series created such a strong back story about Ji pyeong and Kim Seon ho wonderfully executed his role that’s why viewers like me got so engage with his character because he was able to really show all different emotions. He out-shined the other actors. This is his “show” even though his character did not get the girl in the end.
    Everybody will remember “Han Ji pyeong”.

  14. This episode was a nail to the coffin for HJP. As an avid viewer of Kdramas, i accept that writers intention will always lead the 1st Male lead with the 1st female lead. In this case, we all knew that DoDal was imminent but as viewers we were wondering how this will happen.

    This episode showed how much growth majority of the characters grew but i can’t help feel dosan was not growing in the direction we would expect him too. 1st of all, the letters weren’t his to begin with and i cant fathom why he didnt want to return it to HJP. If thats pathetically childish idk what is. Second is this dude, for some reason cannot read the emotions of the girl he likes. It had to be HJP, whom has to lay it out to him in simple terms of where Dalmi heart lies. Only then he goes on to bravely confess.

    Its fine if Dalmi has absolute no reason to like Dosan because again, this was the direction of the show anyways. Create a story arc using HJP to get dosan into the picture and no matter what HJP does, it all ends to dalmi giving dosan the win. But its not fine that the writer throwing HJP character under the bus each episode. We can’t even get him to have a decent scene with dalmi to really show what he brings to the table. and to commenters who keep saying HJP squirm the 3 years timeline by not doing anything, don’t be delusional. The writers actions were predictable, it was to really ride on HJP hesitance and in the end what? He called himself a loser. Man, for a loser he did gave dalmi as much comfort and advice he could be it when they were young or old. Lastly, HJP is the nice guy we all know cause he doesnt take risks even till the end but dalmi wants to brash and dosan just gives that reassurance that its okay to make any choices and fuck it up cause ill be there but at the end HJP have to help them.

    If ep 16 HJP has to settle the shit DODAL makes, than to me its absolute rubbish of a drama ending. HJP character deserve his own bit of happiness and space.

  15. PS: I’m an international fan and I’m rooting for jipyeong. I really don’t mind dal mi and do san ending up together but it seems like episode 16 won’t do enough justice on jipyeong. How disappointing..

  16. You are so on point. This series started really good and I cried multiple times for the 1st four episodes. But now it’s just flat out disappointing to me. The writer could’ve done better with most of the characters. It’s annoying how Do San’s character is envious about such a petty thing lol He comes off as someone who can’t live or breathe without Dal Mi. He doesn’t appreciate what his parents have done for him – investing in his start-up business and all that. All he sees is Dal Mi and that is so unrealistic. And immature. How is it that a person’s dream is just another person? He’s also very selfish as he wants the letters to himself even if it wasn’t meant for him in the first place. He quarrels with Jipyeong but in times of despair, he runs to Jipyeong. This is just downright immature and selfish. The writer should’ve developed his character more. And the writer is such a saddist for making jipyeong a martyr all the time. Such a disappointment.

  17. Do San is the most absurd characted created by writer. Writer don’t have any idea about business management or setup but just for money wrote such idiotic drama. And foced and imaginary love between Dosan and Dal mi. Do San is just an idiot who have no brain and basically a cheater. Disgusting Drama ever been produced in korean history. Moreover Character who is playing Do San have no personality.

  18. The story is still confusing! is it a Romance story or a story wherein the viewer will learn more ideas related to the difficulties and challenges in starting a business? The reason that I don’t like the Dosan and Dalmi plot is that story build a good an admirable foundation on the character of JP while Dosan has been a dishonest guy from the start. How would one favor such a character. I suggest that the writer just end the love triangle (maybe a tragic accident for Dosan (ha ha ha)) and begin showing us stories on what to encounter in Starting up a business rather that Starting up a love life. My Rating remains at 1/2. Furthermore, Dalmi should show more concern to his grandmother’s illness..

  19. Its pathetic here people dont like Dosan but whose to blame its ji pyeing and the grandmother.. now Dalmi loves Dosan and he was awaken because for the love of Dalmi. Ji pyeong knows Dami from the beginning why he did not pursue then? He didnt even know that Dalmi didnt finished college? Dosan did his best to let Dalmi feels that he loves her… why hate him?
    I think you hate more the person who portray Dosan and love more the real ji pyeong.. and actually ji pyeong never supported Dalmi decision…

  20. From a dynamic Investor to a Director of Sandbox, HJP was made to look like a wounded puppy in Episode 15. The
    letters which I thought was the core of the Series appear to be abandoned by the writer.

  21. Why is no one talking about the anagram? Like that has been overlooked by everyone here. The drama spent a significant time showing Yongsan and Saha solving it. And when Dosan picked up the paper, the words ApollonArtemis were circled. Apollo and Artemis are the famous Greek gods who happen to be twins. They’re also a boy-girl pairing. Think! Who are twins, and are a boy-girl pair? The twins working in Morning Group. They must have been behind the ransomware attack. Hopefully, they reveal that in the last episode.

  22. The lack of character development baffles me. We all know Dodal is the end game, since 6-7 episode where they kiss in the rooftop. Yet we are still rooting for Mr Han, so that he can found his happiness and closure.

    That’s all I want since first episode, where it show he is hungry and jealous when he saw Dosan getting the hug and kisses from his family when he wont the math champion, while he? He is all alone, hungry watching people eat jjangmyeon. He also won something yet it feel like nothing.

    Really really, dissappointed with Dosan when he refuse to give the letter. Halmoni and Dalmi is all Jipyeong had in that moment of loneliness, even to the point Jipyeong said that all he want in his birthday is playing Go card and eating with family. The writers literally murdering the characters now, no one except Mr Han is likeable. Even Dalmi who throw herself again with another situation.

    Sailing without the map? Yeah, surely it is marvelous and exciting, but what happen if something happen? Can you just be more independent and help yourself instead of thinking someone will be there to help you?

  23. Ep 15 with 1.5 rating (?) is very telling on how disappointing this Kdrama plot has become.

    I agree with the comment that the characters have NOT grown / matured over time, except perhaps Director Han’s savy and consistency of his business skills and acumen. On his personal growth, I think his character could have been portrayed as somewhat consistent with his business mindset (that is, taking calculated risks with the woman he likes, but not necessarily reckless).
    On being reckless even with game changing business decisions, I would say the reckless duo DoDal deserve each other!🤔☹

  24. I really appreciate this write up–it expresses many aspects of my dissatisfaction I hadn’t thought through.

    I appreciate the chemistry between Dosan and Dalmi, and Dosan sure seems to love her, but there is just no substance to their story. Chemistry holds my interest for a few episodes, and “sailing off without a map” is romantic for a minute, but at this point I need more in a male lead.
    And that Dalmi hasn’t come full circle and sought more than this, makes me want more from a female lead.
    And then there’s Ji Pyeong…such a wonderful and intriguing character… his character kept me hanging in there thinking this show was going to be something great. But they basically put him in the corner and wasted all that.

    I’m curious what was rewritten in all these rewrites. Did they ever have the type of story that Ji Pyeong’s character seems to suggest was possible? And if so why in the world did they rewrite that?

  25. Aaaaaaaarsh, one of the worse k-drama I’ve seen… that’s totally trash, the story does not make any sense at all, it was poorly developed. Jipyeong was always there saving everything and giving advice for these brats. His story was so much more sadness than Dosan, when Dosan gets everything? This is a joke ladies and gentlemen defooooo it was a joke, I just keep watching this because of him. I skip every single scene of Dalmi and Dosan, so annoying. Rooting for Jipyeong a happy ending, for the God of love 🤞

  26. I really think Ji Pyeong deserved better. He put in more work into supporting Dalmi than Dosan. And I think he’s underappreciated. She could’ve been more grateful towards him. But she fell in love with the idea of meeting her childhood love after many years. If I were her, I would be mad at Dosan for being selfish and keeping the guy who was truly in love with her behind her back. Ugh. Such a disappointment :/

  27. T Rose, I’m in agreement with your comment. I’m a British fan of the drama. To me Dosan has the biggest story arc from lacking self esteem to the strong man who stands his ground! I love his character and the Dalmi Dosan love story makes perfect sense to me.

  28. The hand is a metaphor here again, as most of their relationship. Dosan has had a protective hand over Dalmi from the moment he sees her in real life. He’s made her feel safe and given her confidence in her weak moments. When he extended his hand and made her the CEO, it was a defining moment. What’s not to understand about that hand, winning over letters? Words cannot provide the comfort that actions can. I think it’s pretty clear why the person whom those hands belong to, got the girl!

  29. On point. The series has been on a downward spiral since Episode 10, and this latest installment has so far been the worst offender. Incoherent, uninspired, flat and lazy. The writer supposedly gave us the excellent “While You Were Sleeping,” which makes this series triply disappointing.

    I’m a huge fan of Suzy. But right now I find myself wondering if I should cool down with her a bit given how she accepted a role as bad as Seo Dalmi. I guess it’s time to shift my attention to Han Ji-min and Lee Bo-young.

  30. i strongly disagree, to me JP, he didn’t love dalmi when he start to write, it was jus for grandma. i love the script, storyline, everything is perfect. this is ma drama nam joo hyuk drama. im in hopelessly fallen in love with him.

  31. Hi! What can you say about the the re-do of the kissing scene at the end? Im confused, is the kissing real or was just NDS imagination? Because the re-do at the end for me ended differently (Im not sure). The show has the tendency to change the scenes and shows imagination first and replaces the reality eventually.

  32. Even up to ep 15, i didn’t find Dosan character is adorable or charming that will make me like him at least a lil bit and ok with him to be with Susan.. I dont see him changed as he is to me still reckless and childish. I have been watching many kdrama where i prefer 2nd lead character due to their strong characters but i did atleast like lead after few episodes..yes i would say this drama was written poorly. Writer might want audiences to like innocent dosan but he turned out to be failure of this drama.. Same goes to dalmi character.. Also another thing to mention they dont do justice to InJae..i guess InJae screentime only as much as supporting characters even when she is also one of the lead. Btw some scene is ep 15 is not needed like when HJP hide from Dalmi.. Why we need to see that sweet fall scene when we know he is hurt badly? This even make so hard to watch final episode.

  33. From beginning till the end dosan n dalmi are meant together .. it’s pretty obvious that you are team HJP and it kind of reflects in your rating to this show

  34. happy for dosan and dalmi …
    sure win for the geek 😊

    writer please give justice to mr han
    he deserves a happy ending too!!

    can injae possibly soften a bit?

  35. I really don’t know why we are not getting more scenes of HJP and grandma. My biggest disappointment with this series has been the decision to try and force a love triangle. There are so many more stories of HJP to tell than this half baked love for Dal Mi. The younger HJP was more like a son to Grandma and I was hoping they would develop the story of him fully accepting her as family. 3 years has passed since he heard that she is going blind and their relationship has not improve significantly. Even the fact that she is going blind seems to be just used to drive the idea of developing NoonGil, it doesn’t have any other significant effect on the entire story.

  36. I’m an American watching this so my prospective may be a bit different. I love Dosan’s character. To say he’s had no development is wrong. We’ve watched him go from pretending to be someone else to accepting himself and coming into his own. Mr. Han didn’t want Dalmi until Dosan started to like her. He has always come off as entitled because he had the letter history with her. After three years and Mr. Han was still in the friend zone, that is pretty telling. Anyway, I’m enjoying this drama and hope to see a happy ending with Dosan and Dalmi together and Mr. Han finding his own happiness.

  37. I stopped watching start up after episode 10.
    I knew that it will be a waste of time. The writer didn’t give justice to HJP. I just read the write-ups and reviews. This is supposed to be a happy ending. Turned out not a romantic story after all.

    I was expecting more….

    Agree with all the comments

  38. I’m not a kind person, who would sailing without map. Even on the street or trafic jam I use google map to search another alternative ways to reach my destination faster. So this ending scene doesn’t make sense to me. But I’m still curious what kind of happy ending, that HJP will get in the final episode. I don’t care about Dodal

  39. Again I don’t agree. How is this drama disappointing? It’s only disappointing if you want the old idea of ” puppy love” and penpals to translate into adult love no matter what. It’s so cliche!! What a girl likes and what a woman likes are two different and polar opposite things!
    I feel Dosan has shown the most growth and commitment to Dalmi. He has gone the extra mile every time. He’s transformed from a boy into the man who can be her support. The scenes in this episode were beautiful. The elevator scene alone was enough to highlight who the right man was.

    To me, there is no other logical progression of the story except Dosan and Dalmi. I have absolutely loved the drama from start to now. I don’t know what the local appetite is, but as an international fan, this drama hits all the right ones and will be ( already is!) immensely popular

  40. When ji pyeong said the letters and money tree is just enough for him made me cried.. even he cannot have her.. things that remind him to her is just enough and for me that is true love 😭

  41. I think what makes this drama so pathetic is the extent of the Eva Braun syndrome of the writer and the fans of dosan.
    Even Hitler had a girlfriend who was dying to be his wife. Do you think she didnt understand what kind of person he was? Did she just see it differently?
    When a writer makes a story and there is no believable motivations or reasons for any of it it becomes a sickness.
    I predict both NJH and Suzy will take a hit in their upcoming works.
    I have been a fan of Han Ji Min and she has a new movie coming out called Josee. I would love to support her but seeing that shitwhit Dosan opposite her will make the film unwatchable for me.

  42. This was an absolute dumpster fire. I’ve seen theories and breakdowns more cohesive than what was actually shown on the show. I think the more I watch, the more I deeply resent Do San; he is unbearably unlikable. AND SO SELFISH. I’m over it. How is it the same person who penned “Pinocchio”? I feel like I’m in a twilight zone and down is up.

    Why did they do this to Ji Pyeong? Is this supposed to be romantic, because I’m throwing up. Such nonsense.

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