Solar Opposites – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Unlikely Demise of Terry’s Favorite Shot Glass

Episode 7 of Solar Opposites Season 2 begins inside the Wall, as we flash back one year ago with a brief recap to the flood which changed everything. With The Duke gone and Cherie dumped outside, we begin our tale right off the back of that ominous conclusion. Cherie is still alive – wounded but still breathing.

Sporting a broken leg, Cherie hobbles over to a nearby tree and promises herself she won’t die. Interestingly, the Duke isn’t dead either. He and Cherie both fight, eventually teaming up to fend off a baby possum until its Mother arrives and chases after them.

Trapped inside a toy spaceship, Cherie and Duke are forced to work together in order to survive. Cherie confirms she’s not returning to the Wall, admitting that Tim stabbed her and that’s why she’s there.

Time passes and the two start to grow closer. Only, it turns out Cherie is actually pregnant with Tim’s baby.

More time ticks by as Duke realizes that this isn’t the place to raise a baby. Together, they set out to make the difficult trek across to Wallgreans. Duke sacrifices himself to save Cherie, eaten by the possum. He sets off a firecracker, blowing the possum’s head sky high but killing himself in the process.

As Cherie sets off alone, she makes it across the garden but it’s too late. She gives birth inside a Pez dispenser. Thankfully, Jesse drops the dispenser before Cherie can be eaten. Cherie makes it through the fence… and despairs when she realizes that Wallgreans is just a billboard. The journey and Duke’s sacrifice have been for nothing, meaning she needs to go back to the Wall.

Scaling the length of the house, Cherie is helped at the last second by Pupa, who kills a bird and allows Cherie to head in and blend with the crowd again. This allows her to see Cherie Day play out. She was the one in the crowd, listening to Halk’s lie.

Cherie confronts Halk about the truth afterwards. With her child Pezley by her side, Cherie decides to try and change their fortunes inside the Wall forever. Will she be successful? We’ll have to wait for season 3!

The Episode Review

Much like the first season, this episode solely based on the exploits of the Wall is the strongest part of the entire show. The premise here is brilliantly executed and the continuing saga inside the Wall could almost be an animated show on its own to be honest.

Specifically, this episode tackles Duke and Cherie learning to work together and tackle the nastiness outside that threatens to kill them at any moment.

Much like season 1, this episode is easily the highlight of season 2 and the ending certainly leaves the very real possibility of an insurrection on the cards. Whether we receive any more Wall tidbits in the finale remains to be seen. For now though, this penultimate episode is a real firecracker.

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