Solar Opposites – Season 2 Episode 8 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

The Solar Opposites Almost Get an Xbox

Episode 8 of Solar Opposites Season 2 begins off the back of an extreme party with the group. Pupa suddenly turns blue – the shade of which means they’re all going to die at midnight. Pupa has been emitting a protein dust that eventually will kill them. However, it also promises to terraform the planet too.

Despite what they were led to believe, Korvo realizes they only have 1 life rather than multiple ones, meaning they’re not fulfilling their purpose. When they check their fulfillment meters on the ship with AISHA, she too confirms as much. With time running out, the group have less than 12 hours to try and complete this before it’s too late.

In order to rack up points to fill the meters, Korvo decides against any expository shots as they jet over to the water polo championships in Brazil. There, they witness Paraguay winning. Unfortunately this doesn’t work completely, with their fulfillment meter barely moving at all.

Eventually our aliens all head off on their own to do individual tasks, including helping people to read, cross the road and even kissing strangers. Terry winds up fulfilled when they get back to the ship. Only, the others get jealous and push him out the cockpit, where he dies on impact.

Realizing that this has changed the fulfillment meters slightly, the others plot to kill each another, turning the house into a battlefield. With Yumyulack and Terry both dead, Jesse and Korvo decide to patch up their differences before it’s too late. Only, Korvo accidentally sets off one of the traps which kills him too.

With time ticking away, Jesse prepares for the inevitable while Pupa readies himself to eat them. Only, it turns out their death actually turns them into trees. Turning to neighbour Keith, they take their frustrations out on him. Ironically, hating on Keith happens to be the trigger to prompt them all to become fulfilled.

Keith packs up his things and leaves just as Korvo receives a message from Hulu confirming that they’re coming back for a holiday special.

The Episode Review

With no Wall antics this episode, Solar Opposites bows out with a pretty decent finale, throwing absolutely everything at this 20 minute chapter. This one shows a bit more on the evolutionary scale with Pupa, although the tidbit that this is only level 8 or 9 implies there’s much more to come in the future.

At the same time, the episode looks at themes surrounding fulfillment and death, with a nice little punchline at the end surrounding Keith.

On the whole though, if you were a fan of the first season then you’ll be in your element with this one. There’s some good jokes, lots of meta references and plenty of nods toward different movies and TV shows. While it’s not as strong as last year’s effort, this follow-up is still compelling and good fun, leaving the door wide open for a possible third to follow.

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