Solar Opposites – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Apple Pencil Pro

Episode 6 of Solar Opposites Season 2 begins with Korvo and the group heading to the Apple store to pick up the new Apple Pencil Pro. Unfortunately the sales advisor there, a pig called Peter, believes they’ve tortured him in the past. Pointing a shaking hoof at them, Korvo and the others are rounded up and arrested.

While his lawyer is in the room with them, Korvo and Terry learn exactly what happened leading to this point. Korvo created this pig, turning it into a slave with the sole intention of winning rib contests. Peter managed to break free and that leads them here, to court, where the evidence against them is pretty substantial.

George rejects the death penalty being given to Korvo and Terry, instead forcing them to put on gloves full of bullet ants.

As we soon find out, it was actually Yumyulak’s teacher all this time that orchestrated this long-con against Korvo and the other aliens. Our Shlorpians were completely innocent all this time.

In prison, all of them wind up shived by their fellow inmates. While in the cell together, the group try to work out exactly who they’ve annoyed. With a long line of suspects, they call on Pupa to help get them out of prison. Despite a Shawshank Redemption-esque moment, they’re soon captured again by police who surround them.

Inside the Wall, our detective learns that there’s a hole in the very top. In fact, Ethan has been using it to ferry items inside. To make matters worse, Ethan started the Nerd avalanche. Halk was the one to capture and save him that day.

With this big revelation, Halk brings Ethan to Tim, who in turn takes him to the holding chamber. Ethan meet a sticky demise right on the eve of Cherie Day.

With celebrations in full swing, Tim takes Halk aside and tells him the true story about Cherie. He confirms that he killed the girl but leaves the fate of the Wall up to Halk. Halk however, decides to lie, keeping the secrets of the Wall to himself. As we pan across to the crowd, someone stares up at them with a Cherie mask on, unmoving.

The Episode Review

Once again, it’s the storyline inside the Wall that’s easily the most fascinating part of this animation. The idea of bringing in Halk and leaving the fate of the Wall up to him is a nice touch and adds some real stakes to the subplot.

Meanwhile, we receive a litany of different pop culture references from the Solar Opposites, including that on-running gag about the Solar Opposites self-referencing themselves. This has been worked quite well into the different plots, bouncing between the different family members. Their story this time around is pretty good too, although it’s hard not to think the first season has been the stronger so far.

Still, the series leaves the door wide open for the final two episodes. Let’s hope we get an exclusive Wall episode like we did last season!

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