Solar Opposites – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Sacred Non-Repeating Number

Episode 1 of Solar Opposites Season 2 begins with our alien family preparing to leave the planet. Korvo delivers one last F’U before taking off. Only, the ship crash-lands back moments after taking off, thanks to Terry stashing items onboard.

With the ship damaged and in need of repairs, the family head back to the dinner table to discuss what to do next. Only, Korvo notices the distress detector beeping. It’s more Shlorpians, and they’re actually in London. This brings Terry and Korvo off to investigate.

In London, they head down to the sewers where they find the Shlorpians. Korvo is impressed, especially when he sees all the conventional gear onboard. After some kind words, the Solar Opposites head back home to America. While they do, Korvo believes they could learn a thing or two from their brethren and presents some special candles to start that off.

With Terry unwilling to budge, Korvo heads back to London himself to see the British Shlorpians, eating garbage and slapping himself with a whip.

Well, unfortunately Korvo messes up the holy number and realizes, with horror, that he’s now the Terry of this household. It turns out there’s two forms of Shlorpians too, divided into the rich and poor. These British ones are the former and they want him to bring The Pupa there. However, Korvo refuses. Unfortunately this refusal sees him caged and forced to remember the secret number.

The British Shlorpians head over the Atlantic see Terry and the others, determined to get their Pupa. Once there, a big sci-fi battle breaks out (off-screen of course thanks to budget concerns!)

Korvo does eventually show up and tricks the Shlorpians, handing over their dog and pretending it’s the Pupa. Speaking of which, in the bedroom Pupa manages to successfully kill Robocop.

The Episode Review

Solar Opposites returns with another witty slice of comedy, this time honing in on that meta, self-aware humour that makes Rick & Morty such a joy to watch. However, with a very small snippet of The Wall (let’s hope that crops up more in the episodes to come!) this opening chapter instead focuses on London and the alternate Shlorpians.

The Solar Opposites self-aware gag is a nice touch while the post-it note before the sci-fi battle works surprisingly well too, easing effortlessly into the script. As far as opening episodes go, this gets off to a suitably funny start with some smartly written jokes peppered in along the way.

So far so good though, Hulu’s latest adult animation gets off to a promising start.

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