Snack vs. Chef Season 1 Review – A delightful snack showdown with a couple of flaws

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Have you ever wondered how your favourite snacks are made and the work that goes into perfecting them? Well, wonder no more because this latest Netflix food reality show is here to end your curiosity!

Snack vs. Chef is a Netflix cooking show where 12 renowned food scientists compete for a $50,000 cash prize. To be declared the winner, the contestants have to recreate a classic snack down to its shape, texture and taste. However, they also have to invent a new snack. It’s no easy feat but it is quite entertaining to watch.

The show is hosted by comedians Megan Stalter and Hari Kondabolu, along with two other judges, Ali Bouzari and Helen Park. The four of them get to experience a snack adventure that most food junkies can only dream of. They enjoy the recreated classics and the invented snacks before deciding who will be going home and who will remain to battle it out and become a “snack deity.”

In some episodes, the winner of the challenge is clear but in most cases the judges have their work cut out for them as the contestants didn’t come to play but to slay. The foodie in me envied the eating scenes but not so much the judging. Some of these contestants invented really good snacks that looked delectable and I wonder why they are not in stores already!

Watching these food scientists try to recreate classic snacks such as Pringles and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are arguably the best part of this series. It is hard to get the same perfection as they lack industrial machines normally used in the large-scale productions, forcing them to find creative ways to make their snacks as close as they can to the original.

If that wasn’t enough, food scientists also have the added complication of getting the exact measurements of ingredients usually used and how to balance each element. Even for food scientists, it’s no simple calculation. They still get things wrong, and a few do enact guessing and hail-mary moves along the way. All this just adds to the fun though, as we watch things crumble or puff up as they rush against the set time.

The comedian hosts try their best to make the whole experience fun and exciting but some of their puns fall short. The production of the set also comes off a bit awkward especially seeing other contestants watching their counterparts behind a glass wall. I had hoped they would make it a bit interactive or sit them somewhere else.

All in all, Snack VS Chef is still a fun show to indulge yourself in on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It will most likely give you a craving for snacks so it is best to come prepared with a packet of your favourites while watching!

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  • Verdict - 7/10

1 thought on “Snack vs. Chef Season 1 Review – A delightful snack showdown with a couple of flaws”

  1. The show could’ve been more consistent. The judges are not a successful pick and at times downright rude. The judging is weird. Even though both rounds in each episode are said to count, they dont. Often the weaker contestant from the episode advance to the final, which results in pretty boring last episodes. It is easy to think that the winner is pushed through to win, because they make crude mistakes, lack in innovation comparing to the other contestants, and are pretty boring.

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