Sky Rojo – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Thinking With Your D**k

Episode 7 of Sky Rojo begins with Gina, Carol and Wendy showing up before the veterinarian again, This time though they have a big favour to ask. This comes in the form of patching up and saving the Spanish man who was shot. Unfortunately it’s too late and the man passes away.

Back at the club, Romeo returns and despairs, slipping into an existential crisis given he can’t use his “tool” in the same way now. For the girls though, they don’t see it as the “beacon of hope” but more like a way of paying off their debts. Unfortunately these debts are far more than financial.

The job takes its toll through the form of dissociation, which we see play out through some artistic and pretty poignant shots of the club.

As the girls hit the road, they notice billboards for the club on the way into town. It’s here they realize Romeo has been making a lot of money off their labour all these months. This spurs them on to get revenge, determined to set a trap for the men and steal the money back. A money heist if you will (sorry, I’ll see myself out!)

Specifically, they want to break into Romeo’s safe and take all the money from their boss.

Back at the club, Romeo and the others encourage Beefcake to strip down and get in the jacuzzi with them. When he does, they burst out laugh. Only, their laughs soon disappear when they learn a man downstairs wants to talk about the three girls. That man happens to be Fernando.

Romeo demands his two men head down and talk to Fernando, discovering what he knows no matter what.

While they do, our girls dance and drink, preparing for the craziest gig of their life. In the midst of this hedonistic cocktail of booze and drugs, they decide to steal a digger to help with their plan. Given none of them really have a life to go back to, they decide to give it everything they’ve got and fight back.

The Episode Review

The whole female empowerment angle here is really well worked, and unlike the majority of Hollywood productions, actually empowers its characters without telling us – or belittling its male characters. Instead, this is a proper cat and mouse chase between two competent and deeply flawed sides.

Seeing the trauma and abuse these girls have suffered at the hands of Romeo and his buddies is pretty eye opening and it really shows just how much damage this line of work can inflict on women.

On top of that, the show builds everything up beautifully to this final chapter, and from what we’ve seen so far I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends with a big cliffhanger ready for season 2. Either way, Sky Rojo is certainly one of the best shows this year so far.

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