Sky Rojo – Season 1 Episode 8 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review


Bear Trap

Episode 8 of Sky Rojo season 1 begins with the girls going over the specifics of their plan. They intend to set a bear trap for the men to walk right into. Or, more specifically, drive into. Drinking to their brilliance, they set out and prepare to put this plan into action.

At the same time, Moises and Christian work together to torture Fernando. They pour acid into a large chamber, intending to kill him if he doesn’t speak up. Christian questions what they’re doing before Moises takes him aside and reveals the truth. It turns out Romeo helped Moises in the past, given he was a victim of abuse at the hands of his Father. This is why his loyalty lie with the pimp.

On the back of Fernando’s death, Moises heads back to see Romeo at the club, where he admits he slept with Coral in the past. He reminds Romeo that he’s by his side forever but the pimp is enraged. He forces Moises to prove his allegiance by bringing the three girls to the club.

Well, Romeo doesn’t have to wait for long. With Moises and Christian out on the road, Carol rocks up alone and immediately locks eyes with a drugged up Romeo.

He takes her up to his office where Coral asks for forgiveness. Beefcake leaves them in peace as Romeo throws a curveball at her. He knows she was sleeping with Moises in the past. This angers him more than anything else, swinging his sword around wildly.

Coral throws her own sword, narrowly missing Romeo’s face. This is enough adrenaline – coupled with the drugs of course – to see the club owner double over and begin frothing from the mouth.

While this is going on, Moises drops off Christian by the side of the road and takes off, leaving him in the dust. Moises eventually arrives at the gas station, where Gina and Wendy finish their heart to heart and take off before he can catch them.

Moises falls for the bear trap hook, line and sinker, as he falls straight down to his doom. Wendy drives the digger and prepares to bury him alive

While dirt is dropped, Moises shoots wildly before being buried in a mountain of dirt. Unfortunately, this ensuing skirmish sees Wendy receive a bullet to the stomach for her troubles.

At the same time, Coral resuscitates Romeo and leaves everything on an agonizing cliffhanger for a second season.

The Episode Review

Sky Rojo has been a wonderful surprise; a thrilling, high-octane cat and mouse chase with some interesting and flawed characters along the way.

With lots of talking points at the end of this one and plenty of possibilities for season 2, Sky Rojo throws absolutely everything at this first season and it works beautifully.

Understanding more about Gina, Coral and Wendy – specifically how Romeo’s club has changed and distorted them – has been really well-worked into the plot and throughout this season we’ve seen all three of them take it in turns to shine in the spotlight.

The female empowerment has been incredibly well-handled too, and away from the contrived, forced nature of some Hollywood productions, Alex Pina manages to show these strong females in a commanding role without ever compromising the other characters – especially the males.

The tone of the series works beautifully too and seeing Moises get his comeuppance is a nice touch. It’s safe to say Christian is going to play a pretty major part in the second season though, especially when he finds out what’s happened to his brother.

And what’s next for our girls? The ending certainly hints that we’ve got lots of drama to come and hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for that to air. Either way, Sky Rojo has been a really great series and easily one of the best thrillers of the year.

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