Sky Rojo – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Foxy and Hare

Episode 6 of Sky Rojo begins with the girls on the road, racing away from the abandoned warehouse. They take a detour at the gas station where they wash down their car – and each other. The owner tells them to put their clothes back on though, as the trio try (in vain) to sweet talk him into submission.

Of course, these women are shedding the identity of what they once had but all of this is an illusion. Back on the road, they’re rudely awoken by a knock in the trunk. It’s the Spanish man from before, and it turns out he’s still alive.

As the ladies stop the car and check on him, they once again find themselves torn over whether to try and save him or not.

Speaking of saving, Romeo is saved from hospital and wheeled out, ready to head back home. Only, as they leave in the elevator, Gina and the girls show up with the injured Spaniard and lock eyes with Romeo. Their plan goes horribly wrong as Romeo holds the paramedics up at gunpoint and eventually chases after the girls down the road.

A slick montage then ensues as Beefcake and the paramedic fight in the back of the ambulance while Romeo drives. With murderous intent, he charges toward Gina, Coral and Wendy. Wendy senses the danger and tasks Gina with shooting the wheel of the ambulance. Just before she does, Gina reflects on the “wheel” in her own life; the constant cycle of debt and abuse once you’re stuck in the hooker business.

Tis definitive chapter finally sees the three girls decide not to run anymore and hunt Romeo and his men instead. With them reaching the end of the line (quite literally, given there’s a cliff edge), Coral takes the gun from Gina and holds Romeo up at gunpoint. This, as we soon see, holds significant meaning given Romeo broke his own rules and ended up getting close to Coral.

Eventually Coral shoots his tyres and takes off. This moment finally sees the girls learn what we have known for a while – that Romeo is tracking the girls. And just like that though, Coral takes out the SIM card and prepares to fight back.

The Episode Review

With an interesting title for this episode, Sky Rojo sees our girls finally decide to get some retribution and fight back against Romeo and his men.

The entire chapter is really cleverly paced, with some sharp edits and gorgeous camera work that feels quite reminiscent of Euphoria. Although that show tackled drugs rather than prostitution, both have a fair amount of similarities when it comes to abuse and showcasing that through artistry and visual flair.

On top of that, Sky Rojo does a really great job making this car chase as exciting as possible, with just the right level of humour to stop this slipping into melodramatic waters.

Sky Rojo has been a wonderful surprise and this thriller is building up to quite the dramatic conclusion.

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