Sky Rojo – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Escape

Episode 5 of Sky Rojo begins with Coral and Gina deliberating over what to do about Wendy. Coral likens fear to a hot potato, which is enough motivation for her to turn the car around and head back.

At the same time, Wendy races into an abandoned warehouse where Moises and Christian arrive in hot pursuit. There’s a nice little Easter egg here in the form of a Salvador Dali puppet, as the camera pans up and shows this eerily claustrophobic area.

Anyway, the warehouse owner arrives and immediately holds the two men up at gunpoint. As he fires a warning shot, it’s enough for Coral and Gina to realize where Wendy is and take off in their direction. While they do, Wendy seizes her opportunity, snatching up the handgun and phoning through to Gina and Coral, pretending that they’re police officers for dramatic effect and to fool the two men.

Wendy races outside and drops the gun, punching Coral a few times for leaving her behind. This eventually leads to the girls forgiving all and being back on the same page.

Coral heads in with the gun and holds Moises up at gunpoint. She demands the code, threatening to kill their Mother if she doesn’t hand it over. In fact, it’s Christian who actually hands it over in the end.

With their own car stuck in the mud, the girls seize Christian and Moises’ stolen vehicle and take off. While they do, Coral admits that she was at the club voluntarily because she killed someone in a previous life. She adopted this persona to lay low. With home truths revealed, all three girls join hands as they prepare for the next stage of their journey.

The Episode Review

This brief 20 minute episode serves up a respite from the relentless action as we see home truths revealed surrounding Coral and the gang.

There are lots of clues surrounding her past and the final revelation that she actually killed someone in the past – along with the girls all joined in harmony – is a nice way to end this chapter.

Alongside that, Sky Rojo continues to deliver strong characterization and this is where the Spanish series is at its strongest.

Much like La Casa De Papel, Alex Pina has a certainly style behind the camera that really helps everything pop and stand out. The Salvador Dali puppet is certainly a nice touch too!

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