Sky Rojo – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

A Whore’s Love

Episode 3 of Sky Rojo begins with a deeper look at Coral. Specifically, how she came to be part of the hooker scene. Coral is haunted by the lessons Romeo has taught her, including putting on a demeaning persona of a wildcat. He even forces her to meow too.

Well, this wildcat has claws and those sink deep into Moises’s heart. During flashbacks, we see the pair mix business with pleasure as they start sleeping together.

Back in the present, the girls decide on a plan. They’re going to a client’s house, a man named Fernando. He has ties with Gina but the other two are incredulous over this idea. Well, a car bumping into the back of the bus is enough for the three girls to glance behind them and see Christian and Moises in their car.

While they’re busy with the bus driver, Gina, Wendy and Coral rush off. This is enough of a distraction for Moises to talk to Christian about his anger, especially the brutal way he knocks out the bus driver.

At the hotel resort, Gina heads off to visit Fernando. While he does, Coral and Wendy discuss their ordeals – and specifically how Coral keeps looking at men like clients and finds it hard to switch off. Given how dependent she is on taking drugs, Coral immediately starts spinning out and slithering across the floor.

As she plunges into the water, it brings back memories of the past, and specifically how Moises changed his mind and paid her off.

Meanwhile, Gina manages to find Fernando up in his office. Despite his promises and intentions, Fernando only wants one thing – sex. Gina is clearly distraught about this but their problems are about to get a whole lot worse. In the distance, Christian and Moises walk toward them.

The Episode Review

Interestingly, this episode dives into Coral’s past and plays out with an episodic theme surrounding love and the hard truth about being a hooker. It’s a fascinating glimpse into a life few people will be aware of, and while it may be a more glamorized version portrayed here, Sky Rojo does a great job diving into the psychological effects of this line of work.

Seeing the way these three girls were thrown into this role really helps to give this some depth and it’s helped too by some sharp editing and a balanced focus between the girls and guys – especially the complicated relationship between Christian and Moises.

The ending certainly leaves lots of tantalizing possibilities for the future though, and with all 10 episodes up already, it’s on to the next!

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