Sky Rojo – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Sex and Blood

Episode 4 of Sky Rojo begins with Christian and Moises arriving at the hospital as they learn their Mother is in a bad way. Coral is there too, and she uses his Mother’s drip to get a quick high. A slick artistic montage ensues as the screen cuts into a small square and shows a fountain of pills consume here.

Back in the present, our trio of girls plunge into the swimming pool to evade the threat of their captors. The refuse to go back to Romeo, leading Moises to give them the alternative – if they don’t go then they’ll be thrown in jail for 20 years.

Thankfully, Fernando appears and politely asks Moises and Christian to leave. As they do, they threaten Fernando and promise to put him in a body bag. Well, eventually the beefy security guard is enough for the two men to leave and prepare to fight another day.

That fight comes for them sooner rather than later as our dripping wet ladies blindside Moises and Christian, forcing them both to drive while holding guns and knives up to them.

While they take off, Coral worries that this won’t work and encourages the brothers to stop the car. Instead, Christian accelerates, turns the steering wheel and slams on the brakes. A gunshot sounds and everything freezes as we cut back in time.

Here, we see Wendy’s past including her heartbreaking moments of a breakup with her girlfriend on the phone. She was 25 when she came out the closet and this was her first love. Unfortunately this torrid ordeal at the strip club forced her to put on a brave face and a smile, hiding the sadness in her eyes.

Back in the present, Christian bolts off after the gunshot leaves his ears ringing. He grabs Wendy and drags her out into the middle of the field.

Moises chases after the loose cannon but leaves the keys in the ignition. This sends Gina and Coral off together in Christian’s car. Just as they leave, Gina confirms that she’s pregnant and that’s the reason she left Romeo’s club. After all, if she had stayed he would have made her get an abortion.

Back on the road, Christian loses control and shoots dead a random driver as he shows up in his car. Moises is livid but begrudgingly agrees to put the man in the trunk. However, Wendy races off at full pelt, running for her life across the field in her skimpy outfit, blood-stained and afraid.

The Episode Review

Seeing the very real impact of a gun blast, including ringing in Christian’s ear, is a really nice touch and one that very few shows actually tend to depict. Walking Dead season 1 is another good example of this but yet again this is another example of Sky Rojo adding clever details to this well-written and nicely paced thriller.

The ending with Christian getting hit on the road and subsequently killing that man seems to hint that we’re going to get more tension between the two brothers.

At the same time as all this is going on, Sky Rojo continues to drip feed exposition surrounding the club and what these girls gave gone through. This, coupled with the various flashbacks, really helps to give this show some depth and the ending leaves the door open for the second half of the season.

From what we’ve seen so far though, Sky Rojo is a must-watch thriller.

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