Sky Rojo – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Alternate Reality

Episode 2 of Sky Rojo begins in the past with a scene that feels ripped right from La Casa De Papel. Romeo briefs his men on the future of the club and the operation they have going on. According to Romeo, Spain is the third best country for prostitution. Only, that’s not how they pitch it to the girls.

As we soon see from Gina, she was encourages to leave Cuba and head over to Spain under the pretense that she would be a waitress. Well, she and the other girls certainly end up doing more than waiting tables. Stuck in this abusive world, Gina and the other girls are forced to put on a smile and perform.

Back in the present, Gina is saved from her ordeal and recovers from surgery. Unfortunately, trouble brews back at the club as Moises antagonizes the girls, threatening them into submission. He wants to know who tried to kill Romeo and will stop at nothing to find out. Eventually this culminates in them putting a girl called Bambi in a box.

Back on the road, our three ladies head back out and manage to sneak into a bed store for the night. Coral heads out for a drive though, and while stopped at a house full of supplies, receives a call from Romeo.

He’s still alive but isn’t in a great way. Stuck in his hospital bed, he promises to come after her as Coral heads back to the bed store with food for thought.

While there, Gina makes a call back home and tells her Mother about the hooker job she’s been forced into. Only, it turns out she already knew and sacrificed her for the good of their family. Gina is heartbroken, but Wendy does her best to calm the girl down, promising that they’ll get through this together.

Coral heads back to the store and warns the others that Romeo is still alive and wants them dead. Before they get a chance to plan their next move, a security guard arrives and begins looking around.

There, he finds eggs in a frying pan sizzling away. Wendy appears, dressed as a cleaner, prompting him to hold a gun up to her and question what she’s doing. Thankfully, the other two girls jump in and stop him.

The eggs begin flaming; the security guard is knocked out; and the three girls suddenly compose themselves and shock him with a defibrillator. After handcuffing the security guard to the bed, the three girls take off with his ID and the thin shreds of a make-shift plan.

Well, that plan eventually forms in a bus ride to parts unknown. Little do they know, Moises and Christian are hot on their heels.

The Episode Review

The second episode doubles down on the craziness as we start to see more of this cat and mouse chase play out. There’s a really artistic tone to this one that keeps everything feeling very vibrant and colourful.

The girl-power angle is very much show-don’t-tell territory while the flashes back to the club – and especially those surprisingly erotic scenes – give this show an edge it otherwise may have lacked with a straight forward chase.

The three girls each have unique personalities and interestingly the show doesn’t play everything completely straight. There’s a dark humour brewing underneath the main storyline and this seems to work beautifully with the slightly offbeat story. Bring on the next episode!

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