She Would Never Know – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Episode 6 of She Would Never Know begins with a drunk Hyun-Seung being taken home in a taxi with Song-A. He’s obviously hungover when he awakens as flashes of the previous night come flooding back. These include Hyun-Seung making her drink orange juice and eat yoghurt. On the desk happens to be a note from Song-A telling him not to talk to her any more.

Well, at work Hyun-Seung explains his actions as Song-A tells him not to act like this again. After patching up their differences, Song-A and Jae-Shin are brought before Jae-Woon to discuss the Europe Project. Jae-Shin covers for her though, telling Jae-Woon that Song-A isn’t able to go. However, that’s not going to stop her from writing up a whole stack of reports.

Meanwhile, Jae-Shin leaves to pick up his Father from the police station. Jae-Shin has been listed down as his guarantor after his Father has got into trouble again. It seems like he’s a professional con man and Jae-Shin is stuck to pick up the pieces of his mess.

Jae-Shin is obviously not happy as his Father asks for some money before he goes. Sighing, Jae-Shin tells him he’ll transfer some funds before he goes. Now it becomes clear what happened in the past and why the Chairman doesn’t like him very much.

When he heads back to the office, Jae-Shin runs into Song-A and reveals the truth to her. His past, and promise to Jae-Woon, means he had no choice but to marry Jae-Woon’s sister. He tells her to focus on her own opportunities, especially since she only sees him as an eyesore now.

Later that day, BM Choi returns to the office and talks to Song-A about her big opportunity to join the Europe Project. Choi is eyeing up the vacant BM spot right now and tells her that leaving is a big opportunity for her career. Just then, Hyun-Seung returns to the office with Assistant Manager Kang. Together, they get the VIP KLAR event set up. Only, they have a problem.

The male model they had scheduled has pulled out the event and there’s no other models prepared. Jae-Shin rallies the team though as they deliberate over whether to use a male influencer in his stead.

Just as Hyun-Seung shows up, the team collaborate and decide to use him as a last minute replacement. After having his makeup applied, Hyun-Seung asks about her Europe offer. He promises to support her no matter what as she continues to mull over whether to go or not.

Throwing a massive spanner in the works is Hyo-Joo, who shows up at the VIP event with a ticket. There, she confronts Song-A who tells her they’ve met before. Song-A is understandably uncomfortable and eventually walks away. This conflict between the two women though is clearly far from over.

After the big event, Song-A returns home to greet her Mother. Only, she’s not there and instead finds the place a complete mess. She silently begins cleaning everything up, being careful not to start a fight when her Mum eventually returns. Unfortunately this promise doesn’t last long as Song-A and her Mum come to blows over her Father’s memorial. Eventually, Song-A leaves in frustration.

Meanwhile, Hyun-Seung heads off for lunch with Ji-Seung, who runs into Jae-Woon again in the main lobby. Although he tries to organize a meeting, he’s already caught up in one and leaves without arranging anyway.

Elsewhere, the Chairman shows up at the cosmetic store, prompting Jae-Shin and Song-A to hurry over and greet him. When they do, he intentionally blanks Jae-Shin and follows Song-A’s informative words.

However, things take a turn for the unexpected when two girls shows up and steal a lipstick from the shelf. Jae-Shin tries to deal with the situation discretely alongside the cashier but the chairman overhears.

He makes a scene in front of everyone, showing how cunning he really is. After outing the thieves, he tells the others not to let a stranger into their house… as he casts a disapproving glance at Jae-Shin.

Later that evening, Song-A is driven back to the office with Jae-Shin where she learns the truth about his troubled past. This is why he needs her as Jae-Shin pleads with her to stay with him. Instead, Song-A walks away after telling him he’s still acting like a teenager.

A problem at the office with the shipments prompts Hyun-Seung to hurry off to the factory to help the packers, placing stickers over the different packets to help save the project.

Just as he continues, Song-A rings and thanks him for a job well done. However, she also confirms she’s not going to Europe for her big project after all. This news causes Hyun-Seung to jump for joy, happy that Song-A is sticking around.

He doesn’t know that she’s right outside the door though and dances around the room like a lunatic. In fact, he even grabs a mop and starts dancing with that too, pretending the black tip is the black hair of Song-A. And then she shows up and complements his dancing. Oh no!

As she ties her hair up, Song-A joins Hyun-Seung as they begin on the stickers. After a while it’s too much for Song-A to bear as she falls asleep on his shoulder.

The Episode Review

She Would Never Know returns with an intriguing episode that deepens the ties between Song-A and Hyun-Seung while simultaneously shedding more light on Jae-Shin’s past. We received fragments of it last episode and now we see exactly what’s going on.

So it seems like Jae-Shin’s promise to Jae-Woon has forced him into marrying Hyo-Joo but also to officially become part of their family in doing so.

Right now, he’s an outsider and the Chairman is obviously not pleased about him being around, likening him to a stranger. At the same time though, Jae-Shin clinging to power makes his character seem pretty weak, especially given he could easily et a job at another cosmetic firm if he wanted to.

However, the real stars of the show are Won Jin-A and Ro Woon who both play their respective roles to perfection. Both do such a good job and their chemistry on-screen is growing as each episode ticks by. So far so good, this one continues to intrigue as She Would Never Know leaves the door wide open for where this may go next.

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