She Would Never Know – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The News Breaks

Episode 7 of She Would Never Know returns to the warehouse as Song-A awakens from her sleep and apologizes. Hyun-Seung heads outside and grabs some blankets from the car, determined to let Song-A rest comfortably.

Before that though, she pats his face free of the rain outside. “Why do you like me?” She puzzles, as Hyun-Seung shrugs and tells her he doesn’t know the exact moment he did but he still likes her now.

Although she rejects him again, he suddenly bolts upright and tells her he’ll wait. After a restless night, the pair head back to the office. On the way though, things take an awkward turn in the car as a letter is read mirroring the current situation these two find themselves in.

Meanwhile Hyo-Joo starts going through Jae-Shin’s wardrobe, throwing out clothes that don’t fit his style. Eventually Jae-Shin succumbs to her wishes, telling his future wife he’ll sort this himself.

Elsewhere, little Ha-Eun celebrates her birthday while the Mums all gather and discuss Yeon-Seung’s friendship with chef Ryu. They want to cook similar recipes and ask Yeon-Seung to try and sort them out some cooking classes. Only, Ryu is not confident enough to do it. Yeong-Seung suggests attending another chef’s class first to get some pointers. It’s a good idea too but one that see Ryu ask Yeon-Seung to tag along with him. She, of course, accepts.

Back at work, the product relaunch goes ahead as both Hyun-Seung and Song-A are congratulated by Jae-Shin. Awkwardly the team ask what happened during their all-nighter but it’s quickly steered back to business by Jae-Shin. He wants a volunteer for a product suggestion, and this time it falls to Hyun-Seung to recommend.

The rest of the team are distracted by news breaking about Hyo-Joo and Jae-Shin getting engaged. Jae-Sin is not happy and has the article deleted. Speaking to Jae-Woon, he admits that he’s not comfortable about the news breaking just yet, but greets the team personally and tells them all about the wedding. Everyone gives him a round of applause, as Song-A remains stoic but bows respectfully all the same.

That evening at work, Hyun-Seung tries to come up with a new product idea with his teammates. Eventually they decide upon a disposable container that mixes the top and bottom layer when twisted. He asks Song-A for advice before checking up on how she’s feeling about the big news. He’s obviously concerned over the article but she tells him she’s okay.

The weekend rolls round and things are awkward between Song-A and Hyun-Seung. Well, that’s only made worse by Ga-Young, who spies Hyun-Seung across the road while she’s out shopping with Song-A. She invites him along to lunch and then bails on the pair, clearly trying to hook them up together.

After lunch, Song-A and Hyun-Seung spot Manager Kang in the street and rush away together, laughing and confused over exactly why they were running to begin with.

When they both catch their breath, Hyun-Seung apologizes for being greedy and wanting to be her boyfriend. He wants to keep seeing her, just as they are now, and promises to maintain his distance.

Hyo-Joo meets with her Father who questions her choice in seeing Jae-Shin. He tells her there are much better men out there but she refuses to look beyond this manager. She admits that Jae-Shin was there for her when she was in need and because of that, she’s sticking with him. When she returns home, she speaks to her brother about the article.

Jae-Shin heads out on a date with Hyo-Joo but receives a call from an unknown number. Well, actually it’s from his gambling Father but he intentionally ignores it. Elsewhere, Jae-Woon bumps into Ji-Seung and he takes her out to the a restaurant. There, he hands over a gift which happens to be the relaunched lipstick from before. She asks for his business card, deciding to make their date formal next time.

Jae-Shin heads back to visit his Father, arriving at the man’s small apartment. Jae-Shin outright asks how much he wants, and decides to sever blood ties with his Father for good. He transfers 30 million won…prompting Jae-Shin to quickly transfer it and leave. From this moment forward, Jae-Shin has no Father.

At work the next day, Hyo-Joo and Hyun-Seung wind up sharing an elevator together. As they arrive at the tenth floor, she notices Song-A and Jae-Shin together. In order to save her from this embarrassment, Hyun-Seung holds Song-A’s hand and walks away.

The Episode Review

She Would Never Know returns this week with a slightly slower episode as we see the contrasting fortunes of Jae-Shin and Song-A. While Hyun-Seung and Song-A continue to dance around their feelings, Jae-Shin has decided to fully embrace his wedding to Hyo-Joo and sever ties with his own family to make things official.

It’s clear that Song-A has feelings for Hyun-Seung though but whether that actually translates across into genuine affection or if it’s just a rebound fling after having her heart broken is left up for debate.

While slower than last week’s segment, She Would Never Know continues to deliver a pretty good drama, leaving the door open for the future episodes.

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