She Would Never Know – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Europe Project

Episode 5 of She Would Never Know begins with Song-A walking away from Hyun-Seung at the club and heading out for some air. Hyun-Seung follows though, eventually leading to Song-A’s friend, Ga-Young, allowing him to join them on their night out. As they do, Hyun-Seung claims that Song-A is a real troublemaker as Ga-Young and Hyun-Seung start to get to know each other.

During the weekend, a giddy Hyun-Seung is full of energy after playing tennis with his sisters. There, the discussion turns to Ji-Seung as Yeong-Seung tries to match her up with the chef. However, things quickly turn heated as she questions Ji-Seung about her life choices.

At work, Hae-Shin and Jae-Woon discuss the former’s promotion prospects as Song-A and Hyun-Seung get in the lift at the same time. It’s incredibly tense, especially when Jae-Woon sets up a lunch with Song-A to discuss the work project further.

There, Jae-Woon mentions how Jae-Shin has been complementing her for a while. Well, the attention soon turns to The Europe Project, an incentive designed to push the cosmetics team abroad, and he wants Song-A there. Well, it turns out Jae-Shin is actually in charge of this who project. Jae-Woon quickly leaves though when he receives a message informing him Hyun-Seung’s sister has arrived.

As he heads down and tries to be suave, Ji-Seung doesn’t remember who he is. At least not initially anyway. As they talk, he drops a hint about divorce and Ji-Seung tells him she doesn’t need one… because she’s broken off her engagement. Jae-Woon pumps the air in triumph before saying the same, leaving her to wonder quite what his game is.

When he leaves, Song-A realizes that this trip to Europe would have been the excuse Jae-Shin needed to marry her and keep both relationships going. He could marry Song-A away from his current ties to Hyo-Joo, who’s understandably not unhappy and eventually leaves him.

As she does, Hyun-Seung spots Song-A in the street and hurries over, asking to walk with her. Together, they head into the cosmetic store where he takes some crucial tips and hints, playing up that teacher/student role to keep things professional.

During a team meeting, Jae-Shin wants to move Hyun-Seung to a different department but Song-A fights against it. On the back of this, Hyun-Seung is paired up with someone else instead. This makes things a little awkward when Hyun-Seung is paired up with assistant manager Kang Soo-Mi, whom he calls senior.

After work, Song-A apologizes for her hand in dragging Hyun-Seung into the midst of her relationship woes. He smiles though, telling her it’s okay.

Hyun-Seung and Soo-Mi head out together and do the rounds as Hyun-Seung is taken along to see the ground level workers for their cosmetic company. Hyun-Seung is certainly unprepared and he eventually winds up taking some paper to jot down notes. Just before he does though, a whole flock of ladies arrive and marvel at his good looks, encouraging Hyun-Seung to tag along to their get together that evening.

Back at the bridal shop, Ji-Seung runs into problems with Hyo-Joo who’s not happy about her dress and the appointment being postponed. She immediately heads over to see Jae-Shin that evening. She admits that she loves him more but reminds him that it isn’t a weakness. In fact, she promises not to let him walk over her.

Meanwhile, Yeon-Seung continues to play matchmaker, trying to pair up Chef Ryu with her sister. His comments about beauty get her thinking she’s talking about her and she smiles dreamily. That is, until little Ha-Eun outright admits that she’s not. Well, back home Hyun-Seung calls his nephew pretty as she senses that he’s been dumped, explaining away his glum mood.

That evening, Hyun-Seung wind up going out with the Gangnam Sales Team for late night drinks and karaoke. As he downs alcohol, he takes some time to think back over Jae-Shin’s words, confirming that Song-A is being relocated to Europe for the upcoming cosmetic project.

Mulling over these words, Hyun-Seung heads out the karaoke bar where he runs into Song-A. She’s certainly bemused to see him as he staggers up to her in his drunken state. As he points awkwardly, he falls asleep on her shoulder.

The Episode Review

She Would Never Know returns this week with another lovely dose of drama as Hyun-Seung and Song-A start to grow ever-closer together. The former is obviously very much in love with his senior and has been for a while. Her rejection certainly hasn’t deterred her though and instead, is seeing her grow more fond of him over time.

Their smiling and joking together at work is a nicer inclusion while Hyun-Seung being moved to a different team is the perfect way to add another dimension to their relationship as Song-A realizes she misses her interactions with him.

That’s before mentioning the subplots too which continues to bubble up nicely, with Jae-Woon liking Hyun-Seung’s sister.

So far the show has done a good job building everything up, leaving the door wide open for the future episodes to come.

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