She Would Never Know – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Fake Boyfriend

Episode 4 of She Would Never Know returns to Song-A holding Hyun-Seung’s hand as Jae-Shin stares him down. Song-A finally steps up and admits she likes Hyun-Seung and that her thoughts on him have changed. She’s done talking, and tells Jae-Shin to leave. As they head inside, Hyun-Seung tells Song-A that Lee has gone.

After an eventful night, Hyun-Seung and Song-A head out in the morning where the former gets her colleague a coffee. She apologizes for her conflicting actions and words, as Hyun-Seung smiles and tells his senior to trust her boyfriend. Her fake boyfriend of course. He continues to goof around though, making his senior smile as they head to work together.

Well, Jae-Shin makes things difficult for Hyun-Seung, putting him on the spot at work by asking him questions he doesn’t have the answers for. Jae-Shin continues, asking about the new product launch and why he hasn’t followed suit with the others and tested the product on his face. It’s obvious all of this hostility has stemmed from the previous night, as Hyun-Seung apologizes. Song-A however, plays him at his own game and promises to keep Hyun-Seung close as his trainer.

Alone after the team meeting, Jae-Shin and Song-A talk, where the latter eventually breaks up with her boss officially. Jae-Shin loses his composure and asks just what she sees in Hyun-Seung. Unwilling to discuss this with Jae-Shin right now, she walks away.

After work she receives a message from Jae-Shin  asking to meet. Instead, Song-A requests a dinner date with Hyun-Seung in front of her boss. At dinner, Hyun-Seung jokes and warns Song-A that if they keep spending time together then she’ll fall for him.

After dinner, they head back to the office where Hyun-Seung continues to try and make her laugh, wearing a cute headband and testing the products on his face and hands. Afterwards, they discuss the informal and formal language barriers they have, with Hyun-Seung calling her Soon-A rather than Senior Yoon. It’s a lovely bit of dialogue, one that really showcases their great chemistry together.

Meanwhile, Yeon-Seung tries to pair up her sister Ji-Seung with the dashing chef Ryu. However, given it’s Woo-Hyun’s best friend, he has doubts. At the same time, Jae-Woon heads out and livens the place up with his friends. Only, over by the bar is Jae-Shin, drowning his sorrows in alcohol.

As Jae-Woon heads over to see him, things take a turn for the worst when a businessman arrives and berates Jae-Shin, claiming he’s leeching off his friend. Eventually this leads to Jae-Shin snapping, grabbing the man by the throat and threatening him.

As Jae-Shin heads home, we cut back in time to see him as a student, He’s grabbed round the throat by a man who was conned by his father. Despite Jae-Shin being a top student, this man is taking his anger out on him. Well, he and Jae-Woon make a deal to pay off their Father’s debt that day but it also means being indebted to Jae-Woon the whole time.

At work, Jae-Shin promises Hyun-Seung that this isn’t the end, believing that Song-A will get back to him. As Hyun-Seung steps forward, he tells his boss he’s going to do his best to protect her. When Song-A shows though, she immediately suspects something is up given the tension in the air.

She drops it for now, as Hyun-Seung continues to wind Song-A up. This spills over to the workplace too, as General Manager Yoo notices him and Song-A flirting. This, coupled with their late night talking, gets her thinking there’s something going on between them.

That evening at dinner, she sticks up for Hyun-Seung when her colleagues try to pair him up. Well, that soon comes to an abrupt end when they all believe he has a girlfriend. In fact, he outright mentions how it’s one-sided love. As their colleagues continue to hound him over who the mystery person in the office is, Song-A plays dumb too and asks Hyun-Seung quite who it could be. Thankfully they manage to evade the questions and keep their fake relationship a secret.

Throwing a curveball in this though is Jae-Shin, who eventually sees Song-A while she’s on a work assignment. Alone, he asks her to marry him. And now, finally, the truth about his wedding is revealed and everything comes out in the open.

Jae-Shin outright asks why she didn’t come to him first, as she slaps him across the face in frustration. Jae-Shin grabs her wrist, prompting Hyun-Seung to show up and pulls him off. Eventually this ends in a fist fight as both men fight across the floor.

It’s obviously incredibly unprofessional, but ends with Jae-Shin sporting a bloodied lip and gritting his teeth in anger. There’s undoubtedly going to be some serious consequences for Hyun-Seung after this.

Jae-Shin has his pictures taken with Hyo-Joo not long after but he’s wearing a thick layer of make-up to hide the nasty bruise across his cheek. As he wipes the make-up off alone, he deliberates over what Song-A told him and tries to make a decision over the future.

After letting this tension simmer over for the weekend, Hyun-Seung calls Song-A and tries to converse with her. Only, she’s heading out on a big night with her friend, who takes her to a nightclub to try and relieve some stress.

Hyun-Seung notices his senior heading in to the club and dancing. He spies her from across the dancefloor and watches as she lets her hair down and has a good time. Eventually Hyun-Seung approaches her, arms folded while stopping a random boy from dancing with her. As the lights come back on and confetti falls, Song-A turns and sees him, As they stare at one another, he tentatively removes a piece of confetti from her hair.

The Episode Review

This is the episode that changes things. Not just plot-wise but also for the chemistry between Hyun-Seung and Song-A which is excellent throughout. Their moments applying make-up and in the car felt so natural and real, with a lovely hint of comedy bouncing in to this otherwise melodramatic affair.

Jae-Shin’s character is equally as well written too, with his own issues surrounding Song-A and caught within the chairman’s grasp of course. While the initial issues with Hyun-Seung falling so hard for Song-A felt a little too brash, here it’s a lot more natural and the drama is all the stronger for it.

In fact, the chemistry between the actors is partly why this drama is working now and after a relatively rocky start, could well be the perfect melodrama to kick back with once Run On finishes this week. This is definitely one to watch going forward and it’ll be intriguing to see where this goes next.

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