She Would Never Know – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Past Wounds

Episode 3 of She Would Never Know begins with Song-A rejecting Hyun-Seung’s offer to date, walking away and telling him to mind his own business. Song-A tries her best to avoid Hyun-Seung at work, but he continues to press her and ask what she’s going to do about her situation.

Well, after several different scenarios play out in her head she decides to do nothing. Hyun-Seung takes that as a sign to begin chipping away at her defences, as the group prepare for a work trip consultation. On the road, Hyun-Seung stirs up trouble by casually mentioning Song-A’s anniversary trip. She’s obviously not happy and confronts him while they’re alone about this. He remains confident that she’ll come around to his way of thinking soon.

At the same time, Hyun-Seung tasks his sister to ring Hyo-Joo. Well, she leaves a message telling her to contact Hera as soon as she can. Before she can do that, Min-Sung shows up and immediately berates her for her taste in men. Well, Hyo-joo quickly throws a drink in her face and walks away.

After a presentation in front of everyone, Hyun-Seung is congratulated by his peers. They sense tensions between Song-A and Hyun-Seung though but the two keep it together until they’re alone. There, Hyun-Seung decides to play hard-to-get and watches as Song-A walks away.

We then cut back 2 years ago as we see Song-A at the office after-hours. Jae-Shin asked his brother Jae-Woon for money, promising to pay him back. However, Jae-Woon is frustrated about their familial problems and after taking the envelope of money, looks in Song-A’s direction and the pair lock eyes. She quickly hurries away.

This starts their attraction as Director Lee continues to look at Song-A the next day at work. Alone in the elevator together, Jae-Shin admits to what happened and tells her he doesn’t care if she starts spreading rumours. Well, she decides not to and this is what starts their dating.

Back in the present, Hyun-Seung follows Song-A after all but she’s in no mood for his tomfoolery and tells him to stop getting involved. Hyun-Seung claims to have gone through the same thing she has but it ended in him being dumped. He knows how she feels right now. While they talk, up in the hotel room their colleagues happen to be watching.

Meanwhile, Jae-Woon happens to be playing tennis but spots Ji-Seung from across the court. Only, she’s there with little Ha-Eun. He mnanages to find the girl alone and asks her whether Ji-Seung is her Mum. Well, she shouts Mummy and rushes over, as Jae-Woon scampers away as quick as he can.

The consultation ends and Hyun-Seung offers to drive Song-A home. On the way, she receives a message from Jae-Shin asking to meet. Well, he’s currently out with his brother who’s still not happy about the situation with Ji-Seung.

Given her lack of a reply, work the next day sees Jae-Shin meet at their usual spot…but Song-A doesn’t show. However, she alaso forgets about a product movement but thankfully Hyun-Seung covers for her. She meets him after and thanks him for helping. He then asks outright whether she wants him to stop interfering from now on.

Well, she makes her decision on the back of Hyun-Seung’s story and decides to see him after all, asking him out for dinner that night. There, the pair get their differences out and apologize for what happened and the way they talked to one another. After getting some food, they discuss Hyun-Seung’s past and how his girlfriend chose someone to share her pain with.

Meanwhile, Jae-Shin and Jae-Woon are called to their Grandfather’s place. Only, it’s just Jae-Woon who’s invited inside. Jae-Shin is forced to wait his turn. While he sits outside, his Grandfather eventually shows up and expresses his disappointment in Jae-Shin. At the same time, Hyun-Seung and Song-A also badmouth the Director and discuss how she was conned.

Jae-Shin drives home while Song-A and Hyun-Seung leave the restaurant and continue to talk. She admits she can’t give him anything and he promises to respect her wishes…to an extent. He tells Song-A that he’s still going to protect her.

As he walks away, Song-A rings Jae-Shin and tells him she wants to stop seeing him. She even tells him he disgusts her. Only… it turns out he was actually in a car nearby. He hurries over and tells her to repeat what she’s just said.

Instead of telling him the truth, Song-A instead tells him that she doesn’t like him and tries to walk away. Only, Hyun-Seung suddenly comes back on the scene and tells Jae-Shin to stop. In this situation, Hyun-Seung and Song-A decide to play up the façade of them being together as she reaches out and holds his hand.

The Episode Review

She Would Never Know returns this week with another episode that sees Hyun-Seung chipping away at Song-A’s defences and relentlessly trying to date her. While his past story hints that he’s experienced the same thing she’s currently going through, we know that the story is far more complicated than that.

Jae-Shin obviously should have told the truth to Song-A before dating her and that certainly puts him in a bad light. At the same time, he’s stuck in a toxic relationship he’s not happy with and has genuine feelings for Song-A. Meanwhile, Hyun-Seung liking Song-A for all this time sees him jump at her right at the opportune moment with his ploy of feigning a relationship that he secretly actually wants.

The ending to this one throws in a misunderstanding trope as Song-A decides against confronting Jae-Shin about his future wife. She could so easily have asked him about that but instead it appears we’re preparing for a tug-of-war love triangle as Hyun-Seung and Lee Jae-Shin battle it out for Song-A’s affection.

With a little more comedy this time around, She Would Never Know certainly does well to lighten the mood but the romantic drama is still very much the center focus. Right now though there isn’t a whole lot to cling to but thankfully the acting is excellent all round, which is enough to stick with this one for the time being.

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