Sexify – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Launch & its Unexpected Problems

Episode 1 of Sexify season 2 starts with pulsating music in what seems like a temple. In the middle is a naked man posing, and people are trying to paint him. Paulina finds herself sexually fascinated by the naked young man.

Elsewhere, Adam and Natalia are making out, and Natalia is hoping to take their relationship to the next step. However, Adam is experiencing erectile dysfunction which frustrates Natalia.

Monika, Natalia, and Paulina, simultaneously resort to self-pleasuring themselves to experience orgasm. Before Adam leaves, he surprisingly finds Natalia using a toy to achieve her orgasm.

Monika is invited to a show as the CEO of Sexify App. She is there to market their app and its upcoming launch. On the talk show, she denies having help from her resourceful father and asserts her independence. Next to her is Young Juvenile, a celebrated Poland hip-hop star. Immediately after the show, Young Juvenile follows Monika, flirting with her. She ends up sleeping with him.

Meanwhile, Paulina is trying to find an outfit for the launch. Adam seems bothered about his sexual performance and feels it’s right for him to exercise more. His friend Maciek invites him to participate in ice hockey. On the other hand, Natalia is deeply immersed in working on the App, ensuring all is set for the big day.

Since Monika is with Young Juvenile, she can’t make it to pick the cake for the launch. She, therefore, sends Paulina to pick up the cake.

On the launch day, Mr Nowicki shows up and feels so proud of his daughter. The place is buzzing with activities, and Natalia is set for the launch. Noticeably, Adam is missing from the launch party.

Unfortunately, the launch doesn’t go as smoothly as they hoped. There is a blackout seconds before the launch and Paulina picks the wrong cake from the bakery. The entire launch is a failure.

The girls realize that being businesswomen is not about making and paying bills. They will need more money to run a company, especially a start-up. At the moment,  they need approximately half a million. They need to find a sponsor/ a rich business partner or give up entirely on the App. The first suggestion is for Monika to swallow her ego and ask for help from her father, but she refuses.

Adam arrives late and tries to ask about the launch, only to learn it failed. Monika reviews her interview on the talk show. She clearly stated that she doesn’t depend on her father. Now, how will she approach him? Her next move is to convince Young Juvenile to partner in the business, but the hip-hop artist is not interested. He wants is a wife, which Monika isn’t ready to be.

Mrs Debska approaches the girls for financing, but they must convince her and the bank why their project is worth it. The business mogul asks the girl their strategy to reach about 1 million users within a year.

Paulina comes up with the idea that they’ll expand the app to also cater to men to reach the target. Mrs Debska is convinced but gives them a tight deadline. They have four weeks to expand the App, which is quite hectic!

The Episode Review

Sexify project has already caused enough trouble for Monika, Paulina, and Natalia. Every move seems like it’s going to work, but in the end, something terrible happens.

However, giving up isn’t something that these three girls are ready to consider. They’re determined to work and ensure their project is successful. Let us see how it will go this season.

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