Sexify – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Lies  & Hard Decisions

Episode 2 of Sexify season 2 starts with Monika at Sexify, with a crowd cheering that the project is back. The girls think that creating an app for men may be simpler than Sexify because men are easy to approach.

Elsewhere, Adam is buying oysters, thinking that they work as an aphrodisiac for men. He plans to prepare dinner, but unfortunately, Natalia won’t be available since she has a lot to handle.

At Sexify, Monika introduces Maks Oleksiak to Natalia, informing her that he’s there to watch them work and help them run the business successfully. There is also a Sexify photoshoot going on, and the team seems happy, except for Monika, Natalia, and Paulina. To work on the app, they need to create questionnaires for men; in this case, they only have Adam. But they need a large group of men for research.

Paulina has an idea about where to get many men gathered in one place in a short time. She takes Natalia with her to the army camp. She and Natalia try to convince the captain to let them interview the soldiers. Unfortunately, the captain isn’t buying their concept and feels it’s embarrassing to the army.

At the office, Maks thinks Sexify has redundant positions, and they need to cut back their cost. Malgorzata’s money has to be used properly, which is why Maks suggests they fire the workers they dont need. Maks and Monika interview the workers and fire as many as necessary. Monika tries to complain but Mrs Debska advises her to utilize Maks’ knowledge and experience to improve their working condition instead of whining.

At the barracks, the captain is about to dismiss Paulina and Natalia from the base, Mariusz’s father appears and helps them to fill out the questionnaires. The military men seem excited about the questions and are not problematic in answering about their sex lives. All men interviewed appear to have perfect sex lives, making it hard to pinpoint issues that can be improved by the app.

At home, Adam has prepared a sumptuous oyster meal and invites Natalia. Unfortunately, she can’t make it. He decides to enjoy the meal while googling about the causes of erectile dysfunction but ends up getting concerning results.

Natalia and Paulina are offered a ride to the woods by the army. In the woods, one of the men tries to seduce Paulina, which she declines.

He confesses to watching pornography at least three times a day. More so, he doesn’t have a great sex life as he had earlier claimed, making Paulina wonder if other military men lied too. She realizes that men are scared to talk about their sexual problems.

At Sexify, Maks suggests that  Paulina should get fired and argues that her position is redundant to the company. Monika decides to give up her hotel and live in the office to save money and keep Paulina.

The Episode Review

I am not surprised that the military men lied about their sexual experiences. I am more surprised that Natalia and Paulina actually believed all those long tales.

I think Monika did the right thing by choosing to keep Paulina, she has her moments and everyone is just trying to find their place in the new company.

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