Sengoku Youko – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Sengoku Youko Episode 2 begins with Jinka attacking the Katawara with gigantic hands before carrying the monks and fleeing. The group reunites, and it is revealed that Jinka is the apprentice of Kokuhetsusai.

The monk reveals that the Shakugan was a result of a failed experiment they had conducted to create a super soldier at Dangaisyuu main temple. They reveal that it killed off her entire village, most likely due to prejudice and mistreatment. This angers Shinsuke, but Tama intervenes and claims they will handle the situation.

Jinka and Tama perform the ritual, allowing him to transform. Just then, the Shakugan appears out of nowhere. Jinka attacks it but isn’t able to deal sufficient damage. The Shakugan tosses Jinka in the air and charges up to attack him. Jinka retaliates with the arm, punching straight through the beam and onto the Shakugan.

After the dust settles, they find a young girl lying unconscious on the ground. The monks intend to take the girl with them, but Shinsuke opposes it. Jinka expresses his desire to punish the Dangaisyuu for their deeds and promises to come to the temple soon.

The girl wakes up with Jinka, Tama, and Shinsuke around her. She narrates how she was sold by her father to the strange man. They tell her about the recent happenings. The scene switches to Shinsuke chopping wood to pay for their lodging, and a flashback of Shakugan plays.

Shinsuke questions Jinka about why he is trying to help Shakugan despite her being a human. He expresses his intentions to exterminate the Dangaisyuu as they are mere humans hunting Katawara. Tama insists that he only tries to scare them.

Jinka and Tama perform the ritual once again, and this time Jinka takes more time. Jinka arrives at the temple to find 300 armed monks awaiting his arrival.

The battle begins, and the monks charge at Jinka, only to have him disappear at the last moment. He stands above the roof, raining massive punches from above. One of the monks shoots him with a matchlock gun. Jinka jumps to strike the Dangaisyuu but gets hit with an attack from them at the end of Sengoku Youko Episode 2.

The Episode Review

Sengoku Youko Episode 2 starts on an exciting note with the ongoing battle between Jinka and Shakugan. The action sequences in this series seem to be fairly brief and to the point. The action sequences in this episode rationalize the strength of Jinka, as previous episodes displayed him as overpowered.

Unfortunately, it appears that Shinsuke has not made any progress in his fighting skills, but has opened up significantly more during this episode. Jinka’s transformation ritual with Tama has been kept a secret, but it hints at something very special or meaningful going on there.

The chapter marks the beginning of a fight between Jinka and the monks. Things don’t seem to be going Jinka’s way, given there are 300 monks in total. However, he is still off to a relatively good start. What new tricks up their sleeves either party reveals in the next episode will be an interesting watch.

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