Sengoku Youko – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

We Are Those Who Lament This Barbaric Age

Sengoku Youko Episode 1 begins with Shinsuke hiding in the bushes, preparing to strike three armed men. Just then, Tama and Jinka appear. Jinka teaches the three a lesson with his punching paper slips. Tama, however, is upset as they are now unconscious and cannot help with the way.

Tama senses someone hiding in the bushes and catches Shinsuke. Shinsuke has many questions about them, but they refuse to answer. He makes a deal that he knows where the leader is hiding and agrees to take them there if they tell him more about themselves.

Shinsuke takes them to a hiding spot where they can see the leader. Unfortunately, the leader spots their quarrelling, revealing their position. Tama tries to talk peacefully to the leader but is not successful in convincing them. The humans begin to attack them, and it turns into an all-out battle.

Shinsuke successfully splits a person’s head in half and then goes straight for the leader. Two arms and a head pop out of the leader’s helmet, identified as a Katawara. Tama and Jinka perform a ritual involving a spirit transformation, enabling Jinka to fight more efficiently. Jinka cuts through the helmet, releasing the Katawara. Tama reveals that she likes humans and hence fights for them.

Following that, Shinsuke follows Tama and Jinka into a monastery. A man tells the monks about a huge man-eating Katawara that killed Sairen. The monks seek to avenge their fellow monk by fighting the Katawara.

Later at night, Shinsuke sneaks out to practice his sword strikes. Later, Tama and Jinka spook him and push him into a well. The next morning, Shinsuke wakes up to realize everyone has already left to fight the Katawara. He finds Jinka and the monks debating how to deal with the Katawara. Tama then tries to reason with the monks.

Just then, the Kawa shows up from behind Shinsuke. The monks kick Shinsuke away and use their magic to tie up the Katawara. However, the Katawara breaks free and attacks the monks. Tama instructs Jinka to help them, and he steps in. Jinka uses the same technique, using the slips to rain humongous hands on the Katawara at the end of Sengoku Youko Episode 1.

The Episode Review

Sengoku Youko Episode 1 sets the anime off to an intriguing start as it introduces the main characters and also demonstrates the world the anime is set. It introduces the main characters Shinsuke, Tama, and Jinka. The anime is set in a place where the world is split into two: Humans and Monsters called Katawara.

Tama is a Youko, which is a fox spirit and aims to fight all kinds of evil. Jinka is a human; however, he despises his own kind. Shinsuke is a cowardly swordsman who accidentally joins the party.

The episode also features a short action sequence and shows off a decent amount of their animation style. Overall, it is very gripping and entertaining. The characters still need a lot more room to grow and cement, which is understandable considering it is the first episode. The flow of the storyline is at times distorted, and inadequate context makes it tougher to navigate through.


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