Sengoku Youko – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Year Seven of the Eiroku Period

Sengoku Youko Episode 3 begins with Jinka surviving a massive blast from the monks. He strikes back with massive fists and claims victory. Tama senses that he has cleared the temple and has entered the woods.

On his way, Jinka comes across a strange man, but a spiritually enhanced Monk shows up, and they begin to brawl. Jinka defeats the monk and sees another monk who discourages him. He continues his way to the Dangaisyuu.

As he approaches the building to strike, the building begins to levitate, and a huge arm delivers a massive punch to him. Tama’s hair color changes back to normal, signalling that something is wrong.

Just then, another spiritually enhanced human shows up and transforms to kill them. Shinsuke pleads with the monk to distract him but it isn’t of any use. Just then, Shakugan’s arm transforms, and she punches the monk away. She also regains her memories, which terrifies her, and she begins to run.

The scene switches to a flashback of Jinka and his katawara friend. His Katawara friend hides him as the humans are chasing him, and later that night Jinka finds his friend dead. He kills one of the samurai who was lying injured near his friend. Jinka regains consciousness and realizes it was only a dream.

He sees a shikigami made of cloth floating and has a conversation with him. The shinigami reveals that he is Yazen and claims to be the man he saw in the forest earlier. He also threatens to send assassins to kill Jinka.

Shinsuke searches for Shakugan to console her, but she isn’t able to forgive herself. The ground below Shinsuke gives way, and he is left hanging from the cliff. He falls off but lands on a bush and gets saved. He continues to look for Shakugan and runs into Tama. She begins to understand his concern, and the two look for her together.

While running, Shakugan runs into Jinka and is followed by Shinsuke and Tama. The whole group reunites. Shinsuke convinces Shakugan that she is weak and that it isn’t her fault for wanting power. The fact that she is crying after getting power proves she is still human. He successfully convinces her that it wasn’t her fault.

Tama requests Jinka to protect all three of them for the rest of the journey at the end of Sengoku Youko Episode 3.

The Episode Review

Sengoku Youko Episode 3 continues with Jinka’s attack on the temple as he makes his way to the Dangaisyuu, unfolding into a terrific action sequence. Unfortunately, Jinka finally meets his match when he attacks the Dangaisyuu. However, we cannot take this at face value as he was already quite drained of spiritual energy before encountering the Dangaisyuu.

The episode presents a supernatural scenario and walks us through evaluating the morals in that situation. Shinsuke very diligently proves that when you’re weak, you always crave power. But given Shakugan’s situation, she still cried for the damage she caused when she went berserk, which proves her humanity.

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