See – Season 3 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

I See You

Episode 8 of See Season 3 begins this finale with the final fight upon us. While Maghra and the others suggest going back, Tamacti Jun points out that they’ve got the whole of Pennsa in the tunnels and fighting like this would be suicide.

Meanwhile, Ranger and Baba Voss sneak into Kane’s camp and try to find the queen. If only they had a sighted comrade by their side eh? Shame they didn’t convince Haniwa to go with them, her bow and arrow would have been mightily handy right about now.

Anyway, the pair follow their noses while Kane and Tormada use a talented woman with super hearing to learn that those inside Pennsa are using tunnels to escape. I mean, how did she know that but couldn’t figure out Baba Voss was approaching?

Anyway, bombs are flung from the trebuchets into the village, and while Kofun is separated from the group, more bombs knock him down and under a mass of rubble. Thankfully he’s okay though and not hurt.

Maghra soon comes out of hiding to try and bargain with Kane and stop the bombs. The latter taunts her sister, telling Maghra that she’ll never be Queen. Maghra attempts to dissuade her with memories of the past, calling Sibeth her sister and bringing up very specific memories from the past. She lets her guard down, and in doing so Maghra lands the killing blow, stabbing Kane in the neck.

As a result, Tormada’s troops are caught off-guard as Tamacti Jun and Maghra are joined by Baba Voss, Ranger and the others as they attack the camp. They’re hopelessly outnumbered but somehow they manage to get the upper-hand. Tormada attempts to throw a bomb on Baba Voss, after knocking him down originally, but he’s stopped and it explodes. Ranger hits the killing blow and destroys the bomb-maker with a nasty sword strike through the eye.

Baba Voss regains consciousness but he’s badly injured, with bits of metal stuck inside him. After pulling them out, he charges at the sea of soldiers before him, shirtless (which is never a good way to fight!) and tries to hold them all off. Baba Voss makes for the bombs and heads up the stockpile. Haniwa is there, piercing enemies with sharp precision from afar.

Know what he needs to do, Baba Voss sacrifices himself to save them all, exploding all the bombs and killing the soldiers in the process.

Time passes and the Pennsa folk try to get their lives back in order again. Kofun doubles down on being a father, Baba Voss’ memory still fresh and raw. As for Maghra, she’s still grief-stricken by the loss of her husband and sister.

In the wake of what’s happened, Nevla leads the Trivantian people in a council meeting and explains that the sighted are too much of a risk to them. Tamacti Jun pints out that there are 3 sighted among them who have helped swing the tide of battle here. Still, peace is blanketed over the realm but at a great cost. Sight is outlawed but Maghra refuses to allow the same in Pennsa. After an ill-advised threat from Haniwa, a treaty is signed to keep the peace.

With peace established, at least for now, Haniwa heads off with Wren while Kofun decides to blind himself in order to become the next leader of Paya after Maghra. He’s never been comfortable with his sighted gift.

Meanwhile, Wren and Haniwa are wed and in the process, the latter receives a map showing the location to one of the secret libraries, which was hinted about earlier in the season. They head out together and the pair show up at an old museum in the middle of New York, where numerous sighted are joined together. Michaela is their leader and the pair are invited in with open arms.

The Episode Review

So the final episode of See rounds everything out with a mixed bag conclusion, one that manages to give a good send-off for Baba Voss and Sibeth Kane, but also asks big questions about the wider world. There’s definitely implications here for another season to follow, or even a spin-off to explore some of these characters inside the library further, and given the popularity of this show, Apple would certainly be foolish not to pursue that. Where did all the sighted come from? What journeys have they had? And do any of them have guns?

The idea of a blind world forced back into primitive tribal warfare is a good one, but as I’ve said before, introducing guns and the sighted into this world and then conveniently forgetting about it for three seasons is all kinds of world-breaking. Even a simple explanation like “we’ve destroyed all of Jerlamarel’s guns, it’s too dangerous to keep them about” may have sufficed.

Instead, this final episode throws its own set of contrivances out. If Tormada and Kane have a super-listening agent on their side, how is it she could hear Maghra and the others underground but not Baba Voss and Ranger destroying soldiers in their own camp? These sort of plot holes hold this back from being a better watch, but regardless of that, the finale has still been a decent watch. We get a good amount of fighting to round this season out, and the conclusion with the bombs was certainly well written.

Ultimately though, See wraps things up as best it could, leaving the door open for a potential spin-off or sequel series to follow

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20 thoughts on “See – Season 3 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. Baba voss shoudnt have died the whole movie for me revolve around him,i love gim si much,finally sibbeth died,magrah too soft kofun the useless one,haniwa a lesbian hmmmmmm,not good for a great man family

  2. Kofun has been a dumb ass the whole show, no surprise there. The agent did hear the two running threw the camp, the people commenting about that need to rewatch the episode. Although it was after she was done focusing on Pennsa. Baba Voss died in the way he knew best, with honor! Get over yourselves people, it was a good show. Why on earth would you watch three seasons if you thought it wasn’t! Shut dafuq up!

  3. I could never understand how blind people could fight each other with weapons and with such accuracy at hitting each other. I would expect more wild swingings and misses. This is one big hole in the entire plot.

  4. SEE is not SEE without BABA VOSS.
    If y’all thinking of continuing the movie or doing a spinoff, y’all better resurrect BABA VOSS one way or the other because he’s the reason I watched the show. 🥺

  5. I feel Baba Boss killing himself just wipe out those bombs was ridiculous, the captains of that camp were dead , it’s safe to say it was a battle that was areas won, Haniwa could have used her arrow to destroy the bombs. Kofun thinking of blinding himself it’s just a foolish thing to do. Without Baba Voss there’s no SEE

  6. Baba Vas was a great character and Killing him with a “great sacrifice” seemed like the right choice. The ending seemed a little too idealistic but other than that, it was a good show.

  7. Baba Voss is definitely the best character in this series a true warrior and a beast with Good Morals and insight his heart is pure and a Great killing machine his sighted children lack Maturity and making right decisions Magha was too soft on her sister and Kane should have been dealt with long time before the future should not be about guns and weapons mankind’s downfall

  8. Kofun might be Brash but he’s loyal and has a Good Heart like Baba Voss he never turned on his foster parent the man that raised him I can believe he would Blind himself he seems to have ideals that mirror Baba Voss

  9. I don’t believe he blinded himself at all. It would take much longer to blind oneself. Plus, what if he had more kids? He spent 17 years pretending to be blind, he’s just going back to that so they trust him as leader.

  10. Yeah i think the finale was wow,though for kofun blinding himself he wasnt thinking straight.for library i saw guns which means apple tv should or are planning something big not to end this series in s3?

  11. There were 3 bombs piles, Baba destroyed 1. In fact just one crater is left. What about the other 2 bomb piles?
    Also. Why are the payan singing a song about Jerusalem? How could they know about it? They never mentioned to be christians or jews or any other specific god before.

  12. Whole message of this show was not to judge others. Two blind people from different clans raise to kids who can see. Instead of ending wrapping up the right way. The writers take away all meaning of the show which I loved and end with making guns in one most historical educational institutions of all time. That basically saying to future generations you get ridiculed for your differences rise up and kill everyone. Thank you for ruining what could have been a great conclusion and nana death was beyond ridiculous.

  13. There were guns on the table in the library with people working on them.
    The whole premise of this show was ridiculous from the start. I was never able to do the usual “suspension of disbelief” and go along with the story…and I usually have no problem. But this? Nope.
    The kid deciding to lose his sight to…be like the others? Even moreso.

    Overall, I don’t understand how this premise and albeit well done show made it three seasons?
    I guess there is no accounting for taste.

  14. Okay so you sacrifice your self to blow up these bombs when you already have probably 4 of the main captains dead. And you could have stopped the battle or killed them. Why would you kill your self when ultimately you didn’t have to. How in the heck did you hear people underground but not in your camp. Idk Baba got killed off, Tofu is gonna make himself blind and have to learn all those senses again. I like the show but really without Baba cutting dudes heads off what’s there to watch anymore?

  15. Smh so you blind yourself to fit in soooooo effin dumb you will never completely experience someone else world. Very ridiculous

  16. I never wanted Tormada to die like the way he did… I wish Baba Voss t have got him and inhumanly finished him.

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