See Season 3 Review – A mediocre end to this underwhelming post-apocalyptic world

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Episode 1 – | Review Score – 3/5
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AppleTV’s See has always been something of an enigma. On the one hand, there’s a gorgeous world with an interesting premise here, dotted with characters that have a fair amount of depth to them.

At the same time, See also comes with a heck of a lot of baggage. An annoying antagonist past their sell-by date, a flawed narrative and some world-breaking logic that holds this back from being a better post-apocalyptic tale. It’s certainly watchable but as this third season demonstrates, it’s also not without its problems.

Billed as the “final season” by Apple, Jason Momoa returns to bow out these final 8 episodes on a high, although in reality this season just about hits the heights of mediocrity.

While the second season focused on Baba Voss trying to thwart off his brother, the third turns its attention to bomb-maker Tormada. This warmongering General organizes a coup and decides to go after Pennsa and Baba Voss, intent on levelling their city to the ground and taking over. Of course, that’s less than ideal and these explosives make for a formidable enemy unto itself.

Most of this third season splits its focus between the same characters we’ve come to know over the past seasons, with Baba Voss off on his own in the wilderness following his departure last season. He does become more of a focal point during the middle of the season though, but he’s largely separate to most of the action.

Instead, the drama inside PennsA falls to Maghra, who does her best to juggle the day to day politics of the town whilst keeping everyone happy. Predictably, she’s not doing a great job of it.

Most of the meddlesome drama stems from Sibeth Kane who’s unfortunately still knocking about here, linking back to that earlier mention of an overplayed antagonist past their sell-by date.

In fact, as the season progresses she becomes far more prominent in the story to the point where the writers actually include a whole episode of her wandering about from place to place. I won’t spoil the outcome of what happens here but I will say that she’s a big part of the final episode.

They say an ending can make or break the show and in many ways the finale exemplifies the best and worst parts of See. There’s a lot of great action and slick cinematography but at the same time some sloppy storytelling and massive logical jumps that will have you scratching your head in disbelief.

I’ve said this before but See really jumped the gun back in season 1 by introducing sighted characters who have guns at their disposal. With everyone else using primitive weapons, it seemed ludicrous that guns have not been mentioned again since that point, and it completely destroys the immersion one has in this world.

And that stretches to season 3 as well, where characters like Haniwa are relegated to background players with little in the way of an interesting arc, and whose sight is only used when the plot calls for it.

This basically sums up See to a, well, tee. A show with a lot of potential and an interesting world that struggles to actually fulfil that promise. Instead, See bows out not with a roar but more of a blind whimper; a final hoorah that’s less celebration and more an indifferent shrug.

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  • Verdict - 4.5/10

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