Scissor Seven – Season 4 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Saving Seven

Episode 3 of Scissor Seven Season 4 opens with Cola waking up in a hospital in Superpower Country. Dai Bo’s healing paste helps her recover quickly and he insists they leave to find him. Damned Hua hands him a token to seek help from his two guards and shows them the way through the secret tunnel. Dai Bo invites Cola to come with them to Xuanwu. 

Meanwhile, back in Shennong Country, the Prince of Stern asks the pharmacist for the Black Jade Healing Paste but is asked to identify the herbs in the decoction tea in exchange. However, he is unable to identify the herbs.

In Xuanwu Country, Dai Bo pops out of the manhole along with Xiao Fei. Ouyang sees them heading in the direction of Tianlong Tower. Dai Bo seeks help from the two guards, who send signals to the disciples and find out the latest update on Seven. A disciple informs them that he was looking for directions to the Eagle Statue via Telewhisper. After obtaining directions to the Eagle Statue, Dai Bo and Ouyang move in that direction. 

Back in Xuanwu, Thirteen begins her fight with Manjusaka and defends herself against her poison darts while dealing with her speed. Manjusaka circles the two of them, surrounding them with a toxic powder that will ultimately render them unconscious.

Just then, Xiao Fei arrives out of the sky using a poison dragon drill and blows away the powder. Dai Bo attempts to use his claws to rip Manjusaka apart. Xiao Fei takes Seven and Thirteen to safety while Dai Bo engages in combat. Manjusaka throws several poisoned flower darts at Dai Bo, but he vanishes instantly.

Xiao Fei encounters a huge chunk of land in their path. He punches it to reveal Shimen within it. Shimen unleashes heavy punches, leaving Xiao Fei unconscious before approaching the unconscious Seven. Right before Shimen can land a punch on Seven, Ouyang arrives and punches Shimen. Dai Bo arrives and gets Xiao Fei to carry him and Seven and fly away.

Shimen uses the rocks to boost him up and follow Seven, and Ouyang follows them. Right before Shimen can land his final blow, Ouyang emerges from below to break his footwear with a Soaring Thumbs Up and tickle his foot, causing him to fall to the ground. Meanwhile, Manjusaka follows the trail leading to Thirteen as she lies unconscious on the ground.

The Episode Review

Episode 3 of Scissor Seven Season 4 brings about a shift in the tone of the donghua as the scene shifts to Superpower Country’s hospital where Seven’s friends are recovering. The chapter manifests Dai Bo’s concern for Seven as he sets out with Xiao Fei to enter Xuanwu.

Xiao Fei never fails to impress with his buff gym bro body and terrific last-moment entrances. This episode brings in terrific action from Dai Bo as well as their escape from Manjusaka. Unfortunately, the bummer at the end of the episode is that Thirteen is accidentally left behind, unconscious, and at the mercy of Manjusaka. The silver lining is that Ouyang is also left behind in the vicinity and can help her.

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