Scissor Seven – Season 4 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Overnight at the Store

Episode 4 of Scissor Seven Season 4 begins at a convenience store as the Ordinary Assassin prepares food to be sold to the customer. Harukaze, a coworker steals meatballs from the food being prepared. The Ordinary Assassin hears about Seven killing Redtooth and asks Harukaze about it.

Harukaze questions Seven’s abilities claiming he’s only a hairstylist and it reminds the Ordinary Assassin about the haircut Seven gave him and the conversation they had. Just then, a kid pops in to buy Popsicles and rejects the offer to enter the lucky raffle, calling it a scam. Harukaze suddenly has intense pain in the stomach and storms home.

Just then, a robber enters the store and demands money while holding the Ordinary Assassin at gunpoint. Ordinary Assassin bursts out in flames, trying to play hero, but gets slammed flat across the ground. He questions his fate as a flashback rolls in, depicting that he always ends up getting trashed while trying to do good.

While stealing the cash, the robber orders him to wake up and make him a bowl of noodles. The Ordinary Assassin realizes he could call for help but isn’t able to as the robber has already taken the phone. The robber also mocks him for his low assassin ranking.

The robber then demands raffle tickets. Ordinary Assassin retaliates, saying he has to buy coconut juice, but ends up giving it because he is held at gunpoint. The robber makes the Ordinary Assassin scratch up all the cards for him but ends up winning nothing and calls it a scam.

The Ordinary Assassin then proceeds to make a bowl of noodles and sneak in hot sauce, intending to make him choke on it. Unfortunately, while serving it, he trips and spills it on the floor while getting some of the robber’s clothes. The robber tastes the noodles spilled on his clothes and teases him for not even putting ketchup in the noodles.

The Ordinary Assassin takes the opportunity to unmask the robber in front of the security cameras and tells him to drop the money. This angers the robber and he shoots down the cameras. The Ordinary Assassin hides and holds his head thinking of his failures and then Seven’s and many other people’s words of encouragement.

The Ordinary Assassin feels a surge of strength flowing within him and decides to take down the robber. He uses a flashlight to distract the robber and then sneaks at him from the side. The robber gets up and snatches his bag before reaching for the gun that has fallen to the floor. 

The Ordinary Assassin hops onto him and tries to armbar him, but gets bitten by the robber. He manages to stick his fingers into the robber’s nose and tug on it before getting body-slammed by the robber. The robber attempts to reach the gun, which has fallen some distance away, but the Ordinary Assassin hurls a bottle at the gun, pushing it further away toward the door. 

Just then, Harukaze returns and sees the commotion and grabs the gun at his foot. They both catch the thief and get him arrested. Harukaze questions Ordinary Assassins’ determination to do good. The next morning someone shows them a photo and they recognize the person holding the photo to be one of the seven major Shadow Assassins.

The Episode Review

Episode 4 of Scissor Seven Season 4 focuses on something completely different from the current storyline. The chapter brings us to a night at a convenience store that gets robbed. The main character of the episode is the Ordinary Assassin, who is also an acquaintance of Seven as he is their local hairstylist.

The episode is a strange detour from the consecutive sequence of action-intense and energy-packed episodes. To be honest the episode doesn’t fall in line and seems to be a temporary plot running into a dead end.

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