Scissor Seven – Season 4 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Assassinating the Leader

Episode 2 of Scissor Seven Season 4 opens with a dramatic scene of Green Phoenix walking up a long stairway to meet a messenger. The messenger questions him about the completion of the mission, but he replies it hasn’t been completed yet. Instead, he informs her that he is here to report that someone intends to assassinate the leader.

He draws out his blades confirming that he is the threat as he is aware of the leader’s weakness. Green Phoenix leaps to drive his sword into the master but is intersected by a servant. A sword fight breaks out between the two and Green Phoenix uses his skills to combat the servant’s incredible speed. 

She uses her quick speed to dodge his attacks and waste his energy. Green Phoenix jumps up to the master and reveals his new skill. The servant jumps along with him but gets left outside the barrier. Green Phoenix reveals that she is fast, but her internal force is too weak to enter the barrier.

Green Phoenix reminds the leader about a small kingdom called Green Cloud. He reminds him that it was infiltrated by the Assassination Alliance led by him and killed the king, and his family and looted the kingdom for its treasure. Green Phoenix reminds the leader about a swordsman who cut off one of his arms. He claims to be the disciple of the swordsman who knew the weakness of the leader.

Green Phoenix claims to be seeking revenge for his master, father, the king, and every one of Green Cloud’s subjects as he recalls the night of the attack and the events that unfolded. He recalls his father attempting to attack the leader of the invaders but instead getting stabbed. He also recalls his mother losing her life attempting to stop him from attacking the leader. The leader draws out his sword and swings it to strike the Green Phoenix.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 of Scissor Seven Season 4 follows Green Phoenix to the Shadow Assassins’ Headquarters as he takes on the leader of the Shadow Assassins. First up, the scene’s aesthetic is on point, made purely with the shades of blue and purple.

Before the fight against the leader Green Phoenix faces his servant. The servant utilizes her speed as her primary attribute for fighting. This allows for jaw-dropping slow-motion action clips to catch the versatile moves of the servant.

The chapter also takes us through Green Phoenix’s heartfelt past with a series of events that took place the night he lost his father and the entire kingdom. Unfortunately, the episode does not show the actual fight between Green Phoenix and the Leader as it cuts off right after the leader swings his blade. 

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