Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

She Who Is Called the Lady Saint 

Episode 4 of Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence begins with the girl who saved Cecilia from falling, arriving at the church and meeting Lawrence and Abel. The girl apologizes for breaking the door and promises to compensate Lawerence for her actions. She states she has business with Abel because he abandoned his work as a “home tutor” in his town. Abel confirms the girl’s speaking the truth as she introduces herself as Hazelita Aldridge.

Hazelita reveals she’s the one who sent Abel the letter he tried burning in the previous episode. Cecilia returns from her four-leaf clover trip and properly introduces herself to Hazelita. Hazelita didn’t expect Cecilia to be the lady saint since she was more absentminded when they met in episode three. Cecilia says she couldn’t find any clovers, but she found some flowers and wants to make a crown with them. Hazelita helps Cecilia make a crown as Abel asks her if she brought him any gifts.

Hazelita follows our protagonists to their house and admits she wanted to meet this town’s lady saint after fetching Abel. Lawrence claims catching a glimpse of a lady saint is a rarity. Cecilia discusses The Great Lady Saint with Hazelita and says she’s the most difficult one to meet since she lives on Michela Island. She says Lady Saints like herself are the easiest to meet since they blend in with the lives of ordinary people. Lawrence recalls hearing about a lady saint who resided in the town of the west–the place Hazelita and Abel come from.

Abel asks Lawrence to let Hazelita stay here for the night, and Lawrence complies. Hazelita recalls the previous time she made a flower crown for the lady saint of her town. Unfortunately, the lady saint of her town develops a severe sickness, and Hazelita urges everyone to help her. However, someone tells Hazelita that she’s foolish for thinking someone like a lady saint needs their help or can fall victim to common illnesses. Hazelita despises lady saint managers because of her experiences. She feels they’re all blinded by greed and the need for notoriety.

Lawrence visits Hazelita, and she asks him about his thoughts about Cecilia since he lives with her. Lawrence says he enjoys having someone to eat food with, shocking Hazelita. This is because previous lady saint managers used lady saints for wealth and working purposes. Lawrence assures Hazelita he treasures Cecilia greatly and wants to see her smile. Cecilia approaches Abel and asks him if he arranged for Hazelita to meet Lawrence since it has something to do with the Lady Saint of her town.

Abel asks Cecilia if she knew stories about the Lady Saint of Compassion. He reveals the people of that town treated her like she transcended humanity, leading to her dying of a disease. Abel reveals Hazelita was the Lady Saint of Compassion’s dearest friend. After enjoying dinner with Abel, Lawerence, and Cecilia, Hazelita asks Cecilia about the idea of living with a guy alone and nothing happening between them. Cecilia confirms nothing romantic happens between them, and Hazelita finds it somewhat strange.

After some banter between the four, Hazelita tells Cecilia if anything happens between her and Lawrence, to talk with her. Abel and Hazelita leave Lawrence and Cecilia for tutoring sessions. Cecilia thanks Lawrence for treating her with such care.

The following day, Abel wishes some townspeople good luck as Hazelita spies on him from afar. Hazelita tells Abel that she misunderstood Lawrence and finds he’s an exceptional worker despite being dense.

Cecilia stumbles upon a box, and Lawrence says it holds a nostalgic item inside. Cecilia shows the item to Hazelita and Abel. Abel recalls Lawrence making them for his grandfather’s event in the past and admits they aren’t adorable-looking. Cecilia vows to help Lawrence turn them into cute items that’ll make Hazelita and Abel change their views. Hazelita thinks the pair are dense and Lawrence confirms the liquid on the items is chocolate.

The episode concludes with Abel suggesting he and Hazelita leave as soon as they can. 

The Episode Review

As the previous episode inferred, we received a proper introduction to the female who saved Cecilia. Hazelita brings something fun to our group and gives us more intel into the world of Lady Saints and their managers. It’s unfortunate to learn about the Lady Saint of Compassion’s terrible fate and how it all could’ve been avoided if people treated her as a normal person. 

It’ll make viewers ponder The Great Lady Saint’s willingness to live on an island that’s difficult for humans to reach. This Lady Saint could be suffering from the same feelings Hazelita had at the start of this episode. It brings an aura of mystery to the anime, giving viewers more reasons to stick with it to see if we’ll receive information about The Great Lady Saint down the pipeline. At the same time, it was nice seeing Lawrence reassure Hazelita that not all managers think the same way.

Although he’s dense toward Cecilia’s inner affection toward him, he does his best to prevent Cecilia from feeling down. Overall, this was a comfy and informative chapter of Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence. Hazelita feels like a fine addition to our cast and we received more answers to questions previous chapters proposed to us.

Hopefully, the series continues to develop Lawrence and Cecilia’s relationship and gives us more revelations about things we know and don’t know about this anime’s universe. 

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