Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Lawrence’s Concerns

Episode 3 of Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence begins with Abel returning to Cecilia and Lawrence’s church sick after getting caught up in a thunderstorm. Cecilia promises to look after Abel. After handling his church duties for the day, he returns home to check on Cecilia and Abel and notices they’ve fallen asleep. Lawrence lies to Cecilia about the congregation being around to wake her up.

They discuss some things. Cecilia notes Lawrence’s stern behavior and wonders if he’s getting sick. Lawrence says he’s doing fine but promises he won’t be stern around Cecilia again. Cecilia heads to her room to change clothes. Abel awakens, and Lawerence questions if he is sick. The next day passes. Lawrence prepares Cecilia with many sweets, but Cecilia notices Lawrence’s acting strange.

Abel tells Cecilia that he’s suffocating from all the guilt, but Cecilia doesn’t know what Abel’s referring to. He hands Lawrence a letter from one of their old classmates. Abel says he attends normal meetings with them. Lawerence says he’d do so but doesn’t want to leave Cecilia alone. Abel suggests ways Lawrence can bring and introduce Cecilia to their classmates. He leaves Lawrence and Cecilia to put his letter away. Cecilia asks Lawrence about his friends, and Lawrence questions if Cecilia thinks ill of this place after yesterday’s fiasco.

Lawrence apologizes for showing Cecilia unsightly sides of himself, but Cecilia promises him she’d never grow ill of this place as it puts her mind at ease. Later, Lawrence notices someone left a scarf at the church. He wants to visit the village with Cecilia to return the scarf to its owner. However, Abel tags along because he doesn’t want to be alone at the church. In the village, Lawerence tells Cecilia he plans to travel to the person’s house on the other side of the river.

A fortune-teller interrupts our protagonists and asks them for service. Lawrence appreciates her tenacity but declines her offer. However, the fortune-teller tells them how hard it is for her to make money, coercing them to accept. The fortune teller tells Abel, Lawrence, and Cecilia their fortunes. Afterwards, Cecilia gets her cape ripped by some wood, and a passerby notices. This person asks Cecilia to accompany her to a shop to choose something else to wear. Lawrence thinks it’ll be a great idea and says they can deliver the lost item while Cecilia’s looking for a new outfit.

Cecilia visits the shop with the woman. The woman and her friends find some attire that bests suits Cecilia. The shopowner tells Cecilia to ask Lawrence his thoughts about her new look and why he didn’t want to attend the shop with the woman. Lawrence tells Abel why he let Cecilia travel with the woman to the shop. Abel asks him what he plans to do if Cecilia walks around the village and finds herself a handsome gentleman.

The shop owner shows Cecilia a picture of the person who purchased the wedding dress from episode one. She teases Cecilia about making her one someday. The shop owner claims Lawrence seems happier with Cecilia and feels he longs for a normal family. She confirms Lawrence never had parents, so his grandfather raised him. Since his grandfather’s demise, Lawrence always felt lonely. Cecilia leaves the shop and almost trips. Thankfully, a female traveler saves her and tells Cecilia she’s looking for someone. Cecilia apologizes that she can’t be of assistance but thanks her for helping her.

Lawrence and Abel bump into Cecilia and confirm they returned the item to the person. Cecilia asks Lawerence his thoughts about her clothes and says she looks nice. Cecilia asks him to elaborate further, so he says she looks lovely, making Cecilia happy. Meanwhile, the girl who saved Cecilia asks the fortune teller for directions to the church. The episode closes with the woman wanting to meet the village’s saint (Cecilia) to see what she’s like.

The Episode Review

If not for Abel, the series would probably be moving at a snail’s pace regarding Lawrence and Cecila’s relationship. On a serious note, this was a fine chapter of Saint Cecilia & Pastor Lawrence. It has some compelling humorous moments and gives viewers something to contemplate concerning the woman who appears near the episode’s conclusion. 

It’s possible she can be another saint from another village who wants to see if Cecilia lives up to the title. Viewers can infer this based on the words she shares toward the end of the chapter. At the same time, this person could be one of Lawrence and Abel’s friends, which could lead to some interesting drama between her, Lawrence, and Cecilia. We aren’t aware of who sent Lawrence or Abel their letters, so it’s possible one of the senders was this woman.

Nonetheless, I’m hopeful she’ll add an interesting dynamic to our show’s line-up like Abel’s doing currently. The episode also gives us insight into Lawrence’s life before he met Cecilia. It appears he adopted his stern traits from his grandfather and lost out on having a normal childhood. This adds depth to his character, giving viewers reasons to attach themselves to him.

Overall, this was a fine episode with nice comforting, and joyous aspects. 

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