Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

First Official Trip

Episode 5 of Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence begins with Lawrence telling Hazelita and Abel he must embark on a trip to visit Corinne. He asks the two if they’d like to accompany him and Cecilia there, and they accept his offer.

The group meet Corinne, and she’s happy that Lawrence isn’t lonely since he has people like Hazelita, Abel, and Cecilia around. Lawrence tells Hazelita to stay put and look after Abel while he and Cecilia conduct a service for Corinne.

While Corinne discusses Lawrence’s past with Cecilia, Hazelita uses her camera to snap photos. Hazelita gets lost in the forest, resulting in Abel looking for her. Meanwhile, Lawrence offers to make dinner while Corinne shares more stories about him with Cecilia. Corinne notices Cecilia might be in love with Lawrence, and Cecilia feels embarrassed. Lawrence calls Ms. Corinne over to help him prepare things. As they’re staring out at the lake from Corinne’s windows, Corinne tells Lawrence she often hears voices when she’s by the lake.

Corinne heard rumors that the voices came from fairies, so she asked Mr. Oswell, Lawrence’s grandfather, to consult with her. She believes Oswell could see things others couldn’t, making him a fascinating figure. Afterward, Abel and Hazelita enter Corinne’s home. Cecilia asks Corinne where Lawrence is. Corinne tells Cecilia he went somewhere, enticing Cecilia to leave the place to find him. Hazelita tells Abel she had issues with her camera’s shutter when taking photos of the lake.

Corinne tells Abel that visitors who stop by don’t have issues taking photos of her area. Abel believes there’s something in the lake preventing Hazelita from taking photos. Lawrence visits the lake and almost trips. Thankfully, Cecilia saves him from falling. Lawrence opens up about his grandfather, his death, and Lawrence’s goal to look after church to honor him.

Lawrence admits he’s tried to become more like his grandfather. He states how difficult it is to accomplish this feat. Cecilia tells Lawrence while it’s nice that he wants to be like his father, sulking about his failures will waste his time.

Lawrence asks Cecilia questions about the voices coming from the lake. Lawrence confirms he felt like he was pulled into the lake, confirming Cecilia’s speculation that fairies are responsible. Abel and Hazelita arrive. Hazelita scolds Lawrence for his recklessness. Cecilia asks Abel for an iron-made cross. She wants to punish the naughty fairies who attempted to harm Lawrence.

Lawrence asks Cecilia if he can watch her perform what she’s about to do. After accepting Lawrence’s request, Cecilia performs her enchantment and asks the fairies to have fun in the middle of the lake, where no people are present. Lawrence is baffled by Cecilia’s power and questions if this is what his grandfather did back then.

Lawrence and the others bid Corinne farewell and head for their carriage in the morning. Cecilia wonders when the time will come to inform Lawrence about his unusual predisposition. It’s now Valentine’s Day, and Abel gives Cecilia information about the holiday since she was unaware of it. He tells her that Lawrence received chocolates from many girls during his youth, giving Cecilia some ideas. Abel grabs Lawrence, and Hazelita tells him it’s Valentine’s Day today. Abel encourages Cecilia to ask Lawrence to teach her how to make chocolates.

One hour later, Cecilia crafts a horrendous piece of chocolate. Lawrence leaves to get more ingredients and wonders who Cecilia’s making the chocolate for. Abel and Hazelita travel through town as Abel explains why it’s beneficial for Cecilia to have Lawrence teach her to make chocolate. Meanwhile, Lawrence bumps into the fortune teller from a previous episode named Mell. He tells Mell that Cecilia’s making chocolates for someone.

Lawrence returns home and discovers Cecilia’s wounded herself with a knife. Cecilia urges Lawrence to let her continue making chocolates, making Lawrence mildly jealous. He thinks Cecilia will abandon him for someone she’s making chocolates for, despite telling him she’ll always be with him during their fairy incident at Corrine’s place.

Cecilia finishes making the chocolate and presents it to Lawrence. Lawrence tells Cecilia he thought she made it for someone else and finds it funny she came to him for chocolate-crafting advice. He thanks Cecilia and questions how he can repay her. Hazelita and Abel return, and she criticizes Lawrence for his dense behavior. Cecilia feels satisfied to see Lawrence express himself in ways she never seen before. The episode closes with a short gag about pressure points and motion sickness.

The Episode Review

This chapter explores Lawrence’s background a bit and highlights the importance of finding your own path through life. Despite having people shower him with chocolates during his youth, we learn through Corinne that Lawrence lived a lonely life after his grandfather’s passing. This allows audiences to compare and appreciate him for who he is now, despite his dense nature.

Hazelita and Abel make for an interesting duo and serve their contrasting roles well. Where Abel offers Cecilia rational and useful tips on how to win Lawrence’s heart, Hazelita represents the viewers who can’t tolerate Lawrence’s inability to read the room. While these characters provide nice commentary concerning Lawrence and Cecilia’s actions, it’d be nice to have a chapter dedicated to them. 

As for Cecilia, she continues to be a charming individual. This episode gives viewers a taste of what she can do as a lady saint too. This adds a layer of depth, mystery, and intrigue to her character. Viewers will ponder what else she can do, making things exciting for the show’s future. However, it seems her lovely chocolates won’t be enough to make Lawrence realize her romantic feelings for him. Hopefully this anime can continue building upon our characters’ foundations and provide us with something sweet in the end. 

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