Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Their Feelings

Episode 10 of Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence begins with Lawrence reflecting on how much work piled up since they were away with Hazelita, Abel, and Eric. Cecilia’s at ease because she knows she’ll see Hazelita and Abel in the future. After realizing things have returned to the status quo, Cecilia plans to spend quality time with Lawrence until Abel and Hazelita return by their side. After noticing how busy Lawrence is with work, Cecilia lends him a hand. Lawrence starts to take note of Cecilia’s loneliness and ponders. 

In bed, Cecilia reflects on how she failed to spend quality time with Lawrence. Cecilia leaves her room because she has a tough time falling asleep. She falls down the stairs, alarming Lawrence. Lawrence finds Cecilia and asks if she’s okay. Cecilia opens up, telling Lawrence that she’s sad she couldn’t spend quality time with him today since it’s been a while since they were alone together. Lawrence gives Cecilia hot milk to help her fall asleep.

Lawrence checks the time and says they should go to bed, but Cecilia refuses. She pulls Lawrence toward her, causing them to get into a romantic position. Cecilia apologizes to Lawrence and heads to bed. Lawrence spots Cecilia several times in the morning, but she refuses to confront him. Lawrence ponders why for a moment and makes Cecilia some snacks to put her in a good mood. However, Cecilia’s too busy acting flustered about what she did to Lawrence last night. 

Nonetheless, the two carry on with their work as usual. However, the townsfolk catch on that the two are acting strange. They wonder if Lawrence and Cecilia got into an argument. Cecilia bumps into Mel. Mel asks Cecilia to take her to see Lawrence since she’s not doing well and could use help. Mel realizes this has to do with romance, but Cecilia ensures Mel that Lawrence understands romance. He doesn’t apply it to himself though. 

Mel suggests she be more open with Lawrence about her emotions. Meanwhile, Lawrence notices Cecilia chatting with Mel. He wonders why Cecilia won’t chat with him. Lawrence wonders if he accepted Cecilia’s emotions properly. At sunset, Lawrence knocks on Cecilia’s door and tells her it’s almost time for dinner. He confronts Cecilia about what happened between them the other night. Cecilia apologizes to Lawrence and ensures him that she’s just getting worked up about something. 

Cecilia gets close to Lawrence and wonders if it’s the right time to convey her deep feelings for him. However, Cecilia fumbles and tells Lawrence she hopes he can take care of her for years to come. Lawrence promises he will but asks Cecilia if she’ll stop avoiding him. He reveals it made him feel lonely. Cecilia promises she won’t make him feel that way and heads to the dinner table. Lawrence contemplates their brief moment together and wonders if he doesn’t understand Cecilia’s true emotions. 

Sometime after, Hazelita and Abel return. Hazelita tells Cecilia she asked Lawrence if anything happened between her and him while they were gone. She tells Cecilia she received a vague response from him and that they’re here to retrieve their old luggage. Abel confirms he and Hazelita rented a place in town and will be residing there instead of here. After eating some snacks, Lawrence and Cecilia help Abel and Hazelita take their luggage to their new home. 

After helping them get settled in, Lawrence and Cecilia walk through the city. Cecilia questions why Abel and Hazelita opted to get apartments instead of living with them. Lawrence says the two wanted to draw the line. He contemplates what Hazelita said about her room and suggests Cecilia go shopping with Hazelita to pick out things for hers. Cecilia says it’s not necessary since she has everything she’d want in her room, making Lawrence recall the necklace he got Cecilia during their trip. 

Abel and Hazelita visit Lawrence and Cecilia’s place for dinner. The episode closes with Hazelita wondering what things to get to decorate her new apartment. 

The Episode Review

It appears Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence wanted to tease audiences with Cecilia’s confession to Lawrence in today’s chapter. While Cecilia fumbled the bag, Lawrence seemed to be catching on to her emotions and habits. While it wasn’t the result fans may have hoped for, it was refreshing seeing our protagonists spend time alone together. 

Fortunately, Abel and Hazelita aren’t out of the picture yet. With them residing in apartments, this will allow the story to zoom in on Cecilia and Lawrence’s romantic developments moving forward. Hopefully, we’ll receive more scenes akin to the couch scenario in future episodes as it could help Lawrence discover Cecilia’s dormant feelings for him and provide the series with solid tension. 

At the same time, there are only two chapters left of Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence. There are still many questions the series has yet to answer and some things that would be great for it to address. Some include Cecilia’s past before meeting Lawrence, the Great Lady Saint, and things of that nature. Although it’s possible the anime can address these matters in episodes eleven or twelve, many would prefer another season. Hopefully, another round of Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence will be announced soon. 

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