Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Lady Sant’s Divine Protection

Episode 9 of Saint Cecilia & Pastor Lawrence begins with Lawrence and Cecilia stumbling upon Giselbert as he burns marriage offers directed toward Hazelita. One of the maids tells Giselbert to reply to them and pours water on them to remove the flames. Giselbert asks Lawrence and Cecilia to help him carry the letters. Cecilia spots a photo of Hazelita and Frederica. Giselbert mentions Divine Protection and Lawrence questions what that is.

Giselbert and Cecilia share intel about Lady Saints with Lawrence. He explains lady saints have lived everywhere in every era and Cecilia confirms she hasn’t met any other lady saint. He says lady saints used to be treated as gods, but now live ordinary lives. However, he says the Great Lady Saint’s case is different. Giselbert presents them with a book and says the Great Lady Saint represents all lady saints and protects them and normal humans. 

He says she lives on Michela Island’s holy grounds and offers prayers every day. Giselbert explains Divine Protection to Lawrence next. He says when a lady saint prays for a person or object their prayers become real. Cecilia jumps in and says they aren’t absolute as they are things lady saints can’t achieve. She mentions that Frederica’s Divine Protection she placed upon Giselbert and Hazelita isn’t something lady saints can do.

Cecilia tells Lawrence she planned to share this intel when the time is right because she didn’t want there to be a distance between them. Giselbert says he’s still involved with the Great Lady Saint. He’s currently investigating whether the lady saints in different areas are living peaceful lives as a part of a mission the Great Lady Saint entrusted to him. He doesn’t want any other lady saints to end up like Frederica.

Later, Giselbert wonders what he should do with Hazeltia’s marriage offer letters. Hazelita visits Giselbert and asks him questions concerning Cecilia, Lawrence, and the letters. We cut to Eric, Hein, Lawrence, and Abel at a party. After catching up, Cecilia, Camilla, Eurie, and Hazelita arrive. Lawrence compliments Cecilia and she’s taken aback a bit. Camilla pulls Hazelita and Cecilia aside. Camilla asks Cecilia questions about her relationship with Lawrence. Hazelita promises to assist Cecilia and help hide her lady saint identity. 

Cecilia says she lives with Lawrence but nothing romantic has happened between them yet. However, she tells Camilla that Lawrence promises to call her by her name instead of addressing her as “lady saint.” Camilla asks Cecilia what she loves most about Lawrence. Cecilia shares some things she loves about him. She hopes one day he’ll understand how she feels about him. Eurie reveals that she asked Cecilia these questions because she doesn’t want her to grow sick of Lawrence. 

Meanwhile, Giselbert and Lawrence chat for a bit. Camilla, Hazelita, and Cecilia return to the food area. Hazelita pulls Cecilia aside for a bit after Lawrence presents her with food. Hazelita and Abel reveal they won’t be heading back with Lawrence or Cecilia. Camilla suggests Cecilia and Lawrence move to the city, but Eric says Lawrence and Cecilia must reside in the village. Abel suggests Hazelita speak with Giselbert since he knows Hazelita wants to head back with Lawrence and Cecilia. 

Hazelita visits Giselbet at Frederica’s grave site to ask him for permission. Giselbert says he’ll allow it but she must score high on specific tests he assigns to her. Later, Lawrence bumps into Hazelita and asks her if she could stay with Cecilia for a while longer. He states Cecilia doesn’t want to part ways with Hazelita. We cut to Lawrence, Cecilia, and Eric on their train ride home. Lawrence confirms that Hazelita and Abel will visit them from time to time to Cecilia’s delight. 

The episode closes with Abel wishing Hazelita luck on her tests. 

The Episode Review

Our time in Hazelita’s home city has come to a close. Considering how much screen time Hazelita and Abel received in this series (so far), it would’ve been a bummer to see them depart the story this soon. Thankfully, Giselbert’s willing to let Hazelita be with Lawrence and Cecilia, as long as she focuses on her studies. That aside, this chapter gives us splendid insight into the Great Lady Saint’s status. 

The series has alluded to her character’s importance several times, making fans question if we’ll see her soon. Since she’s known for looking after humans and lady saints, we can expect our protagonists to visit her if something drastic occurs. While the series hasn’t set-up any red flags for Lawrence, Cecilia, and the others, it wouldn’t be farfetched to expect something bad to happen to them. 

Based on Frederica’s backstory, Saint Cecilia & Pastor Lawrence aren’t afraid to touch upon dark subjects. Therefore, it’s beneficial to assume something terrible could happen in the future. Nonetheless, many viewers will adore this episode for its cozy tone and insightful dialogue. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Cecilia, Lawrence, and the other characters. 

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