Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Way They Met

Episode 11 of Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence begins with Lawrence entering Cecilia’s room. He spots the necklace he purchased for her from a previous chapter and realizes Cecilia hung up his strange ornaments in her room too. He asks Cecilia to come downstairs when she’s ready and recalls their intimate confrontation from episode 10.

Meanwhile, Abel has a tough time getting out of bed. He hears Hazelita making a noise and checks up on her. Hazelita informs him her studying things have arrived and asks him if he can help her unpack it all. Abel asks Hazelita to stop pounding on the wall when she needs him and suggests knocking on the door like a normal person. Hazelita questions how Cecilia and Lawrence’s relationship is progressing now that they’re alone together in their home. 

Hazelita scolds Abel for his lack of care in the situation. Abel says it’s best to let Lawrence and Cecilia settle their matters on their own and not to butt in. Hazelita understands that but fears it’ll take them ten years to finally settle as a couple.

After helping Hazelita with her belongings, Abel heads to church to contemplate Lawrence and Cecilia’s situation. He questions if he should step in based on what Hazelita said to him. Lawrence spots Abel in the church’s kitchen area and chats with him for a bit. 

Abel tells Lawrence Giselbert told him he called Cecilia by her name, surprising Lawrence. Abel asks Lawrence why he has issues calling her by her name if he has no qualms with entering her room whenever he feels like it. Lawrence argues he’s referred to Cecilia as Lady Saint since they met and that it’s become a habit of his. However, Lawrence reassures Abel that he’s working on changing the ways he addresses Cecilia since he knows she likes it when he calls her by her name. 

While Lawrence is lost in his thoughts, Abel reflects on Lawrence’s growth as of late. He assumes Lawrence’s first meeting with Cecilia was a big moment in his life. After having tea and snacks with Cecilia, Hazelita, and Lawrence, Abel heads somewhere with Hazelita to share details about his conversation with Lawrence in the church’s dining area. Abel says Lawrence is making an effort to change, so he plans to observe them instead of pestering in their affairs. 

We cut to Lawrence practicing and struggling to say Cecilia’s name. He recounts his first meeting with her. Cecilia’s shown wearing raggy clothing and informing the townspeople of a “heavy rain” issue that’ll occur in town soon. Lawrence wants to check up on her, but a boy asks Lawrence to assist him with an urgent matter. We cut to Lawrence researching previous heavy rain issues that happened in the village. He realizes Cecilia’s speaking the truth and wonders how she knew this rain issue would occur. 

He recalls his grandfather’s words about Lady Saints and realizes Cecilia is one. Meanwhile, Cecilia continues urging the townsfolk to destroy the bridge, but they ensure her that this village has always been peaceful and free of harm. Cecilia faints, but Lawrence protects her from falling. Lawrence asks Cecilia how much time they have left. Before Cecilia can tell him, she accidentally pushes Lawrence to the ground. Lawrence takes a look at Cecilia and she confirms she’s a lady saint. 

Cecilia tells Lawrence she’s come to save this village from an upcoming calamity. Lawrence promises to help Cecilia save the village by destroying the bridge. Cecilia and Lawrence escort everyone to the church and comfort them as the heavy rains do their thing. After napping, Lawrence rushes outside to see if the rains damaged anything. He notices everything’s okay and thanks Cecilia for her help. Cecilia says she doesn’t deserve all the credit and thanks Lawrence for being the lone person who believed in her wisdom. 

The villagers rush outside to thank Cecilia for her help. They ask her to stay in the village and offer to repay her for her kindness. Some villagers suggest Cecilia stay with Lawrence since she claims she has no home to return to. Cecilia accepts their proposal. The following day, Lawrence has Cecilia try his scones. Cecilia tells Lawrence she loves them. In the present, Lawrence says he’ll always protect Cecilia from danger because she’s a lady saint. However, he questions if that’s the only reason why he does so. 

Lawrence, Abel, Hazelita, and Cecilia have dinner together. Cecilia tells Hazelita and Abel they’re welcome to stop by for dinner whenever they’d like to. When Abel and Hazelita depart, Lawrence invites Cecilia to accompany him to the attic. Cecilia looks out the window to take in the starry sky. After hearing Cecilia complain about the cold weather, Lawrence wants to show her the beauty behind it all.

Cecilia tells Lawrence that she never viewed nature this way due to her living a long life in the forest. Lawrence asks Cecilia if she can tell him more about herself. Cecilia discusses her past life with Lawrence. She tells him she used to live in the woods with her grandmother and received divine revelations from God occasionally. Her grandmother taught her everything she needed to know about being a lady saint. Unfortunately, her grandmother passed away, leaving Cecilia alone to fend for herself. 

She recalls having a dream about Lawrence’s village getting destroyed by heavy rains. Therefore, she left her grandmother’s home to visit his village and warn them of the upcoming calamity. We receive more intel about what happened after Lawrence vowed to help Cecilia destroy the bridge. Lawrence convinced his people to believe in Cecilia’s revelation by bringing up his grandfather’s beliefs about lady saints. 

In the present, Cecilia tells Lawrence how happy it makes her to spend time with him in his home. It helped her escape the loneliness she felt after her grandmother’s passing. Lawrence relishes how happy he is to be with Cecilia too and hopes this feeling can last forever. Suddenly, Cecilia lies next to Lawrence and tells him his hands are warm. He suggests she head to bed. After Cecilia leaves, Lawrence starts recalling their moment together today and starts feeling fuzzy inside. 

The episode closes with a small segment of Lawrence eating a scone alone in his home prior to Cecilia’s first arrival.

The Episode Review

It appears My Happy Marriage wasn’t the only anime that wanted to go all out with its most recent episode. Saint Cecilia & Pastor Lawrence episode 11 delivers a compelling chapter that finally sheds light on Cecilia’s first encounter with Lawrence. The anime hinted at this meeting throughout several chapters, so fans will be delighted to finally see what led to our protagonists meeting each other. 

Although no one believed Cecilia’s wisdom, it felt in character for Lawrence to stand up for her. At the same time, you’d think the villagers would heed Cecilia’s warnings instead of doubting her judgment. Considering how much influence pastors like Lawrence and his grandfather Oswell had in the village, it’d make more sense for the villagers to be on board with Cecilia’s claims. 

On top of their meeting, viewers got to learn more about Cecilia’s past before then. It’s interesting that she shared a somewhat similar background. This goes to show how compatible they are. Lawrence received a lot of flack from viewers and other characters in the series for being extremely dense about Cecilia’s feelings toward him.

Thankfully, his romantic feelings for Cecilia are starting to blossom based on the revelation he acquired near episode 11’s conclusion. If all bodes well, we can expect Cecilia or Lawrence to confess their feelings for each other in episode 12. However, since it’s the final episode, it’s possible we’ll be left on a cliffhanger and receive word of another season that’ll further develop their relationship. Regardless of the outcome, I’m looking forward to seeing how this season ends.   

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