The Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Reaper” Recap & Review

The Reaper

Episode 6 of Rookie: Feds starts with Simon going to Ventura county jail as an inmate. She is there to try and get close to the girlfriend of an assassin named the Reaper. The FBI got a lead that the Reaper is in L.A and is about to do a hit. Unfortunately, they were only able to arrest his girlfriend who is refusing to cooperate. Garza is sending Simone undercover as an inmate to get close to the girlfriend and Carter as a sheriff’s deputy to protect Simone’s cover.

In the meantime, Brendon and Laura work on a lead based on the gun the reaper left behind. Brendon uses his connections as a former actor to identify a possible gun expert who might be commissioned by the reaper to craft a new high-tech sniper gun.

Once in prison, Simone doesn’t waste time getting close to the reaper’s girlfriend, Zora. She steps in to defend Zora from prison bullies and gains her trust. She and Zora start getting close but the mission is threatened when another inmate, Jasmine, remembers Carter as the FBI agent who once arrested her. She threatens to blow up his cover if he doesn’t help her get out of prison.

Meanwhile, Brendon and Laura head over to talk to the gun expert and Brendon receives a call from Chen informing him they arrested his dad while he was attempting to break into his storage holding.

The gun expert is not as cooperative as they were hoping he would be but he signals to them that the client they might be after is leaving with the gun he commissioned. They chase the guy but he manages to fight them and escape after carjacking a car.

After failing to catch the suspect, Brendon and Laura head over to the station to bail out his dad. His dad was trying to steal some memorabilia from his son’s acting days and sell them. He lies that he has cancer and needed the money to cover the chemotherapy. Chen offers to avoid the arrest and drops off Brendon’s dad at home.

With the pressing daddy issues resolved, Laura and Brendon get back to the case. They trace the reaper’s financial records and think they have a clue about the person who hired him. They bring the man in for questioning but he denies hiring the reaper to take out one of his enemies.

On the other hand, things at the prison take a turn for the worst when Carter gets distracted trying to calm down Jasmine. He forgets to keep his eyes on Zora who walks into their dorm and finds Simone snooping on her stuff. She immediately realizes Simone is not trustworthy and asks her to stay away from her. Luckily, Carter is able to confiscate Zora’s phone and Simone points out that something is off about Zora.

By the time they figure it out, it is too late as Zora, who happens to be the real reaper has escaped the prison and is in the wind. Their only option is to try and figure out who the target is and protect them before Zora gets to them. In the end, Simone is able to give them a lead based on her conversations with Zora and they are able to arrest her before she executes her target.

Even though the case is over, Cartier still keeps his promise to Jasmine and helps by getting her bail reduced. He also helps her mend her relationship with her daughter and is happy to use his badge for good. Jasmine invites them to her stripper club and Laura is quick to take her up on the offer.

Elsewhere, Simon and DJ call it off as Simone is not sure that she can maintain the relationship with everything going on.

The Episode Review

Brendon cutting off his dad was the right decision, it is clear that his dad is toxic. Brendon is finally feeling secure in his new dream too; it was not easy for him to give up acting. Acting was his dad’s dream and he is allowed to live his own dream without his father trying to make him feel guilty about it.

Simone and DJ’s break-up comes out of the blue but I doubt this is the last we will see of them. Simon didn’t give DJ a chance to decide if she is up for the toll her job can put on the relationship. They have great chemistry and care for each other but they need to communicate better if they do get back together.

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