The Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 7 “Countdown” Recap & Review


The Rookie: Feds episode 7 starts with a man doing research alone in a forest. As usual, he ends up regretting this decision when he is grabbed by some dark force and dragged away.

In the morning, Simone wakes up to find her old nemesis, Greg, in her house. Her dad, Cutty hired him to help him with his business accounts. As they tease and flirt with each other, she gets a call from her boss asking her to go to the forest for their case. A man is missing and Garza is doing a favour for “Senator Smith” by investigating the missing case of Wallace. They believe that someone might have kidnapped him to get access to top-secret technologies he develops for national security. They find signs of a struggle in the forest and Laura finds a camera.  Unfortunately, it is cracked so they decide to take it to the tech lab to retrieve the footage.

Once they get back to the office, Brendon surprises Laura with a birthday gift. Brendon is bummed when she guesses the gift and decides to take it back and get her something better than a pen. On the other hand, he gets on Antoinette’s bad side when he confesses he re-gifted her gift to someone else.

Carter and Simone stay back in the woods to look for more evidence and spot a sickly-looking man carrying Wallace’s backpack. The man collapses before they can interrogate him and the doctors say he was exposed to radiation. Simone and Carter are worried that they might have been exposed to the radiation as well but they are safe. They go back to the forest, this time in protective gear and try to find the source of the radiation. They stumble upon a dead Wallace in some old hidden bunk and it looks like someone was making a dirty bomb.

They call for a briefing on the case and Sergeant Grey from The Rookie is assisting in the investigation.  They immediately launch an investigation and come up with a list of possible suspects. Carter and Simone head to the hospital to interrogate Jagger who is finally conscious. He denies knowing anything about a bomb but confesses he leaves near the forest. He tells them about a suspicious man he always saw who kept bringing things into the woods.

They run the fingerprints found at the bunker and find their suspect to be Orson Mettle, a prolific eco-terrorist. He is a wanted man and Garza sends Simone and Carter to interview Orson’s son. He gives them a letter his father secretly left at his doorstep warning him about a possible bombing. The letter helps them narrow down his possible target. Simone wants to warn her dad but Carter tells her it is against protocol.

They arrive at the targeted destination and find Orson carrying the dirty bomb. They quickly evacuate the park and Simone tries to talk Orson out of carrying out his plans. They manage to take him down before he activates the dirty bomb.

In the middle of the case, Greg calls Simone and informs her that he found something suspicious when helping her dad with his business accounts. Greg thinks that a formerly incarcerated man running the business is probably stealing money from Cutty. He asks Simone to talk to Cutty as he has been unsuccessful in getting through to him.

Back to the case, they discover that Orson stole the radioactive materials he used for the bomb from an industrial plant. After interrogating the manager of the plant, they realize that Orson made a second bomb. He, however, refuses to disclose the location of the second bomb. Simone suggests that they use Orson’s son to push him to disclose the location of the second bomb. Orson adamantly refuses to back down but they get a clue from his rant.

Their hunch proves to be right but Simone and Carter are forced to turn off the timer on the bomb as the bomb squad is running behind.

After the end of their shift, Carter confronts Simone and warns her about breaking protocol by warning her dad about the bombing. Brendon confesses to Antoinette that he is a recovering alcoholic and she understands why he didn’t drink the wine she gifted him.

The Episode Review

Carter has every right to be angry that Simone failed to follow protocol and tried to warn her dad about the impending danger. It must be a tough situation but the rules are there for a reason.

At this point, it is unlikely that Antoinette and Brendon will be more than friends… for now. Hopefully, we will get to see more of their relationship and how it progresses.

Carter is doing his best to be a good dad following his divorce and it is nice to see his concern and love for his son. He worked so hard to make his son’s school project perfect even in the middle of a possible radioactive bombing.

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