Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 5 “Felicia” Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Rookie Feds starts with Simone and Carter in St. Reeds Island, West Indies. Simone looks like she is ready to serve up some vacation goals while Carter looks on edge. It doesn’t help that Simone is trying to create a backstory of them being in a torrid love affair.

They are currently on the island to extradite a man named Barlow so he can testify and bring a corrupt tech company down. They meet with their local police inspector who doesn’t understand the meaning of covert operations much to Carter’s disappointment.

Simone soon spots Barlow having a drink at the bar, the inspector spooks him and he tries to make a run for it. He doesn’t get far, he can barely run, why did he even bother to waste his energy? Carter calls Garza and informs him that the mission was successful and they are on their way back to the US.

In the meantime, DJ calls Simone and informs her that she slipped up and told her mom about their secret relationship. Simone is worried that her father will be mad at her and promises to call him first and tell her before DJ’s mom tells him. If you remember, DJ’s mom and Simone’s dad are also dating. He thinks it will be weird and uncomfortable to have their children date as well. Unfortunately, Simone forgets to make that call.

Back in the states, Elena buys a purse from a high-end online shop and discovers diamonds inside. She approaches Garza who puts Laura and Brendon on the case to find out where the diamonds are from. A quick trip to the lab where Brendon has a second run-in with Antoinette reveals that the diamonds were stolen. I think Brendon likes Antoinette and wants to get on her good side. Anyway, the diamonds were stolen by an unknown female crew four months ago and the LAPD are yet to get a lead on the case.

They are hoping that the owner of the handbag, Denise, will have some answers for them. Unfortunately, she was shot outside her house the morning of the heist and is dead. They interview her husband who as it turns out didn’t know his wife was a diamond thief. As the investigation heats up, they find Denise’s accomplice and she sheds more light on the case. Apparently, Denise felt desperate to escape her abusive husband so she turned into a thief to get funds to flee. Unfortunately, her husband thought she was having an affair and killed her in cold blood.

Back on the island, the police inspector betrays Simone and Carter and they find themselves in danger. They manage to escape and call Garza to help them get back safely. Once they are back in the States, Simone tries to convince Barlow to testify. She uses his daughter to get through to him and he agrees to testify and hand in evidence he had hidden.

Simone forgot to tell her dad about her relationship with DJ and he finds out from DJ’s mom. DJ’s mom is not against the idea and plans a double-date dinner. The dinner turned out better than they expected but a nosy friend of Cutty(Simone’s dad) ruins the vibes with his homophobic remarks.

The next morning, Garza discovers that the prosecutor, Allen, is on the take. The pressing issue is that he is currently in an unknown location with Barlow to collect the evidence he was hiding. Simone has a hunch that Barlow hid the evidence in his ex-wife’s garage. They head to the house and arrive in time to save Barlow from Allen who was planning to kill him. They arrest Allen but Carter is hurt by his betrayal, they had worked on the case together for years. Ouch!

Brendon manages to get on Antoinette’s good side and she even leaves a wine bottle from her family’s vineyard on his table.

The Episode Review

It is always great to see more of Elena, she and Garza have great chemistry and they have a good uncle/niece relationship.

I am not sure how this whole dating situation will work out but I hope we will see more of DJ. They make such a cute couple. I loved that Cutty has Simone’s back and though he doesn’t fully understand her sexuality, he supports her.

I hope that Brendon will get a love interest soon, maybe Miss Antoinette is interested? I am not sure whether there is a rule forbidding co-workers to date but it would be interesting to see them together.

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