Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 15 “Dead Again” Recap & Review

Dead Again

Episode 15 of The Rookie: Feds season 1 starts off with a man who seems to have already been tortured. He is then shot dead even after he pleads with his killer. Carter then fakes a head injury to see his nurse girlfriend, Fortune at the hospital. Sadly, Fortune is paged and is forced to get back to work.

Meanwhile, Simone is with her father at home and she brings a locked box from the garage which she asks her father to open. Her father is upset with Simone for bringing the box from the garage. Cutty demands that Simone should put it back. Just then, Simone receives a work call and she has to leave.

Brendon and Simone are talking as they head to the crime scene. Simone tells Brendon about the box which her father was angry about. At the murder scene, the team is briefed that the murdered man is an investment banker who died six years ago. Simone wonders why the man looks like he was murdered just a few hours ago.

Apparently, his wife Vanesa was convicted of his murder in 2016 and sentenced to jail for six years. The man’s name is Paul Morrisson and he had faked his death six years ago. Laura and Brendon are tasked with finding out where Paul has been for six years.

Carter and Simone are tasked with calling his next of kin, his sister Donna. Paul’s sister confirms to the team that they even had a burial for him. She later tells them that Vanessa had asked to see her son two weeks prior and she sounded like a crazy person when she kept asking her son if he has seen his father.

Carter and Simone are sent to arrest Vanessa since she is their main suspect. In the car, Carter realizes that Simone has been quiet for a long time and Simone lets him know that her heart breaks for Sammy. Sammy has had to deal with the fact that his mother was in prison for killing his father.

They get to Vanessa who broke her parole rules and went to her son’s practice game. They take her in custody and interrogate her in their offices. She is not sad that Paul is dead but she has an alibi and it is clear she didn’t kill him. She also adds that before Paul faked his death he seemed to be involved in a shady business.

Brendon then goes to the lab to take some paperwork to Antoinette. She found a clue on the victim’s clothes and it leads them to a parking lot slip. The surveillance footage from the parking garage shows Paul being abducted an hour before he was found dead.

Elsewhere, three men are digging Paul’s old grave when they find a box. One man opens the box and takes out a dollar and says that Paul lied to him. Just then a security guard comes questioning them about their activity. The man in charge shoots him and tells him it is not personal. The two men then throw him into the empty grave and they all leave.

Antoinette then uncovers new evidence that leads them to a mortician who creates fake identities. Paul had seen him hours before he died. Brendon and Laura find the mortician trying to burn the evidence and he tries to flee. They chase the mortician and arrest him but he refuses to reveal the identity he gave to Pau unless they give him a deal.

Garza finds out that a shooting took place at a graveyard and the man was shot by the same gun that killed Paul. They wait for the man to get out of surgery to interview him and see if he can identify his shooter. In the meantime, Vanessa is free and she can start life as a free person. Simone connects her to Cutty and he starts helping her to get her life back in order.

Brendon offers to help Antoinette make her video for the bureau but they end up arguing over it because Brendon is too focused on what he wants.

Carter goes to meet Fortune at the hospital and they plan on going on a date. Fortune hints that her experience with a certain sick child at the hospital has made her think of having a child. Carter tells her that he has a son so he understands.

He is however a bit flustered because he had just received a call from his ex-wife. She wants to move out of L. A and take their son with her. He lies that he has been called to work and takes a rain check on their date.

The next morning. Garza then meets the team altogether and reveals the new identity of Paul Morrisson. According to the identity he is named Nicholas Jones, he is married but with no kids. Laura and Brendon are sent to talk to the wife and friends who may have interacted with Paul.

Laura and Brendon visit Paul’s second wife who tells them that she knew nothing about Paul’s past life. She claims they met four years ago and she is finding it hard to believe he faked his death.

Carter and Simone are sent to the hospital where the groundskeeper is recovering.  The man identifies the car the men used and Garza tracks it down. He calls Simone and Carter and informs them that the van is registered to a drug dealer, Leone. He gives the last known address of the man and sends SWAT to back them up.

There’s a shootout, and Simone and Carter get into a  car chase with  Leone. Thanks to Simone’s wild driving skills they are able to arrest him and bring him in for interrogation. They learn that someone from Salt Lake City tipped him off about Paul being alive and his planned trip to L.A.

It occurs to them that the only person who had to know this was his new wife who lived in Salt Lake City. Laura and Brendon do a deeper investigation on her and go back to confront her.

It turns out that Paul was about to leave her, and take the 7 million hidden in his grave and she didn’t think that was fair to her. She had known him, way before he faked his death. In fact, she was his mistress and they had both planned how to frame Vanessa for his death. Unfortunately, they don’t have enough evidence to arrest her. They decide to lock all her assets and wait for her to use the 7 million she stole from Paul’s grave.

With the case closed, Simone then meets with Cutty and Vanessa. Vanessa thanks them for changing her life. She is planning to get custody of her son and fix their relationship. Simone and Cutty do their best to assure her that it will be fine.

Later, Brendon apologizes to Antoinette and they make up. Carter goes to see Fortune and reveals that he has an issue with the custody of his son and asks her for a date.

Cutty and Simone are playing dice and cutty gives Simone the key to the box where he kept letters her mom used to send to him while he was in prison and the scarf she used to wear.

The Episode Review

It breaks my heart to think that many like Vanessa and Cutty have been screwed by the justice system. Their lives are shattered and they have to pick up the pieces and start all over again.

On the other hand, Brendon messed up and I am glad he has Laura to give him advice on what he should do to make it right.

I’m also glad Carter’s ex-wife decided to stay in LA, allowing him to be closer to their son. He has been trying so hard to be a better dad and I believe he deserves to be there for their kid.

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