Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 14 “The Offer” Recap & Review

The Offer

Episode 14 of The Rookie:Feds season 1 starts off with a woman trying to escape a building. She manages to break free from the ropes trying her and to outsmart a guard dog. She makes it out of the door and runs without looking back.

Elsewhere, Garza is happy the rookies, Brendon and Simone passed their pistol qualification course. He gives them a speech about what kind of agents they want to be and where they see themselves going. Of course, Simone can’t help but brag about how well she did in the course but Garza quickly reminds her not to get cocky. While at the training grounds, the team is surprised to see Garza’s ex-wife, Candace.

Candace is a Special Agent from D.C. headquarters and is there to oversee  Garza’s unit because they have been drawing attention. Garza tells her that she should have called first as he is busy but she insists on joining them. She even offers to give him a ride so they can catch -up.

The ride to the office is a bit awkward. They have not spoken for the past decade and it is clear that Garza thinks she is up to something. On the other car, the team gossips about the return of Candace. Laura thinks Candace is shady because there are rumours that she step[ed on other agents to get her position in the agency.

Simone and Brendon reprimand her for judging Candace who learnt how to compete in a man’s world. Simone says she is interested in knowing Candace but Carter asks her to keep her distance.

At the office, Candace has a short reunion with her former niece, Elena. Garza is called aside to deal with a new case. The team watch a video of a billionaire who is desperate to find his daughter who has been missing for the past two days. The police have not been able to give him answers and he has chosen another option.

He is offering ten million dollars to anyone who can bring his daughter back to him. No questions asked and by any means necessary. He promises as long as he gets his daughter back, he will protect the person who brought her back.

Garza worries that the ten-million-dollar offer will lead to hundreds of vigilantes wreaking havoc in the city trying to rescue the girl. The girl in question is named Brie Langham and the police believe her boyfriend, Jamison is involved and is currently looking for him.

Simone finds it frustrating that they are working the case simply because Brie’s father is a billionaire. She brings up the bias that happens and points out that black missing women dont get this kind of attention. Candace asks her if she is implying the Bureau is biased and Simone doesn’t back down but points out more instances. Garza agrees she has a point but they still have to work the case.

Garza sends Brendon to Mr Langham to ask him to take the video down and orders Simone and Carter to find the boyfriend. Candace opts to join Simone and Carter. Garza calls Simone aside and asks her to be on her best behaviour because Candace is up to something. Simone nods in agreement and leaves.

At  Mr Langham’s office, Laura tries to assure him that they are on the case. Mr Langham is not exactly cooperative with the investigation and makes it clear he will throw money at the problem till it is fixed. His son, Tate however, is cooperative and agrees to send them a detailed list of the family’s enemies.

On the other hand, Simone is giving Carter stress based on the intrusive questions she keeps asking Candace. Candace is not bothered and even tries to get to know Simone more. They find Jamison tied up in his house. The man holding him opens fire forcing them to shoot back.

They manage to subdue him and arrest him, The man turns out to be Jamison’s neighbour who claims he always hears Jamison and Brie fighting. According to him, Jamison knows what happened to Brie. He is motivated and blinded by the ten million offer.

Jamison tells Simone that he had nothing to do with the kidnapping Simone softly pushes him and he tells them that he skimmed his supplier and they have been threatening him to pay it back. He noticed a grey pickup following him when he was with Brie but he managed to lose them. At the time, he didn’t think much of it.

The woman who escaped at the beginning of the episode turns out to be Brie. She managed to find her way to the main road but her kidnappers find her again.

At the FBI office, the team theorizes that Jamison’s link to a drug supplier might have put Brie in trouble. Elena tells them they will need to act fast because the kidnapping is already trending on Twitter. Brendon and Laura focus on finding the surveillance footage of the day Jamison said he was being tailed.  Simone and Carter are tasked with finding the drug dealer.

Candace calls Simone aside and tells her about the 50-year anniversary of the first female special agent. She asks if Simone is willing to speak at the ceremony. Simone tells her that she will think about it, she thinks that Candace wants to promote her identity. She is a queer, black woman of a certain age and so she checks the box for most of the new identity the Bureau wants to associate with.

After her meeting with Candace, Carter updates her that there might be a chance that the drug dealer is not their man. He asks what the meeting with Candace was about and he tells her to tread carefully and play her cards right. Candace is trying to recruit Simone and Garza tells Candace that Simone is free to choose her own career path

Meanwhile, Laura questions whether Brie is hiding from her overly possessive dad who thinks money solves everything. They get help from an unlikely source, Cleo and get the surveillance footage.  The video leads them to Davis and they head over to his last known address. They find two of Brie’s kidnappers dead but not Brie.

They reconvene and change their approach to the case. Their investigation leads them to Tate Langham. He ordered his sister’s kidnapping to try and take over the company. They arrest him but they still need to find out who killed the kidnappers and took Brie.

Cutty visits Simone at the office and she shows him around. She tells him about her concerns about the offer from Candace. Her dad tells her that she will figure it out. She later asks Garza’s opinion and he tells her openly that the FBI won’t let her do things her way.

On the other hand, Mr Langham gets a call from the new kidnappers but he tells them that he won’t be paying the ten million. He only wanted Brie back to vote in his favour to lead the company. With his son in jail, he no longer needs Brie’s vote and couldn’t care less what happens to her.

The police track down the new kidnappers and only find one of them. They convince him to turn on his partner who shot him and left him for dead. Laura and Garza turn to Tate for help and inform him that the kidnapper is on his way to kill his dad. Mr Langham has shut them out and they can’t find his location.

Mr Langham is on his way to see his mistress. He has a standing date with her every day. The kidnapper follows him there but the police show up so he flees after shooting the dad. They chase him down and take him down.

After the case, Garza informs the team that Candace is holding a press conference to announce that Brie has been found. Candace wants to introduce Simone at the press conference but Simone doesn’t feel comfortable being singled out. Simone calls out the billionaire and the FBI during the press conference. Candace gets angry at her but Carter is proud of her. Cutty is also proud of her.

Laura helps Brie state her stake at her dad’s company and Garza and Candace talk about what went wrong in their marriage.

The Episode Review

This was another eye-opener of how rich people get what they want while the poor die trying to get their rights upheld. It is frustrating how unfair life can be.  I am glad that Simone addressed this issue without holding back. Unfortunately, talking about it and doing something to reduce these biases are two entirely different things.

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