Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 16 “For Love and Money” Recap & Review

For Love and Money

Episode 16 of The Rookie: Feds season 1 starts with Simone, who is on a date flirting with Chase from ClipMate. When the bill comes, Simone offers to cover it. The man then asks Simone for some money, who does not decline but sends the money to him immediately.

It turns out this is a suspect, and the date was to lure him to get arrested. He runs off, and Simone and the rest of the team run after him. He’s then pinned down by an LAPD officer, Naomi, who has also been on his case for months.

Naomi’s boss tells her to leave the case to Garza and his team. She tells Garza to ensure the woman conned get the justice they deserve. She is furious and disappointed. Simone sees this and goes to talk to her. She tells her that they are arresting the suspect to get Tobias Kazan. Months ago, his operations were crippled, but there’s the rumour that he’s into something bigger. Tobias Kazan has tripled his security, making it hard to get to him. So the team is trying to get closer to his wife first, a victim of Chase.

In the elevator, a man has some flowers sent to someone for Valentine’s day. Simone doesn’t have a lover on this day. Antoinette, Brendon’s girlfriend doesn’t care about Valentine, Carter and Fortune are still new, and Laura thinks Valentine is silly. Simone then asks who the flowers are for, and it turns out they are for Laura. Laure gets so excited and forgets that she said Valentine’s day is stupid.

Brendon goes to see Antoinette with a gift card, and they plan an evening date. Laura and Garza are interrogating Chase, but he has a lawyer who constantly tells him not to speak. Garza tells him how he has faked what he does for a living and conning women.

Carter gets a phone call from an exquisite hotel he had made reservations for Valentines for his wife. They are now divorced, so Carter can’t use the reservation, but there will be no refunds. Simone advises him to take Fortune to the exquisite hotel instead.

Garza and Laura give Chase two options: either go to prison or lead them to Tobias Kazan through his wife, Cora Kazan. They give him a trojan horse which has a surveillance camera. He is to give it to Cora Kazan as a gift. Garza and Laura demand that he asks Cora Kazan out on a date and execute the plan that day.

Chase arranges a date with Cora Kazan. Just then, Laura finds other gifts on her desk from Mark but wonders if it’s him since she is the only one with a key to the drawer.

Garza then comes in, furious that Chase has escaped. No one knows where he might be headed, but Simone suggests that Naomi might know because she has been on his case for months.

Garza’s team and Naomi go to the yacht looking for him, only to find him dead with a spear on his chest. They conclude that his death was a crime of opportunity. Brendon brings news that Cora never went to the venue they had agreed on for the meeting.

Simone says that he has screwed over a lot of ladies so their suspect list is long. But since Cora never showed up for their date, they decided to interrogate Cora Kazan. Naomi assigns herself the task of observing the interrogation.

They interrogate Cora, and she refuses to reveal anything bad about her husband. She also seems not to know about the death of Chase, so she learns from Garza and Laura.

Cora also reveals to them that Chase changed plans by calling her on a new number. Chase wanted to sail away with her. She reveals that she knew what Chase was doing, but she always gave him money.

Naomi and Simone are observing the interrogation, and Naomi thinks Chase is only lying that he loved Cora, but Simone thinks that he did love her. They argue about that fact, but Carter comes to interrupt them.

Cora reveals to them that her daughter is in prison, so she wouldn’t run away with Chase because her daughter needs her. Her lawyer then unexpectedly comes in to pick her up and says Tobias Kazan was waiting for her in the lobby.

Garza meets Tobias and comes close to threatening him. Laura stands up for Garza. Tobias, Cora and their lawyer leave. Brendon brings another gift; Laura thinks it’s another one from Mark, but it’s one from Fortune to Carter.

Carter calls Fortune and arranges a date at Ravenna. Tobias and Cora are in the car, and he asks her what she told them, but she claims she did not tell the police anything about Tobias.

Tobias lets Cora know that he knew about her affair with Chase. Just when Cora wants to ask him if he killed Chase, Tobias receives a phone call from prison from their daughter. She tells them that ‘The Mala Noche’ found out that she is Tobias Kazan’s daughter. Now they want his business or they will kill her. A woman comes to the phone and asks if he heard about the claims. Tobias tries to warn them, but they end up beating his daughter mercilessly.

Brendon then goes to Antoinette in the lab, who is still working on the case. They decide to do fast food for their date.

They find a match for the fingerprints they got, and it belongs to Hans Becker, who is a German assassin. Garza says he will try and find a lead to Hans Becker before he leaves the country.

He releases the team to enjoy their valentine’s day and tells them to be by their phones. He will call them when he gets a lead.

Naomi and Simone run into each other at a taco food cart, and Naomi lets her know that she doesn’t like LA. She later learns that Naomi is getting tacos for her mom. They decide to grab a drink as they wait for their orders. Simone and Naomi are talking, and we get to know that Naomi is a lesbian and newly single.

Carter and Fortune arrive at their dinner reservation but find that his ex-wife and another man are planning to use the reservations. Carter apologizes to Fortune. Fortune tells him that he’s not ready to date and asks to be taken home.

Antoinette is done with her job, and Brendon learns that she actually loves Valentine’s day. It’s just that she was embarrassed to talk about it.  Luckily, Brendon had planned a valentine’s day treat for them for that night.

Garza is leaving his office, and while he is in the parking lot, he sees Tobias Kazan. Garza removes his gun and asks Tobias to surrender. Tobias has an offer. He wants his daughter to be transferred to a prison where his enemies can’t find her. In return, he is willing to give up his operations.

Brendon and Laura are tasked with ensuring Aliz’s transfer is safe. There is an interrogation between Naomi, Carter and Simone, and Hans denies that he is an assassin and he did not kill Chase.

They later find out that Chase’s lawyer Audrey is involved in the murder of Chase, and they arrest her. Tobias hands over his operations by signing up papers in front of his lawyer. Garza tells him he may not be leaving until all is done.

Aliz later tells Carter and Simone that Tobias doesn’t care about anything else than his businesses, so they all learn that it is a trap.

Later, Garza, Brendon and Laura are in Tobias’s zone, and they realize that it is a trap and there are explosives on the tanks filled with gas. Fortunately, Laura manages to disarm the bomb, and the FBI arrives to arrest the  Mala Noche and Tobias men.

Garza meets Tobias to tell him what transpired. Tobias tells him whatever he signed protects him from prosecution. So he is a free man.

Garza and Laura try to ask his wife questions about Tobias,’ but she refuses to snitch on him because she has to protect her daughter.

Carter goes to the hospital to apologize to Fortune, and she gives him another chance. Brendon and Antoinette agree to go and sleep at her place.

Simone goes to see Naomi and tells her that all the women conned by Chase will get reinstatement. They also arrange a date.

The Episode Review

Laura is so funny and relatable, it is not that she hates Valentine’s day, she just had no one to spend it with before. Thankfully, Mark is a romantic and it was so sweet of him to surprise her.

Carter messed up big time, this time Simone led him down the wrong path. He should have at least called his ex to check if she planned to use the gift he got for her before using it for a date with Fortune. That whole messy situation would have been avoided.

Brendon and Antoinette are so cute and it is interesting to watch them learn more about each other in every episode.

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