Has Dil Dosti Dilemma been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:


  • Dil Dosti Dilemma is the latest Amazon Prime Video Original Indian Drama. This teen romance comedy narrates a story about love, friendships, and family as well as the dilemmas that come with them.
  • Prime Video determines whether to renew a TV Show based on various factors such as completion rate, viewership numbers, production costs, and more.
  • As of now, there’s no news regarding the renewal of Dil Dosti Dilemma, but we are weighing the possibility of Season 2.

Prime Video India has announced a bunch of titles that are to be released on the platform in the upcoming year. Kickstarting the network’s advent of scripted content is the Anushka Sen and Tanvi Azmi starrer – Dil Dosti Dilemma. With veteran actors from the Indian TV and film industry as well as young talent who are famous as social media celebrities, the show is already gaining a lot of attention online.  

Now that the first season of Dil Dosti Dilemma has aired completely, you may be wondering if this romcom has been renewed or cancelled. Well, wonder no more! Here’s what we know about a renewal:

What is Dil Dosti Dilemma Season 1 about?

The show narrates the story of Asmara who is a privileged brat. After she is found insulting her grandmother in front of her affluent friends, her mother cancels Asmara’s trip to Canada. Instead, Asmara is forced to spend the duration of the trip with her grandparents who still live in her childhood home.

At her family home in Tibbri Road, Asmara struggles to find a balance between romance and friendships while she is faced with the horrors of living in a slum with constant power cuts and water shortages. 

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Has Dil Dosti Dilemma been renewed for Season 2?

At the time of writing, Prime Video has not renewed Dil Dosti Dilemma for Season 2. The show has not officially been renewed for a follow-up season yet. However, that could change given the popularity of the show.

The show is currently receiving mixed reviews online with an average IMDB rating of 5.6 on 10. The show is also being received favourably by many. Given this mixed bag of a reaction to the Prime Video original, the show may or may not be renewed for a follow-up season.

However, as Episode 7 of Dil Dosti Dilemma ends with a cliffhanger, it could hint that the makers are already working on a follow-up season for the teen rom-com. With this in mind, we predict that Dil Dosti Dilemma is likely to be renewed for Season 2. We’ll be sure to update this section with more details as they become available though.

What we know about Season 2 so far:

Barely anything is known about Season 2 right now. Given that the makers haven’t officially announced a renewal for this Prime Video Original. If the show is to be renewed based on the way things ended in the first season, we can expect an update on the Dil Dosti Dilemma’s renewal in the months to come.

There’s certainly some scope for this to expand out and evolve though, and we could see Asmara experience heartbreak as a woman, possibly Farzaan’s ex-girlfriend shows up at the event. With the news that Nikhil is returning to Bengaluru, we could see Asmara coming face to face with her first love. 

On the other hand, with Rukhsana contemplating fleeing with Suhail, we could also expect her to return home instead of going to Mumbai. There is also some hope for Tania and Dhruv to rekindle their romance while we can expect to see Farzaan’s uncle and Akhtar Begum’s son to make a reappearance. 

However, since the show hasn’t officially been renewed, we can expect Prime Video to announce a follow-up season in the next few months. We’ll still be sure to update this section when we know more.

Would you like to see Dil Dosti Dilemma return for a second season? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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