Dil Dosti Dilemma – Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Saving Tibbri Road

Episode 7 marks the finale of Dil Dosti Dilemma  with the Awesome Threesome – Asmara, Tania and Naina – confessing their respective secrets to each other.

What secrets do the Awesome Threesome confess to each other?

Naina tells her friends that Armaan was indeed using her to get tennis coaching from her father. Tania confesses that she was trying to spy on her father who she assumed was having an affair. She reveals that it was her mother who was dating a much younger guy. Tania also comes clean about having a crush on his loser intern colleague – Dhruv.

Asmara states that she had lied to her friends about going to Canada and reveals that she was dating a women’s garment shop owner named Farzaan. She is further shocked to learn that Naina’s brother and her first love, Nikhil, is coming back to Bengaluru. 

During their conversation, Tania learns that David Chenoy, the designer she was working with for a PR campaign had stolen Asmara’s friend – Rukhsana’s hand embroidery designs. She offers to help Rukhsana using her father’s PR firm. Asmara finally takes her friends to Tibbri Road, her childhood home which she was initially shy about. 

Does Asmara forgive Farzaan?

Farzaan tries to apologise to Asmara and her friends – Naina and Tania force her to talk to him. Farzaan thanks Asmara for helping him understand his sister – Rukhsana’s true feelings. He states that even though she was rude to his grandmother, it was valid.

He states that his grandma – Akhtar Begum was trying to get Rukhsana married against her will for the family’s monetary gain. Farzaan promises to apologise to Rukhsana and stop her from getting married to the Collector’s son. The couple end their argument and kiss and makeup.

What happens when Naina ends things with Armaan?

Naina meets Armaan and tells him that her father had seen him cheating on her with Nia. She states that her dad will continue to train him professionally. Naina breaks up with Armaan and tells him that her brother – Nikhil is coming back to Bengaluru. Since he is the best tennis player in their circle, Armaan is worried about competing against Nikhil.

Does Tania save her parents’ marriage? Does she win Dhruv over?

Tania confronts her mother about having an affair with Tenzing. Her mother, Nandini claims that her father was the one who started cheating on her first. Tania’s father – AB shows up there and tells Nandini that he was never cheating on her. She asks her parents to be mature about the ordeal and asks them to get professional help if they intend to save their marriage.

Tania tries to talk to Dhruv over the phone, apologising for him being fired from the internship because of her. Dhruv tells Tania that he wants nothing to do with her as he is too poor for her liking. She tries to reason with Dhruv over the phone but he refuses to talk to Tania. 

What happens after Asmara apologises to Akhtar Begum?

Asmara’s grandmother asks her to apologise to Akhtar Begum for speaking down to her the previous night. Asmara argues that the elderly woman often spoke badly about her mother – Arshiya for not being in love with Akhtar Begum’s now-estranged son. Asmara tells Naani that she was only defending her mother.

Naani argues that Asmara should respect her elders, even if it meant they were wrong. Asmara decides to pack up and go back to her own house as she does not want to live in a house where her mother is not respected. This pushes Naani to stand up against Akhtar Begum’s remarks. She calls the old woman out for calling Asmara an ill omen. 

Asmara apologises to Akhtar Begum for the way she talked to her the night before. Just then, a bunch of shopkeepers tell Asmara’s grandfather – Nanaji that the builder has sent them a notice. The shopkeepers reveal that the builder had sent a notice about his intention to demolish the slums of Tibbri Road to make a complex there. Nanaji goes to help the shopkeepers and tries to get in touch with the Collector.

How does Asmara help Rukhsana become independent?

Suhail tells Rukhsana that he is willing to flee to Mumbai with her. He also offers to sacrifice his dreams of becoming a musician and take up a job at his father’s law firm. Rukhsana tells Suhail that she is going to follow her mother and grandmother’s will and ends things with him. At the same time, Asmara takes Rukhsana to Tania’s father’s office.

There, Asmara and Tania expose David Chenoy and his minions for stealing Rukhsana’s designs. David Chenoy fires his minions – Nia and Ariana. He asks Rukhsana to work with him as an independent freelancer. Rukhsana shares the news with Farzaan.

Asmara asks her to flee to Mumbai with Suhail as she could work with David Chenoy from anywhere in the world. With a heavy heart, Rukhsana decides to flee to Mumbai with Suhail, leaving her mother and Farzaan behind.

Do Asmara and her friends manage to save Tibbri Road?

The awesome threesome get together and use their respective sources to organise a concert. They try to spread the news about the Tibbri Road demolition and Bengaluru’s cultural heritage being turned into a concrete jungle.

The concert titled “Dil Deke Dekho” (translated to Try falling in love) uses a famous author and a rapper from Bengaluru to bring media and public attention towards the road demolition. 

Things work out for the group as Nandini, a lawyer manages to get court orders, stopping the builders from demolishing Tibbri Road.

How does Dil Dosti Dilemma Season 1 end?

As the concert ends, Rukhsana and Suhail flee to go to Mumbai but she is having second thoughts about leaving her family alone. At the same time, a woman shows up and pulls Farzaan away just as he is about to kiss Asmara. Asmara recalls how she had backed out of kissing him the first time due to her feelings for Nikhil. Assuming the woman is Farzaan’s first love, Asmara backs out and walks away as the first season of Dil Dosti Dilemma comes to an end.

The Episode Review

As long as this episode was, this Prime Video original has come to an end and it has ended in total confusion. While on one side the show looks well written and well made for a young adult romance, there are so many questions about the way things on this one are left open-ended.

We know how Asmara and her friends managed the task of saving Tibbri Road, how they did all this at such a young age is beyond me. Aside from that confusing plot point, the rest of the show makes a lot of sense. We see Asmara and Naani struggling to understand each other’s world and the two finally coming to terms with the differences between them due to the generation gap. 

We also see teenagers struggling to deal with the ups and downs of their romantic lives while maintaining a picture-perfect world for their rich friends to be envious of. As cringy as people like to call Anushka Sen for being an influencer at a very young age, she does a pretty good job on this show. Read more of our thoughts about Dil Dosti Dilemma in the full season review linked below.


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