Reborn Rich – K-drama Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Soonyang Family Finally Loses

Episode 16 of Reborn Rich starts in a foreign hospital where Do-jun or Hyeon min wakes up. The person remembers both the shooting incident of Hyeon-woo and the car accident of Do-jun. Min-young comes to his hospital room. She asks if he remembers her since they had met before. She hopes he at least remembers her face since she saved him. He says that he remembers her. The person is Hyeon-woo

He calls his brother to inform him that he is doing okay and will see him when he returns from Korea. Min-young gives him his passport, revealing he is Hyeon-woo. Min-young wants Hyeon-woo to be her witness in indicting chairman Jin Young-ki for unlawful succession.

As the finance manager of Soonyang group, the court will not be able to refuse his testimony. He refuses since he only dies what he was told to and never questions his employers. Min-young wonders how far a loyal person like him can go for his master.

At the airport, prosecutors from the Eastern District office have a warrant for arrest for Hyeon-woo. He is accused of embezzling funds, the 700 million he was sent to retrieve. He runs from the officers.

He calls his brother. Soonyang group officers had been waiting for him at his home since he embezzled funds. He waits for them to leave and sees his father begging them to help Hyeon-woo. Hyen-woo tells him never to bow to others because of him. His brother hands him what he has asked for and gives him his phone.

Hyeon-woo visits Mr Kim. The previous finance manager he had reported to Sung-joon. He needs answers. Mr Kim tells him that once they kill Hyeon-woo, the family could hide the slush fund, and Sung-joon can prove that he legally inherited the company.

In the guise of pouring a drink, Mr Kim signals bodyguards. He advises Hyeon woo to forget getting revenge since revenge is for those with power, not those who have been wronged. The guards appear, and Hyeon-woo manages to escape.

He goes to Min-young to turn himself in. He went to Min-young since he needed power. Hyeon-woo sends her the details of the Micro project. He trusts she can go against Soonyang since she is Soonyang’s grim reaper.

Mr Kim is in a meeting with Ye Jun. She asks about Hyeon woo. She directs that next time he should call her first. She wants to bring him to their side just like she had done with Mr Kim. After she left, Sung-joon was seen in the next room. He was listening in on their conversation. Mr Kim mentioned the death of Do-jun that had happened 20 years ago. No one knows what happened because he took care of everything.

Hyeon-woo will not be able to get the embezzlement dropped since assistant manager Shin had already fled the country. However, a prosecutor in the Eastern District was found to have received a Soonyang scholarship, and the case was transferred to Min-young. She releases Hyeon-woo since he has been cooperative.

The APB on him had been lifted, and the embezzlement charges dropped due to lack of evidence. Min-young intends to continue investigating the case without Hyeon-woo in custody. He sees a Seo Tae-ji record in her office and tells her the woman he loved was a fan.

He finds his house ransacked. He knows Soonyang did it since they want him to be scared and not to talk to the authorities. He realizes he spent one week in the hospital and lived for 17 years, Do-jun. He wonders if he is possessed or if it is a dream. He intends to find answers, and the person who can give them is Se-hyeon.

He tells him that it has been ten years since he sold all of his Soonyang shares and moved so that he does not have to see Soonyang buildings or use Soonyang products. Hyeon-woo asks him why he left Miracle Investment.

Had the Korean discount disappeared? Korean discount refers to Korean corporations’ tendency to leave managerial rights to family members, which Miracle Investment tried to eradicate. Se-hyeon is wondering how Hyeon-woo knows so much about him.

Hyeon-woo tells Se-hyeon that since he almost died in the succession fight, it is time he got rid of the management rights of the Soonyang family. Just like Do-jun used to tell Se-hyeon, Hyeon-woo told him that it was his duty to turn his ideas into accurate data for investment. Se-hyeon asks who he is.

Lee Hae-in and Hyeon-joon are celebrating Hae-in’s birthday. Yoong-ki joins them, and Hae-in is infuriated. He accuses him of using Do-jun to step back into jeongsimjae and for his greed over Soonyang.

Se-hyeon calls Lee Hae-in. He tells her he intends to find a new owner for Soonyang and needs her voting rights during the upcoming shareholder’s meeting. Hyeon-woo watches from upstairs. Se-hyeon takes him to Miracle Investment. Do-jun’s office is as he left it. They strategize how to deprive Soonyang’s family management rights. They intend to use the minority shareholders by holding a solidarity conference.

Mr Kim suggests that Sung-joon settle the dispute with minority shareholders with money. It seems that Se-hyeon expected the minority shareholders to be paid by Soonyang and was not surprised when they withdrew from the solidarity conference. He used them as bait and expected that they would start biting soon.

A subordinate reports to Min-young that an organization had bought 600 million worth of Soonyang shares, and the owner is a cousin of Hyeon-min, Sung-joon’s wife. Min-young meets with Hwa-young. She wants the hearing of the illegal succession of Sung-joon to be held at the National assembly to ensure external pressures do not interfere.

During the hearing, Hyeon-woo appears as a witness. He tells them that he was tasked with retrieving the 700 million slush fund but was abducted, shot, and lost consciousness. He believes Sung-joon was behind it. The public sentiment changed in favour of Sung-joon.

A new witness is called to the stand to testify about the attempted murder of Mr Hyeon-woo. He, however, could not make it. Min-young suspects Soonyang is going to them. She brings to the stand In-syeok. He survived after Do-jun was murdered. He does not look very healthy. He says he was killed and has been silenced for 20 years.

He believes that Hyeon-woo is an accomplice. He remembers he was at the scene of the accident. He then becomes delirious and calls Hyeon-woo director Do-jun. Since In-syeok suffered from alcoholism and dementia, his testimony will not be considered.

However, Hyeon-woo has collaborative evidence. He sent his brother to pick it up from his house. Mr Kim had deliberately sent him to the scene of the accident so he could delay Do-Jun for the truck to crash into him. He used the opportunity to get a Job at Soonyang and buried the evidence.

He replays the recording during the hearing. Both Mr Kim’s and Young-ki’s voices are heard in the call. The national assembly members are furious and believe Sung-joon knew about the accident. Sung-joon loses his cool in the hearing and goes after Hyeon-woo. He is dragged out of the hearing. Young-ki dies. The public boycotts Soonyang products.

How Does Reborn Rich End?

The Soonyang family steps down from the management position. Soonyang shareholders leave the management to a specialist, and the company’s stock prices start to increase. Hyeon-woo took the management rights of the Soonyang group without having a single share. Se-hyeon is impressed. They are back in partnership with Miracle Investment.

Hyeon-woo believes he was neither possessed nor did he time-travel. He was given a chance to repent for himself and Do-jun. He runs into Min-young at the scene of their first kiss. Seo Tae-ji is showing on the screen celebrating 30 years of debut. He tells her she looks better; they are nice clothes and walks off.

Just then, Min-young remembers that Do-jun had told her the same thing when they went out for the first time. She tries to go after Hyeon-woo. Hyeon-woo works at Miracle Investment now.

The Episode Review

The start of the episode was confusing. It took some time to understand who it was in the hospital, Do-jun or Hyeon-woo. Although saddened by the death of Do-jun, it was a welcome relief to have Hyeon-woo back and even more satisfying that he had the memories of Do-jun.

He is now better equipped to deal with the Soonyang group in the present day. As usual, the partnership between Hyeon-woo/Do-jun and Se-hyeon is business magic. They again tried to take Soonyang from the greedy, selfish children and succeeded.

Seeing In-syeok’s health condition was heartbreaking, but I’m glad he survived the accident. Min-young finally gets justice for her fiance’s death though, however can we say he is really dead because Hyeon-woo and Do-jun seem to be one person?

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  1. how can do-jun and heyon-woo owns a same face it’s so confusing he didn’t killed himself it was a plot installed by this uncle so how come he killed himself that scene and this thing is kind da confusing

  2. how can do-jun and heyon-woo owns a same face it’s so confusing he didn’t killed himself it was a plot installed by this uncle so who come he killed himself that scene and this thing is kind da confusing

  3. TBH, I would have wanted at least some closure on what happened to Sung-joon after all of that. Was he indicted for attempted murder? Also, it would have helped a lot if we saw Hyeon-woo prove to Se-hyeon that him and Do-jun was the same person, not just “bring a bunch of donuts”. Everything else was great though.

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