Reborn Rich – K-drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

Do-jun is Killed

Episode 15 of Reborn Rich starts with a discussion held at the presidential offices regarding the Soonyang card. The presidential representatives, creditors’ council for Soonyang card normalization, Do-jun, and Se-hyeon of miracle investment are present. Miracle investments agree to take up responsibility for debts owned by Soonyang card on condition that the government allows those living in poverty allowing them a fresh start by providing a repayment period.

Do-jun asks that Miracle investment take over both Soonyang and Daeyoung cards and retrieve all the bad debt. The move would dampen the authority of the two conglomerates and influence public opinion toward the new government.

At the one-year memorial of Chairman Jin, Young-ki and Dong-ki’s wives bicker. Young-ki’s wife gloats that they had used her family’s dirty money to buy her husband the chairman position. Sung-joon and his wife now have a son. Do-jun meets his uncle Young-ki and informs him that Soonyang’s card will be normalized soon since all the debts have been paid.

Dong-ki is informed that 2 % of Soonyang’s cooperation was bait to get both him and Young-ki. Do-jun was now the largest shareholder of Soonyang’s cooperation after taking over the Soonyang card.

Mr Lee has a conversation with Jin Young-ki’s secretary. The secretary thinks Young-ki has been winning in the move to own the Soonyang corporation, but Mr Lee tells him that he designed the succession plan for Soonyang and that Young-ki does not own Soonyang corporation. He passes his shares of Soonyang corporation to the owner he had chosen, who will become the majority shareholder of Soonyang Corporation.

Back at Jeongsingjae, Seun-Joon confronts his father. He is furious that he once again lost to Do-jun. Sung-joon knows that Do-jun will try to exercise all his powers as the majority shareholder. At Miracle investment, Se-hyeon tells Do-jun they should hold a party after he gets the management rights for Soonyang corporation. Rachel suggests that he calls Min-young.

He goes for a walk around where they had their first kiss. He admires a family that walks past him. On the opposite side of the road, he sees an extremely sad Min-young. He follows at a distance but does not talk to her. At home, his mother makes her a meal and tells him she hopes to find someone to reach out to him when he has a rough time. Do-jun admits that he found someone like that.

Kang In-soo is arrested for receiving illegal campaign funds. Chang-je does not intend to help the Soonyang family with the case. Dong-ki tells Chang-je about the money he had helped Do-jun transfer to a political candidate. The prosecutor’s office issued an arrest warrant for Do-jun.

He does not seem surprised as he had prepared for this. Min-young is once again investigating Do-jun. The family is convinced that the arrest will be beneficial to them. In-hyeok is called in for questioning. The prosecution thinks he works under Do-jun and will do anything Do-jun instructs him to.

Do-jun visits Se-hyeon to make a deal. He wants to spread the rumour that the Soonyang brothers are fighting to increase the company stock price. Se-hyeon will help him buy Soonyang’s shares for a profit to be shared between them. Se-hyeon disagrees.

Dong-ki is confident that Do-jun will be sentenced since he thinks he controls the minister of justice. Ye-jun brings Dong-ki proof that his secretary has been embezzling funds. Dong-ki fires him.

Min-young thinks that Do-jun is guilty. A CCTV camera from the basement of miracle investment recorded the money exchange, and Mr Baek voluntarily visits the prosecutors’ office to confess. He confesses to passing the illegal funds to Kang-in soo, following the orders of his employer Jin Dong-ki.

He also tells her that In-hyeok was Dong-ki’s informant planted in Do-jun’s company by vice chairman Dong-ki. He has proof of where the money came from. Dong-ki is brought in for questioning but does not say a word. Min-young wonders if do-jun was set up or if he was the one who did the setup.

Ji-na visits Jeongsingjae to ask for assistance from Young-ki, which he refuses to give. Sung-joon believes that since the investigation exposed Dong-ki’s slush fund, he would be left without enough funds to try and steal the chairman position.

Elsewhere, Dong-ki and his family are figuring out how to deal with the allegations. The lawyer informs them that the prosecution needs a trophy. Ji-na suggests that the bigger, the better. Young-ki’s secretary informs them during breakfast that the prosecution has launched search and seizure operations against Soonyang Corporation.

They are unfazed since they know that the prosecution will find nothing. To their shock, the secretary informs them that the search and seizure raided the loan sharks of his wife’s family. They wonder how the prosecution knew about them, and the wife remembers their bickering with Ji-na, Dong-ki’s wife.

Min-young’s office figures out that they were able to investigate both Dong-ki’s and Young-ki’s slush funds because of Do-jun’s arrest. Min-young confronts Do-jun. She feels he has once again used her to become the owner of Soonyang corporation.

Do-jun says he would never agree to be the CEO of such a conglomerate and has never forgotten why he was born into this family. He requests Min-young to allow them to start over. She does not believe him. He urges her to believe in luck. Do-jun shows her a photo of the first female weightlifter aiming to win a medal and tells her that they will meet again when she wins a silver medal.

Chang-je wants to sacrifice the head of the Soonyang corporation to appease the public anager regarding the eight-figure slush fund. Sung-joon suggests that the finance director should be held accountable, but the finance director tells them that public opinion will not approve. A member of the Soonyang family has to be held accountable. They suggest Sung-joon takes the fall, and his father agrees.

Sung-joon has a different idea after a discussion with his wife, Hyeon-min. During a press conference, Sung-joon reported that the person held accountable should be his father, chairman Jin Young-ki. He tells his father to cooperate with the investigation and transfer his shares to Sung-Joon. He will be the one to deal with Do-jun

Do-jun donates 700 million inherited from his grandfather. While the other member of the Soonyang family was facing heavy criticism, Do-jun gains public trust, and the shareholders appoint him as the next chairman of the Soonyang group. He visits the history museum and admits to missing his grandfather.

The female weightlifter wins the gold medal, and it is time for Min-young and Do-jun to meet. A vehicle blocks the way, and the driver is on the phone. Do-jun tells In-hyeok not to drive around it but wait since he is not in a hurry.

A truck over speeds and crashes into them from behind. What must happen; the rule has no exceptions, and since Do-jun died in Hyeon-woo’s previous life, he must also die in this one. The driver on the phone is Hyeon-woo. Do-jun and Hyeon-woo stare at each other before do-jun dies.

The Episode Review

The episode concentrated on betrayal within the Soonyang family. Everyone is looking out for themselves. The selfishness and greed among the Soonyang family further show why none of them deserves to be the head of the Soonyang corporation.

Do-jun’s goal was not to become the owner of Soonyang but to ensure that none of the family members gets to ascend to the chairman position, and he seems to have succeeded. The end leaves so many questions, Do-jun is dead, and we are back to Hyeon-woo; what happens next?

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