Reality Z – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Reality Z begins with the housemates continuing to watch as the zombies are stuck behind the gates of Olimpo. Brandao and Jessica meanwhile, decide they need to try and deal with Divina; the zombie outside the door stalking them. Working together, they manage to stop it from attacking them but despite managing to get out, they’re chased into the control room.

Hooking up the cameras, Brandao starts to assert his authority and forces the housemates to come and rescue him from his predicament. With little choice, Nina heads out and manages to save him and Jessica, bringing them into the house. Unfortunately Brandao continues to gorge himself on food.

Out on the road, Ana and Leo are stopped by a military blockade holding Congressman Levi. As they’re held up at gunpoint, their car is siphoned for gas. Only, as the guards look to leave Leo tries to negotiate with them and tells them about a place they can hide out. That place, of course, being Olimpo.

As they race toward the house, Brandao decides they should feed the zombies outside and proceeds to start chopping up Madonna’s body. As he does, the zombies continue to pile up outside the gates, which is where the episode ends.

The similarities to Dead Set continue this episode, with Divina basically playing the undead Davina. Beyond the narrative around saving Brandao and Jessica though, there isn’t a whole lot of plot progression here. The dual stories are a nice touch to be fair and it’ll be interesting to see how Reality Z handles that going forward. For now though, this unfortunately winds up as the weakest episode thus far.


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