Reality Z – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Grocery Store

Episode 3 of Reality Z begins with the trio managing to escape the zombie horde and heading for the supermarket. TK claims to have scraped his arm on the car and brushes off the cut he sports while Marcos keeps the engine running as the other 2 sneak inside the pharmacy for supplies.

Snatching up the boxes from the shelf, Nina and TK turn their attention to food and grab a stack of frozen pizzas from the freezers. Marcos grows restless and decides to stretch his muscles outside. Only, things take a turn for the worse when police arrive and hold guns up to him. Even worse, a horde of zombies spot the duo inside and they’re forced to leave the supplies behind.

Outside, the police officers kill the zombies and as the final surviving officer holds a gun up to the trio, Nina shoots him in the leg and bolts.

Back inside the house, Cleide’s condition continues to deteriorate as Madonna tends to her wound. Unfortunately, Madonna isn’t able to kill Cleide before she turns and she’s bitten for her trouble. Thankfully, Augusto and Veronica manage to work together and stop them.

Nina, Marcos and TK return from their supply run and head back into the house, seeing the carnage firsthand after shutting the gate to prevent more zombies arriving.

At the same time Brandao and Jessica remain trapped in the greenroom while Ana and Leo hit he road, looking for somewhere to go.

With more slow motion shots and some unrealistic character development for Nina, Reality Z continues to deliver pretty formulaic action across its season. The way Nina has changed from weak and afraid to battle-hardened killer has felt really unrealistic and a bit far-fetched.

Still, there’s enough bloodshed and gore to keep hardcore zombie fans happy but whether the rest of the season can grow and evolve into something that doesn’t resemble a copycat of Dead Set remains to be seen.


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