Reality Z – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The End

Episode 5 of Reality Z begins with a drunk Jessica deciding to team up with Brandao after seeing TK and Nina kissing last episode. They take their bucket of flesh and head out. Only, Nina stops them in their tracks and holds a gun up to Brandao’s head. Brandao and TK start fighting until Jessica smacks their boss in the head with a rolling pin and knocks him out.

When he awakens, Brandao finds himself tied up and stuck in the bathroom. Augusto excuses himself and heads in to talk to him, listening to Brandao’s venomous lies and casting doubts in his mind. While he does, Veronica proposes they kill Brandao given how much of a risk he is to the group. Instead of killing him, Nina suggests they break his leg.

Unfortunately Augusto betrays them and teams up with Brandao, holding the housemates up at gunpoint and taking the car keys for themselves. Before they leave, they decide to take Nina with them given how good of a shot she’s now become.

The group seize their opportunity when Augusto slips up and try to overcome them. Only, TK receives a bullet to the chest for his troubles and dies right there on the floor. Overcome with rage, Nina grabs the gun and confronts Brandao and Augusto, firing the gun wildly. The gate gives way though and hordes of the undead pile inside. With both Brandao and Augusto killed in the ensuing conflict, the rest of the group scramble back inside.

In the conflict, Jessica is separated from them and finds herself in the control room. She manages to close the blinds but it’s too late, the zombies stream inside leaving only Nina to survive and stuck in the diary room.

Meanwhile, Levi’s group continue on the road as they intend to reach Olimpo and hide out. As they continue driving, they make it into town and begin ploughing through the hordes of zombies. Eventually they make it to the house but crash into the gates on the way. The zombies attack them, killing the driver and surrounding the car.

As the episode closes out, Nina makes a decision to try and save Jessica but unfortunately she’s bitten and all but dead given she’ll turn soon. Jessica tells her to run away though and as she opens the doors for her, Nina yells and throws herself into the horde, which is where the episode ends.

The scenes involving Brandao’s death are pretty gory and alongside that, there’s a lot of zombie action this episode. The cliffhanger at the end with all our characters stuck and a surprising number of casualties is a nice touch and there’s an overwhelming feel that no one is safe in this show which is a nice change of pace from something like The Walking Dead where most of our characters have thick layers of plot armour.

Compared to the previous episode though, this is much better and a nice sign of things to come if it can keep this level of intensity up.

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