Reality Z – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


The Show Is Over

Episode 2 of Reality Z begins with the housemates sceptical of Nina as she remains shocked over what’s happened in the city. As Nina tells them to be quiet, she looks at each of them in turn, “The show is over.”

Brandao is still alive too and manages to escape the bathroom and winds up in the same room as Jessica, where they sit together and Brandao begins gorging himself with food.

Inside the house, Nina pleads with Marcos not to open the door but he doesn’t listen and in doing so, a zombie bursts in. Nina manages to kill it with a fire extinguisher though but unfortunately one of the housemates, Cleide, ends up bitten, prompting the housemates to take her outside to the gym.

Meanwhile, outside the city Ana and Leo contemplate their next move. As they turn on the TV and watch the inmates in Olimpo, they contemplate heading there. Their plan is set into motion by a zombie breaking in, leading to them escaping the room and heading there in their car.

Inside the house, TK and Nina plead with Madonna to tie up Cleide before it’s too late and the infection in her leg spreads. Desperate for medicine, Nina realizes she needs to leave the house and get to the nearest pharmacy. Together with TK and Marcos they decide to head out after attracting the crowd. When one of the zombies spies them leaving however, the undead charge in hot pursuit.

With pretty standard action and some unfunny scenes involving Brandao and Jessica, Reality Z’s second episode is a step down from what we’ve seen before. One of the group getting injured and needing supplies is one of the most cliched tropes in zombie shows and inevitably the group are going to come unstuck in this mission.

For now though, Reality Z continues to deliver a formulaic slice of zombie action.


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